14 Sneaky Ways To Boost Your Income By An Extra $1,000 This Month

Looking for easy ways to make money? We've got you covered.
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There are lots of ways to make extra money, many of which you’ve probably never thought of. That’s why we came up with this ultimate list of ways to earn extra money when you need it — whether that is investing, getting a high-paying side hustle, or some of our favorite hacks for making a quick buck online.

Make sure to scroll through the entire list to find a few that are going to work for you — we are sure one of our favorites will be a good fit.

Credit Score Holding You Back? See Improvement In as Little As 10 Days With This Service

We all know that your credit score plays a crucial role in your financial life. It can be the deciding factor when you apply for a loan, credit card, apartment, or even a job. Unfortunately, a low credit score can bring financial challenges and limit your opportunities for years if left unaddressed. But Nevly offers a few solutions for lifting your scores, including one that can provide improvement in as little as 10 days.

Nevly offers rent reporting, allowing rent payments to be reported the major credit bureaus. Payment history makes up 35% of your credit scores and is typically reported every 30 days by creditors to credit bureaus. So, if you have a good track record for paying your rent on time and in full every month, using Nevely’s rent reporting could give your credit score a big boost. Nevly reports its users experience an average increase of 40 points in just 10 days.

But that’s not all. Nevly also provides a credit-building debit card that enables individuals to build credit through their everyday purchases, which it reports has helped members earn an average of 30 points. Additionally, Nevly offers credit monitoring, providing real-time alerts whenever there are changes to your credit report and scores. And to top it all off, its team of experts is available to assist you in rectifying any errors or mistakes found on your credit report.

Right now, you can try Nevly for free for 30 days, plus a $100 credit with the credit builder card. After that, it will cost $69.99/month.

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Unleash Your Inner Critic With Surveys That Pay Up To $45 Each

Opinions, we all have them. Whether it’s your thoughts on a recently released movie, a new haircare product you bought, the customer service you received at a store or global politics. While you’re sharing these opinions online and in conversation for free, millions of people are earning money sharing them with the market research company InboxDollars – up to $20 per survey to be exact.

Its surveys start at just three minutes long, so you can do them whenever you have a few minutes to spare and you’ll get paid in redeemable points. Once you’ve earned your first $15, you can collect your money by mailed check, a linked PayPal account, or gift cards to a ton of different retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Target. After that, you’ll only need $10 to cash out.

The app also rewards members for trying out featured games, shopping online, redeeming grocery coupons, and reading emails with advertised products and services.

To date, InboxDollars has paid out more than $80 million in cash rewards to its members. Yeah, that’s a lot of cash! Sign up and verify your email address, and you’ll get a $5 bonus to start you off.

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Get Paid Up To $10,000 By This Company To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a challenging journey. It requires determination and a daily commitment to make healthy choices. Staying on track and maintaining momentum toward your goals can be tough, but a company called HealthyWage is trying to keep people motivated with cash prizes of up to $10,000 for hitting their weight loss goals.

Yes, this is real. But you’re probably wondering what’s the catch, right? Well, you actually have to bet on yourself too — you know, put your money where your mouth is.

Here’s how a HealthyWage weight loss challenge works:

  1. Set your weight loss goal, a timeframe (6 to 18 months), and a bet amount (monthly payments or a lump sum)
  2. The HealthyWage calculator will tell you how much money you can win, with a top prize of $10,000
  3. Verify your starting weight through the app with a video or by having it checked by a health or fitness professional
  4. Begin your challenge and work towards your weight loss goal
  5. After your challenge period has ended, verify your final weight
  6. If you’re successful, you can collect your cash prize via check or PayPal

The minimum weight loss requirement is just 10% of your current body weight. You can sweeten your prize pot with family and friend referrals. You’ll get an additional $40 for each person who signs up using your personalized referral link!

If your past attempts to lose weight have fallen short, this extra boost of motivation from HealthyWage might just be the game-changer you need to reach your goals!

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