What Would Marie Kondo’s Budget Look Like?

Thinking like this decluttering guru is going to revolutionize how you budget.


If you have a broken arm, you go see a doctor. If you’re not feeling like yourself and dealing with depression and anxiety, you can go see a therapist or a psychiatrist. But what if money is the root of your problem? We dissect if you should consider a financial therapist.


SAVE | Melanie Lockert

How I Discovered That Slowing Down Could Save Me Money

Rushing has VERY real costs.


I was lucky to have… access and visibility into investing at a young age. In my twenties I just started putting more money into [a Roth IRA]…That’s how I got to an over $100,000 net worth in my early thirties living on $36,000.

- Jeremy Schneider Who Retired A Millionaire At 36


GUEST COLUMNIST: Brett Holzhauer

8 Credit Card Myths Your Parents Told You That You Need To Stop Believing Immediately

There are A LOT of misconceptions about credit cards out there.