A Supreme Court Ruling Just Made Online Shopping More Expensive

Updated: June 25, 2018
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So, you’ve become addicted to online shopping over the last few years, depending on it for everything from basics to splurges and everything in between? You certainly aren’t alone, but a new Supreme Court ruling just made it more expensive for you to do your thing online.

Just this week the Supreme Court ruled that states can force online retailers to collect sales tax from shoppers. This overturns a ruling from 1992 that allowed retailers without a “physical presence” to avoid charging consumers sales tax.

Because of that 1992 ruling, many e-tailers were able to keep their prices seemingly lower than brick and mortar stores, with the burden falling on consumers to report what taxes they owed (of course, very few actually did this).

The ruling could take years to be fully enacted, apparently, but gone are the days of escaping sales tax online.

Because we absolutely hate the idea of paying more for stuff, we advise using Ebates as a way to mitigate the price increase of buying stuff online thanks to this change. You’ll get upwards of 2% cash back on pretty much everything you buy online, and at pretty much every store.

Take that Supreme Court!

Feature Image: Twenty20