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How Much Money Do You Need To Be Richer Than 50% Of People On Earth? Not As Much As You Would Think.

Leah Bourne
November 27, 2018

According to the 2018 Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse’s Research Institute it turns out you need $4,201 to be in the top 50% of the wealthiest people on earth. Not millions, not hundreds of thousands: $4,201.

Wonder how much it takes to be in the top 10%? A net worth of $93,170 is what it takes.

Not surprisingly, to join the 1% is much more difficult prospect: It takes a net worth of $871,320.

All are pretty interesting numbers considering what many people’s impressions are of what it takes to be among the wealthiest individuals, not to mention people’s assumptions about how much wealth other people have. A lot of those assumptions are quite frankly, just off.

As Credit Suisse puts it, “While the bottom half of adults collectively owns less than 1 percent of total wealth, the richest decile (top 10 percent of adults) owns 85 percent of global wealth, and the top percentile alone accounts for almost half of all household wealth (47 percent).”

Feature Image: Twenty20

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