How To Side Hustle Your Way To Wealth

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Latasha Peterson behind the blog Arts & Budgets is an expert when it comes to side hustling, budgets, and pretty much all things money. Her specialty, in particular, is helping people in creative fields figure out how to budget while on their career journeys.

But her advice is of the common-sense variety that we could all use to hear, which is why we were thrilled that Latasha sat down with us to discuss building wealth.

“Financial freedom to me means being able to live life on your own terms,” she shared. “That money doesn’t control you.”

She also says financial freedom is the ability to have choices. “Building wealth is really, really huge if you want to have a comfortable life…[but] also if something happens, like this pandemic, if something happens to your income, it’s good to have some savings or wealth already just stored up for you to be prepared and to live comfortably.”

A few of Latasha’s recommendations on how to side hustle to wealth? One is starting a blog (there are a lot of different ways you can monetize this), proofreading and editing, website flipping, and doing freelance creative work (writing, photography, pottery, you name it) for both short term and long term income streams. She recommends focus groups, online surveys, and selling items in your house (clothes, old phones, furniture) for people who need to make quick money.

Latasha has followed her own advice: her own blog has allowed her to pay off over $15,000 of debt just from affiliate marketing and having ads on her website. She is currently three years into paying off $130,000 in student loan and credit card debt and she hopes to be completely debt-free by 2022. 

Watch our Facebook Live with Latasha where she gives us all of her side hustling tips, discusses balancing work and family and earning extra cash, and so much more. Her tips are too good to miss.


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