Must Read: How Baby Boomers Should Tackle Their Student Debt, How To Sell Everything You Own

Christina Biagioli
November 8, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

17 Tips For Baby Boomers To Tackle Their Student Debt

Those between the ages of 55 and 73, also known as baby boomers, are not excluded from the large number of us with student loan debt to pay off. With an average $34,703 in loans, it’s no small change to carry the burden of the cost of an education. In truth, some of the student loan debt maintained by baby boomers is debt they incurred for their children to attend college, but it’s still a hefty amount. These are some ways this generation can put an end to their student loans. (Go Banking Rates)

The Financial Challenges Of Debt And Divorce

While divorce can be a painful experience emotionally, it’s also a huge financial burden. From working with lawyers to moving homes to living on a single income, it can be a challenge to make the pieces all fall into place straight away without taking on some debt along the way. As this might be the case, 28 experts have weighed in on the process, including our managing editor here at the Money Manual. (

Shameless Hacks For Selling Everything You Own, Fast

If it’s time to move homes or you’re in a pinch for cash, you might have considered selling things you own (and may or may not still be using) to generate that cash flow. While there are a myriad of sites out there that aim to promote your wares, there are tactics you can employ to hurry them along. Here’s what one seller did to make a quick $2,000 before moving to a new place. (Tis But A Moment)

Here’s Why Alternative Nut Butters Are So Much More Expensive Than Peanut Butter

Ah yes, peanut butter. A delicious addition to many meals, whether a sandwich or a smoothie. Nowadays, we’re “blessed” with an even broader array of nut butters from almond butter to hazelnut spreads and beyond. One tricky question, however, remains – why are all of the other spreads more expensive than the classic peanut butter itself? (HuffPost)

You Don’t Have To Shop On Black Friday To Get Black Friday Deals

It used to be that the Friday after Thanksgiving was your one-day opportunity to buy all of your holiday presents for outrageously low prices (aka “Black Friday”). People would camp out outside of stores and harm others in the process, just for the promise of new toys and clothing on the other side of the sliding doors. While this might still be the case when shopping with some retailers, almost all brick and mortar stores have changed this outdated sale pattern in favor of extending discounts past Thanksgiving all the way into Christmas at those same prices. There’s really no need to be outside of Best Buy at 4am, people. And don’t get us started on Cyber Monday … (LifeHacker)

13 Strategies To Save $5,000

Getting “quick money” is something better left to lottery winners – there’s really no way to just fall into that much money when you need it. As this is the case, planning in order to develop a saving strategy is the surest way to make extra money for the near and distant future. Phew, that was a hard truth. We’ll take you for some ice cream now? (Financially Well Off)

How Johnny Depp Is Basically Broke AF And In Millions Of Debt

If you’re in debt, well, you’re in good company. Apparently, legendary actor Johnny Depp is also in the same boat as you (Pirates of the Caribbean dad joke, anyone?). You might ask, “How could someone who made $48 million in 2016 alone be $40 million in debt?” Well, when you do things like spend $5 million to shoot your friend’s ashes out of a cannon, you tend to do other ridiculously expensive things, too. Read on to see what else he’s got himself into … (The Smart Wallet)

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