Must Read: What People Say They Value More Than Money, A Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Tech Stocks

Christina Biagioli
May 10, 2019

These are the must read articles in personal finance this week.

Frugal Uses For Amazon Alexa (And Other Voice Assistants)

You might already have a personal assistant – and you don’t even know it. If you’re one of the multitude of people who has invested in a voice-controlled device (Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, even your smart phone), you have more power over multiple aspects of your life than you think. If you’re looking for some smart ways to positively contribute to your day to day, look no further. (Picky Pinchers)

Visualizing The Happiest Country On Every Continent

The happiest country on the planet is…maybe not the one you think? There are so many factors that contribute to the collective happiness of its people, but inhabitants are not always satisfied for the same reasons. You might say that it’s all relative to the previous state of each individual country compared to its current state and progress (or lack thereof), but it might also be just the mindset of its citizens. (Visual Capitalist)

What Do You Value More Than Money?

Making more money is on most people’s list of to-dos, but is it something to which we should aspire? What in your life makes it really worth your time here? Let’s take a minute to appreciate things other than money in our lives that bring us value. (Money Ning)

Cheap, Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

Have you bought a Mother’s Day present for your mom yet? Time is ticking – it’s this weekend! Never fear, here are a bunch of creative and cost-effective solutions for Mom this year. (Money Under 30)

Women Aren’t Supposed To Be Funny. And When We Are, We’re Not Promoted

Get ready to read something unfair but not surprising – women who add humor to the workplace are not looked upon the same way as men who do the same. The University of Arizona recently did a study investigating this subject and arrived at some revealing conclusions about not just how we view funny women at work, but also how we view women at work in general. (Tis But A Moment)

The 4 Best New Personal Finance Books To Read Now

Whether or not you’re a total bookworm, who doesn’t love a good read? We’re big fans of nonfiction – particularly books about managing our ever-changing bank account. Expand your knowledge with these four personal finance suggestions covering topics such as budgeting, FIRE, getting out of debt, and other helpful subjects. (US News)

How To Invest In Tech Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide

Does investing in the stock market (or the mere thought of it) drive you completely insane to the point where you don’t know where to turn next!? Take a deep breath. We know where you should invest: tech stocks. Tech stocks are all the rage as technology grows and people become more and more dependent upon it. Find out how to go about getting your share of your favorite company’s … shares. (The Motley Fool)

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