11 Apps That Will Turn Your Casual Gaming Into Passive Income

The best make money games to play now on your phone.
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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a professional gamer to make money playing games. In fact, all it takes is a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection! Whether you like to play by yourself or with others, prefer puzzles and trivia or role-playing and action-packed adventures, there are apps you can download that offer rewards, including cold hard cash, for playing the games you love.

This means you can turn one of your favorite downtime activities into a source of cash. Will you make enough to count as a second income source? No, but the apps below can earn you pocket money to help with things like groceries, gas for your car, nights out with friends, or shopping at your favorite brands.

Check out our favorite gaming apps with cash rewards below.

Make Money In Your Sleep With Real Estate Investing – You Only Need $10 To Get Started

Real estate investments can provide you with a consistent source of income through rent payments at a much faster rate than stocks and bonds, and at less risk to you. While most of us can’t afford to buy rental properties outright, you can start buying partial shares in real estate through a platform called Fundrise with as little as $10. 

This private real estate investing platform has five portfolios for members to choose from. The starter portfolio has a $10 deposit minimum and deposited cash is invested entirely in Fundrise’s Flagship Fund. 

Dividends from properties you’ve invested in are paid out quarterly, while the properties themselves appreciate in value over time. In 2021, the average annual return for investors on the platform was 22.99%. 

Add more money to your portfolio as time goes on to increase your returns and Fundrise takes care of the rest. It will add new properties to your portfolio over time, making your diversified portfolio stronger year after year. 

If you want to dip your toe into real estate investing, Fundrise is one of the best ways to do it. 

Invest in real estate with Fundrise

Your Opinions Are Valuable And This Company Will Pay You Up To $20 For Each

Constructive criticism is something everyone could use, but for brands, knowing what consumers think is their bread and butter. To get in depth-feedback, many brands contract market research companies like Branded Surveys to facilitate outreach. In exchange for the time you take to share your opinions through surveys, Branded Surveys will let you share in its profits by rewarding you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards and cash. With its surveys paying up to $20 in points each, this could be a great way to make a little extra spending money whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

To get matched with surveys that are relevant to you, complete a user profile and be as detailed as possible. Once you’ve earned 500 points ($5), you can start redeeming them for cash via PayPal and direct deposit or gift cards to popular retailers, restaurants, airlines, and subscription services.

Since 2012, Branded Surveys has paid over $20 million to its more than 2 million members (that’s about the population of Nebraska).

Trade your opinions for cash

Get Paid To Tell Brands How You Really Feel For Up To $20 Apiece

Opinions, we all have them. Whether it’s your thoughts on a recently released movie, a new haircare product you bought, the customer service you received at a store or global politics. While you’re sharing these opinions online and in conversation for free, millions of people are earning money sharing them with the market research company InboxDollars – up to $20 per survey to be exact.

Its surveys start at just three minutes long, so you can do them whenever you have a few minutes to spare and you’ll get paid in redeemable points. Once you’ve earned your first $15, you can collect your money by mailed check, a linked PayPal account, or gift cards to a ton of different retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Target. After that, you’ll only need $10 to cash out.

To date, InboxDollars has paid out more than $80 million in cash rewards to its members. Yeah, that’s a lot of cash! Sign up and verify your email address, and you’ll get a $5 bonus to start you off.

Get a $5 bonus at sign up

Unleash Your Inner Critic With Surveys That Pay Up To $45 Each

Surveys, polls, focus groups, product testing. Brands want to know what you think and are willing to pay big time for it. Why? Your feedback helps them improve their products, which will ultimately make them more money. So, your opinions are pretty valuable and Survey Junkie will make sure you’re rewarded for every single one.

In a single day, Survey Junkie pays out $40,000 in cash and gift card rewards to its members. Its surveys, which are its most popular activity, pay up to $45 each. Not bad, right? And if you want to maximize your earning potential, keep an eye out for its monthly promotions, product testing, and focus groups, which can have even bigger payouts.

Survey Junkie pays in points. As soon as you’ve earned 500 points ($5), you can start redeeming them for cash with PayPal or by bank transfer, plus gift cards from Visa, Amazon, Target Walmart and more.

If you’re active, you could bring in a few hundred dollars a month with this company’s surveys alone.

Here’s How To Score A $750 Shopping Spree To SHEIN

Flash Rewards is the ultimate rewards program for anyone 18 or older looking to earn some extra cash and spice up their wardrobe! With Flash Rewards, you can earn a $750 SHEIN gift card just by trying out advertised games, apps, and subscription services. And while a small purchase may be required for some deals, I think it’s fair to say a $750 shopping spree is worth it.

As you complete more deals, you’ll work your way up to level five, where you can claim a $750 SHEIN gift card. Just make sure to follow the instructions for each level and deal to get there.

With over $12 million in rewards paid out to users to date, Flash Rewards is the real deal.

Get a $750 SHEIN gift card