11 Legit Ways For College Students To Make Money

Alex Nettheim
October 29, 2018
Some of the links in this post are from our sponsors, and we might earn a commission if you click on one. We are letting you know because, as our grandmother taught us, an honest penny is better than a stolen dollar. Now, back to filling up your piggy banks.

Despite what most people think, being a college student doesn’t mean being broke. There are plenty of ways to make and save hundreds of dollars every month without leaving campus.

1. Get Paid To Go Grocery Shopping

Wondering how? With the free Ibotta app.

Just scan your shopping receipt and Ibotta will instantly pay you based on your purchases. Get paid 75 cents to buy Milk, $5 for beer and $1 for pasta.

To sweeten the deal, Ibotta is offering a massive bonus for new college users – a bonus $10 when you scan your first receipt!

Get paid to go grocery shopping with Ibotta HERE.

2. Turn Saving Money Into A Game And Win Real Money

People spend billions of dollars a year playing mobile games. That money doesn’t amount to much of anything (except for some time playing Candy Crush), but wouldn’t it be nice if you could play games on your phone and have your wallet be the one that sees a boost for a change?

That’s exactly what the new app Long Game does. Start saving money using the app, and you’ll start earning points which you can use to play games. This is where the app gets really good: Start winning at the games and you’ll earn prizes ranging from cold hard cash (up to $1,000) to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

On top of getting to play games, you’ll be earning interest on your savings.

To get started, download the app. You’ll even get 300 free bonus Coins plus up to 3,000 free bonus Coins when you make your first deposit.

Turn saving money into something that is actually fun with Long Game today

3. Reduce Your Phone Bill In Minutes

Truebill’s goal is to lower your bills. Period. Sign-up for Truebill and either log-in or snap a photo of your bill and Truebill’s negotiators will get to work finding hidden discounts and promo rates you would never have been aware of otherwise. Just a few of the companies that Truebill has negotiated with include AT&T, Spectrum, and Comcast. There’s zero risk to see if Truebill can get your bills lowered because you only pay if they are successful. Customers have attested to saving hundreds of dollars a year thanks to Truebill.

Cut your phone, internet and cable bills with Truebill now.

4. Earn Some Quick Cash

Most survey sites have their own requirements for the minimum amount you can cash out. If you want money fast, Survey Junkie is your best option.

The site has thousands of high paying surveys available which can be completed anywhere on pretty much any device. Best of all, the payout threshold is just $10 so you can cash out your earnings to Paypal, a checking account or as a gift card super quickly.

Get paid quickly with Survey Junkie HERE

5. Use Gift Cards You Earn From Your Spending

It sounds easy enough, but how often have you gone into the grocery store with a list and come out with a million things not on the list?.

Monitoring your finances become a lot easier when you sign up for MoneyLion. Money Lion is a financial advisement platform that works with its members to adopt better spending habits. The best part is when users follow MoneyLion’s best spending habits,  MoneyLion offers gift card rewards from a variety of retailers.

Kick your bad spending habits today with MoneyLion.

6. Get Cash Back When You Shop Online

There is nothing like earning cash back for shopping. Simply sign-up for Ebates, and continue shopping online at your favorite stores from Amazon to Walmart, all while earning cash back. Of note: Every retailer available on Ebates offers a different amount of cash back, usually between 2 to 3%. Make sure to check the “Flash Cash Back Stores” tab on the site to find the special cash back offers (we’ve seen up to 22.5%)!

Sign-up for Ebates and start getting cash back on groceries.

7. Invest In The Stock Market With Just $5

A common investing misconception is that you need lots of money to start. While that used to be the case, services like Stash allow you to begin investing with as little as $5.

Stash lets you buy fractional shares of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), meaning you can invest exactly the amount you wantThere are over 40 investment themes to choose from depending on your risk tolerance and social beliefs.

Invest your first $5 with Stash.

8. Make Beer Money With Survey Sites

Let’s state the obvious first: survey sites aren’t going to make you rich. What they will do is let you earn some decent beer money with a minimum of effort.

The highest paying surveys we’ve found are with InboxDollars and cashing out is super quick. College students can use this in boring classes to make some decent money.

Take surveys for cash with InboxDollars here.

9. Save Money Without Trying

Sometimes when you run out of money at the end of the month you have no choice but to dump stuff like groceries on a credit card with a high-interest rate and hefty fees.

There’s a better way, though. Digit is an app that automatically pulls small amounts of money from your checking account throughout the month so you can start saving for the end of month squeeze without even realizing it. No more getting to the end of the month with no money left for food.

Digit also has a great new feature that will help you start paying off your credit card debt the same way!

Get your monthly budget under control with Digit.

10. Start A Stock Portfolio By Buying Your Morning Coffee

You financial future is important, but it shouldn’t take a lot of time, effort, or money out of your present day-to-day life.

Enter Acorns, the investing app that wants to help you invest in your financial future.

Working along the theory that a little money a day goes a long way, Acorns Core automatically invests your spare change and you can begin investing with as little as $5 designed by world renowned Nobel Laureate economist Dr. Harry Markowitz and made up of ETFs from well known investment management companies like Vanguard and BlackRock.

Acorns offers other perks for your spending habits such as their Found Money application. With Found Money, every time you shop at one of the 200+ Acorns Found Money Partners, these partners will automatically invest in your Acorns account.

Never stress about investing in your financial future again and sign up for Acorns HERE.

11. Become A Lyft Driver

Given the crazy earning potential if you become a Lyft driver, it’s worth thinking about if you own a car.

Lyft is looking for people over 21 who own their own car to be drivers. According to their website, drivers can earn up to $800 working just Friday nights and weekends.

To get an overview of how much you can make, just enter your driving hours and location on their website and you’ll get an immediate summary.

Make up to $800 a week driving for Lyft HERE

Final Thoughts

Earn money going grocery shopping – Ibotta
Earn some quick (and easy) cash online – Survey Junkie
Get rewarded for saving money – Long Game
Start investing in the stock market with just $5 – Stash
Automatically save for the end of month without trying – Digit
Earn gift cards for monitoring your spending – Moneylion
Lower your phone bill in minutes – Truebill
Invest automatically with your spare change – Acorns
Make money from your phone – InboxDollars