How Much Do People Really Make In Side Hustle Jobs?

Mekelle Bess
July 2, 2018
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Are you in between jobs this summer? Or stressed out about extra bills that are coming due soon? Have you ever thought about working on the side or making extra money at home?

With endless online resources and websites, getting a side hustle is actually pretty easy! In fact, nearly four in ten Americans have a side job according to a new Bankrate survey.

Not only does having a side hustle mean flexibility, but it also means you can make some serious cash on the side, too. Side hustlers today make on average $686 per month, earning more than $8,000 per year of extra income. Those working a second job at least once a month earn $836 on average per month.

Most side hustlers consider the money earned as disposable income, but 38% use their extra income to pay their bills.

Who exactly is side hustling? 

So who are these American side hustlers and how often are they working? Well, most side hustlers report working inconsistently, or only as needed. Only 11% of participants say they work their side hustle every week.

The millennial generation is the most likely to pick up a side job. Student loan debt and lack of job security right out of school likely to contribute to this trend.

Most popular jobs:

According to the Bankrate study, the top four most popular side hustles are:

  1. Home repair/landscaping
  2. Online sales
  3. Crafts
  4. Babysitting

Men vs. Women

 Men seem to be working more often than women and 14% report that they’re doing extra work on the side every week. Only 9% of women commit to working weekly. Men are also earning more on average per month. Men earn $989 and women on the other hand earn just $361.

Get started today:

Side gigs and side hustles are easy ways to make extra income if you know where to start. So here are a few easy ways you can get started today.

1. Participate in online surveys-: Ipsos i-say

2. Watch videos and movies online: InboxDollars

3. Search the web and play games: Swagbucks

4. Participate in focus groups: Mindswarms

5. Run errands for people: TaskRabbit

6. Clean out and sell your used stuff: Ebay

7. Find online freelance jobs in your area of expertise: Upwork

Feature Image: Adam Katz Sinding/Le 21ème

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