How To Start Investing With $10: The Best Apps For Beginner Investors

Updated: January 7, 2021
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If you’ve never invested money before, getting started can be intimidating. But with the rise of consumer-friendly investment services, it’s easy to start an investment portfolio with as little as $10.

So if you want to start investing but don’t know where (or how) to begin, these apps will help you start investing in everything from individual stocks to gold in just 3 minutes.

Reach your financial goals sooner

Want to reach your big life and financial goals sooner but don’t know how? The easiest way to grow your money is with Finhabits.

Finhabits is an app designed to help you reach your financial goals sooner. It works like this: register for free here then enter your next big financial goal. That could be $5k for a new car next year or $50k for a mortgage in a decade. Using this information, Finhabits creates you a personalized investment plan which you can automate contributions to. It works in the background to grow your money without you having to do anything.

Reach your financial goals sooner with Finhabits

Supercharge your 401k

Do you know if your 401k is invested correctly? The easiest way to check is with a free 401k analysis from Blooom.

Blooom is a robo-advisor that optimizes your 401k fund to ensure you’re making the most money possible. It’s incredibly easy to use too – plug in your 401k credentials and Blooom lets you see how much money you’ll have at retirement plus what fees you’re paying.

When you consider the average person will pay over $135,000 in 401k fees over their lifetime and Blooom’s median client saves $41,456 over the course of their retirement*, taking 5 minutes to see how your 401k stacks up is a smart choice.

See how your 401k stacks up with a free analysis from Blooom

Need some extra money to start investing?

Don’t fret if you don’t have any spare cash on hand. These simple moves will help make some extra room in your budget for investing:

  1. See how other people your age are investing – It’s hard to know how you’re really doing financially compared to other people your age. Status Money lets you anonymously compare your finances to people your age so you can find opportunities to make more money and see what other people are investing.
  2. Pick up a side hustle – Online market research sites are an easy way to make extra cash at home. Shopper’s Voice is your best bet for high paying, fast paying surveys.

Despite popular belief, it’s incredibly easy to start investing. These investment options are the best way for first-time investors to set up a portfolio in just five minutes.

*$41,456 investment fee savings based on median blooom client 401k balance of $47,131 assuming $5,000 annual contribution, pre-blooom investment expense ratio of .56%, post-blooom investment expense ratio of .22%, and 30 years until retirement as of January 9, 2018. Blooom is limited to the funds available in your employer-sponsored retirement account. There is no guarantee blooom can or will reduce your fund expenses.