It’s That Time Of Year: Here’s How To Get Starbucks’ Free Holiday Cups

Ashley Rogers
November 6, 2019

We love free stuff. Like love, love. Like, it’s unhealthy.

Which is probably why we are taking a sick day over here at The Money Manual HQ tomorrow because Starbucks is giving away free (that’s right free) reusable holiday cups tomorrow.

Cue us doing a happy dance, because the cups are really cute!

This is a tradition that Starbucks started last year. The promotion then was that customers who purchased a holiday drink were gifted with one of the reusable cups on on the day of the event. Customers could also bring their cups back after 2 p.m. through mid-January and receive 50% off holiday drinks. Needless to say it was so popular that the cups were gone in hours, and in some stores minutes, after this promotion started. After the event, Starbucks started selling the cups as well.

Well, Starbucks is back at it this year, and the day it is all going down is tomorrow. All you have to do is show up at a Starbucks in the U.S. or Canada and buy one of this year’s five holidays drinks. For that, you’ll get one of the cute reusable cups. Same as last year, when you bring that reusable cup back in the afternoon between November 7 and January 6, you’ll get 50% back on a holiday drink.

And there you have it. You know where to find us tomorrow morning. And don’t worry our loyal readers, we are just getting started when it comes to searching out free stuff this holiday season.

Feature Image: Starbucks