Must Read: USC Has Announced A Free Tuition Program, Should We All Be On Cash Diets?

Ashley Rogers
February 21, 2020

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

1. USC Has Announced A Free Tuitition Program

You’d have to be living under a rock (a very, very big rock mind you) to not have heard about the student loan crisis. Well, USC has just made a big announcement — if your family make less than $80,000 USC is now free. Will more colleges follow? (USA Today)

2. This Is What The Presidential Candidates Want To Do About Credit Card Debt

You’re shaking looking at your credit card debt. I’m shaking looking at my credit card debt. And, on top of that, credit card debt is at a record high. A lot of people are shaking. Well, the presidential candidates have a plan (at least we hope they do)…  (CNBC)

3. Why You Should Never Close Your Credit Cards Before The One Year Mark

People give all kinds of advice on credit cards. One of the big pieces of advice is to not cancel a credit card even if you aren’t using it, so you don’t mess with your access to credit (a big factor in your credit score). Another biggie? Never cancel a credit card before the one year mark.  (The Points Guy)

4. What’s A Cash Diet?

Here I was trying to go on the Paleo diet, but now I am supposed to go on the cash diet? I kid, I kid, but a lot of people in the personal finance are swearing by the cash diet to get out of debt and live better financial lives. (Today)

5. The Economist Takes On The Student Loan Problem

We are all about hearing what the top financial minds think we should do about the massive student loan problem. Well, The Economist has weighed in. We are all ears. (The Economist)

Feature Image: Twenty20