14 Legit Ways to Start Making More Money Today

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Get ready to boost your earnings! Explore our list of reliable money-making opportunities.

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Feeling the pinch this month? We understand the struggle and want to help. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of easy, unique, and even enjoyable ways to supplement your income regularly. From investing to high-paying side hustles, and quick online hacks, we’ve got you covered.

Scroll through and explore our handpicked selection of money-making opportunities so you can start boosting your income today!

Discover Deals And Earn Rewards With Your Online Shopping

Tired of missing out on sales and discounts for things you have on your shopping list? Wishing there was a way to get alerts for deals as you shop? Then download the Capital One Shopping browser extension. It’s the ultimate ally in the fight against overpriced online shopping.

It has instant price comparison for the 30,000 plus stores it monitors. So, let’s say you’re looking at bluetooth headphones on Amazon. If a better deal is available for those exact headphones at another retailer, a friendly message will pop up alerting you to the savings. And if there are any discount codes available for a retailer, the one that will get you the most savings will automatically be applied to your shopping cart at checkout.

But wait, that’s not all. You can also earn credits for your shopping that you can redeem for gift cards to dozens of popular brands.

This browser extension helped shoppers save over $160 million in 2022 alone.

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Get Up To $500 Whenever You Need It — No Credit Check Or Delays

In need of some extra cash to get you through a tough spot? We’ve all been there, and sometimes all you need is just a few extra hundred dollars to hold you over until your next paycheck.

When the going gets tough and money is tight, the app Dave is always there to help. Dave offers quick relief with cash advances up to $500 without all the complexities of a traditional bank loan. There are no credit checks, interest charges, or late fees, and it offers fast deposits — I’m talking in as little as a few minutes.

Getting an ExtraCash™ advance from Dave is simple:

  1. Link your bank account, answer a few questions, and Dave will confirm your eligibility and borrowing limit.
  2. Choose the desired amount within your limit and submit your request.
  3. Get your advance instantly with a Dave Spending Account, pay a small fee for an external debit card transfer, or receive it free within one to three days to an external bank account.
  4. Dave provides a settlement date, typically your next payday or the nearest Friday after taking the advance, to repay the borrowed amount.
  5. Once the borrowed amount is repaid, the cool-off period ends, allowing you to borrow again.

If you don’t end up spending all of the money you borrowed, you can transfer it over to your ExtraCash™ account, reducing the amount you’ll have to pay back next time.

If you’re looking for a more steady way to boost your income, check out Dave’s side hustle listings. You can explore and apply for local and flexible jobs, including paid survey opportunities, from its network of partners. Since launching this feature in 2019, Dave has connected thousands of members with profitable gigs that have earned them millions.

Whether you need help covering bills, money for groceries, or better earning opportunities, Dave’s got you covered.

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Get Paid To Share Your Two Cents On Products You Use Every Day

As one of the many millions of people that use products and services by your favorite brands, you may think your individual opinions don’t matter much in the grand scheme of things, but they do! And with Survey Roundtable, you’ll get to see just how valuable they are.

Survey Roundtable is a market research website that facilitates paid survey opportunities from major brands. With each survey you qualify for and complete, you’ll earn points — typically 1,500 points, which is equal to $1.50. And even if you’re disqualified from a survey, you’ll still earn 100 points! As soon as you’ve earned $10, you can collect your money as cash via PayPal or gift cards from many popular brands, including Amazon.

Getting started is easy. Just go to the website and sign up with your email to earn 1,000 points. When you complete your member profile, you’ll receive up to 1,350-point bonus to start you off!

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Have $10K+ In Credit Card Debt? This Service Can Help You Find Relief

Debt can feel like an insurmountable burden, standing in the way of the life you want to live and the goals you want to achieve. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by yours despite your best efforts, it might be time to look into debt relief programs. Debt relief can involve changing the terms of your debt, reducing the amount you have to pay back, changing your interest rate or monthly payment amount, or in rare cases, wiping out your debt completely. What you need or can qualify for will depend on your financial situation, but TURBODEBT can help you get started on your search for assistance.

Whether you have credit card debt, personal loans, or other unsecured debt, TURBODEBT will work to connect you with a debt relief program that best suits your unique needs. Consultations are free – just answer a brief questionnaire to get connected with a representative who will discuss your debt relief options with you. Then it’s up to you to move forward with applying.

