Meet Truebill, Your New Financial Personal Assistant

Updated: April 17, 2019
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Wouldn’t it be nice if a top notch financial adviser could swoop in and tell you how to save money every month? And you didn’t even have to pay for the advice?

That’s why we are so obsessed with Truebill, which does exactly that.  Truebill acts as your free financial guardian angel, an actual human or AI chat bot there to help you cut subscriptions you never use out of your life, negotiate your monthly bills down on your behalf, and even rid you of pesky bank fees.  With more than 250,000 members since launching two years ago, Truebill saves its customers an average of $512 per year.

It would be almost silly not to sign-up given everything Truebill can do for you! It’s no wonder that 40,000 in 132 countries are using Truebill.

Here’s everything it does:

1. Get refunds on all those pesky bank fees

On average, american households will pay more than $329 on bank fees every year.  Getting refunds on various bank fees like overdraft charges can save you a huge amount over your lifetime.

Truebill will pick up on any bank fees that appear on your account and then work to get them refunded for you.

2.Cancel recurring payments you don’t even remember signing up for

Did you know that only 25% of people cancel services that they don’t know about or don’t want? Truebill will automatically analyze what recurring payments you are making so you can get a birds eye view, and then easily decide what you want to cancel.

3. Get your cell phone or cable bill lowered without doing any work

It is so important to negotiate with your cable, phone, and internet providers to lower your monthly bills.

Truebill will actually do this on your behalf. All you have to do is log-on to your providers (like AT&T, Comcast, etc.) or send Truebill one of your bills, and they will get to work finding hidden discounts or promo codes for you to lower your bills. With little to no hassle, Truebill will lower your cell phone or cable bill by up to 20%.  

As an extra bonus, if you suffer an internet outage Truebill will get go ahead and get your credit back from your internet provider.   

With all of the benefits that come with signing-up for Truebill, it’s no wonder people attest to saving around $500 a year.

Sign-up for Truebill today, it’s free so you have nothing to lose.

Feature Image: Unsplash