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Get Up To $961 Back Into Your Annual Budget With One Simple Move

Finding ways to cut back is important when it comes to paying off debt faster. Experian can help reduce the cost of one your biggest bills — car insurance. Generally, it’s recommended that you compare car insurance rates periodically. This is because in a few years time, rates at competing companies can change. So, while you’ve stayed with your insurer for years because you’re comfortable, other drivers in your area could be paying less than you for the same policy.

Experian lets you compare your current coverage to rates from other providers for your area all in one place. No more endless searches or phone calls – just fill out a quick questionnaire and get a personalized list of quotes that meet your unique needs. And if you find a better deal at a different car insurance provider, Experian will help you switch and cancel your current policy. You may even get a partial refund on your previous plan.

Experian has helped drivers save an average of $961 on their annual car insurance bill. That’s a lot of savings! Just think about all the ways that money could be put to better use.

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$2 Million In Life Insurance For A Few Dollars A Month? Yes, It’s Possible

Life insurance is an essential financial safety net that offers peace of mind and protection for your loved ones. But oftentimes people put off getting it due to misconceptions about its cost, complexity, or a belief that they are too young or healthy to need it. The truth is life is unpredictable and getting life insurance is not as complicated or expensive as it used to be.

Ethos Life is online term life insurance provider with an application that only takes 10 minutes, without the need for a medical exam — just answer a few health questions. It offers coverage amounts up to $2 million and premiums starting at just $8 a month. As an added bonus, all policies come with free will and estate planning services bundled in, which would otherwise be priced at $149 and $449, respectively.

If your Ethos Life policy is underwritten by Legal & General America, it will also come with an accelerated death benefit at no additional cost.

With an approval rate of 95%, you could apply for a policy and get coverage today!

If you want to make sure those you love and provide for aren’t left struggling in your absence, life insurance can provide them with the financial cushion they need to adjust to their new circumstances.

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Small Investments In Real Estate Today Can Turn Into Big Riches In The Years To Come

Real estate is an asset class that has been used by many to build and maintain wealth. Unlike other investments like stocks, real estate is a tangible asset that can generate steady income year-round through rental payments and is known for its value appreciation over time.

There used to be a time when investing in private income-producing properties was a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Fortunately, things have changed and with the platform Fundrise , you can start investing in a professionally managed portfolio of residential and industrial properties valued at more than $7 billion with as little as $10.

Fundrise pays quarterly dividends to investors that will either be deposited directly in your linked bank account or reinvested on your behalf if you opt into the Fundrise Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP). As of October 2022, Fundrise has paid more than $226 million in dividends to investors since 2010. In 2021, investors on the platform saw their most profitable year with an annual average return of 22.99%. So, if you made a one-time investment of $5,000 on the platform at the beginning of 2021 without making any other contributions, by the end of the year you’d have earned an additional $1,149.50.

Even small investments in real estate have the potential to generate substantial returns over time.

Start investing in real estate

Try This Flexible Side Hustle That Let’s You Work Anytime, Anywhere

If you’re looking for an easy-going side gig with steady pay and flexibility, DoorDash is an option you should definitely look into.

DoorDash is an on-demand delivery service that contracts people to deliver orders right to a customer’s doorstep. You can deliver food as a “Dasher” via car, bike, scooter, or motorcycle on your own time. Your earnings, which you can track through the app, will be direct deposited into your bank account every week.

Unlike services like Uber or Lyft that limit you to only working in the state your vehicle is registered in, you can make deliveries in all 50 states with DoorDash. So no matter where you go, if you need some extra cash, you can just pull out your phone, open the DoorDash app and start taking orders.

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Use This Website To Explore Debt Consolidation Options You Prequalify For

If you have high-interest credit card debt across multiple cards, consolidating them under a personal loan can make managing and paying them off easier. Personal loans have lower interest rates than credit cards – meaning you’re taking on less additional debt — and instead of having multiple monthly payments and interest rates to worry about, you would only have one of each.

To avoid a time-consuming or stressful personal loan search, you can use Upstart to compare options from different lenders you prequalify for. Unlike most lending platforms that rely heavily on an applicant’s credit score and debt to income ratio, Upstart considers education and employment (in addition to finances) for borrower evaluations, which can help more borrowers get approved.

You can see what personal loan you prequalify for through Upstart in just 5 minutes:

  1. Go to the website and fill out a short questionnaire about yourself and your loan needs
  2. Upstart uses this info to match you with loan options
  3. Compare loan offers and choose the best one for you
  4. Apply for the loan through Upstart

If approved, you’ll likely get your funds in as little as one business day. Through its network of lenders, Upstart offers loan amounts ranging from $1,000 to $50,000, fixed interest rates starting at 6.7%, and three and five-year terms.

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