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Apps That Pay Cash and Games That Pay Instantly to Cash App in 2024

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Discover quick and easy ways to make extra cash with these apps that pay cash!

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Increasingly people are looking for apps that pay cash, and there is a good reason for this.

Just want our top app that pays cash? It’s Cashyy (Android Only)

Relying on one source of income to provide for all your needs and help you grow your wealth has never really been practical.

Sure, maybe once a long time ago, before you, me or your parents were born, you could easily live off the money you got from working one job, but in today’s economy, the average nine-to-five salary can barely hold you through the year. And most people are already working two jobs to deal with this reality.

So how can you bring in even more money to help you meet your financial goals? One of our top tips is to look for apps that pay cash. We also like games that pay instantly to cash app.

But what are apps that pay you real money instantly? Here is our comprehensive list of apps that pay cash so you can earn real money in your downtime, anywhere that you are.

 Cell Phone With Apps That Pay Cash The Money Manual

Apps That Pay You Real Money Instantly

While some people may think playing mobile games is a waste of time (and maybe some are) there are games that pay real money instantly. Here are iPhone and Android games that pay instantly to cash app. These apps that pay cash are all fun and easy.

Cashyy (Android Only)

What is Cashyy?

Are you looking to make extra money while having fun? Cashyy is a cash app for people who already like playing mobile games, it pays you to play.

How does Cashyy work?

Download Cashyy for free(no advertising, no deposit, no in-app purchases). Discover missions and play new games every day to earn coins. Exchange your coins for gift cards such as Amazon gift cards, Google Play coupons, PlayStation cards, Zalando vouchers, or you can simply get your cash directly on your PayPal account.

You can transfer the money from your PayPal to your Cash App account. This makes Cashyy one of our favorite games that pay instantly to Cash App.

Can you make money with Cashyy?

Cashyy can make you a few extra bucks in spare change if mobile gaming is already your favorite way to spend some time vegging out. But don’t quit your day job just yet.

Learn more about this fun gaming app in our Cashyy review.

Get More Cash With Cashyy

Mistplay (Android Only)

What is Mistplay?

This mobile game platform (for Android phones) provides users with a library of games to earn money playing.

How does Mistplay work?

Just pick a game from the app’s library — there are more than 200 available — download, and play. The more games you play, the more “units” you earn, which you can redeem for Visa cash cards or gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and more.

For games that pay instantly to Cash App, we love Mistplay, even though you need to first move your money from PayPal to Cash App.

Is Mistplay Legit? Can you make money?

Yes, Mistplay is legit. To date, it has more than 25 million downloads and has paid out has paid over $35 million in rewards to users. You only need 1,500 units to redeem a $5 gift card.

You’re already playing games on your phone. Why not download Mistplay and get paid to play them through Mistplay?

Check out our more in-depth Mistplay review for more information.

Download Mistplay & Start Earning While You Play

Rewarded Play(Android Only)

What is Rewarded Play?

Rewarded Play is a gaming app geared towards classic games such as Solitaire, Mahjong, Wheel of Fortune, or Yahtzee. 

How does Rewarded Play work?

With Rewarded Play, you can earn gift cards to your favorite stores just by playing the games you love. Whether you’re a Solitaire enthusiast, Mahjong master or a word puzzle pro, you can rack up points that can be redeemed for gift cards to major brands like Amazon, Target, Best Buy and more!

Got gift cards you don’t want? Learn how to get instant cash for gift cards.

Can you make money on Rewarded Play?

You won’t be banking a whole ton of cash with this app but you’ll get a few extra bucks with occasional use per month in the form of a gift card. Think about $5 on an Amazon gift card every few weeks. Not bad, but don’t quit your day job.

Check out Rewarded Play vs Mistplay to see how they stack up when we put them head to head.

Get Rewarded To Play, Start Now

Solitaire Cube

What is Solitaire Cube?

Solitaire Cube is similar to regular solitaire, with Solitaire Cube you are trying to make rows of ascending cards. The big difference is this is a faster-paced version because it’s on a 5-minute timer. The cards don’t have to be the same suit unless you’re building the Ace card foundation. 

How does Solitaire Cube work?

In the practice league, play as many free matches as you want while you practice your solitaire skills. The prizes are Z Coins, virtual currency to play more matches, and Tickets, which can be redeemed for actual prizes — including really big stuff like a free car.

In the pro league, deposit money, and you can play in cash tournaments against other players.

How much can you make with Solitaire Cube?

According to VentureBeat, Solitaire Cube actually paid out $380,980 to its top player so this is no joke. You can cash out anytime by simply connecting your PayPal account to the game.

Earn money playing cards with Solitaire Cube


What is Freecash?

Freecash is a rewards platform that lets you earn cash, gift cards, crypto, or video game rewards in several ways, including:

  • Playing games
  • Taking surveys
  • Making purchases
  • Testing apps

How does Freecash work?

Companies work with Freecash to create offers for users to complete, such as making an account on a new mobile app, playing a new game, making a purchase on a certain site, or completing a survey. 

As users complete these tasks, partner companies pay Freecash, which then pays the users who completed the offers.

How much can you make with Freecash?

Some offers only pay around $0.50, but others pay $20 or even more.

When you hit a payout threshold — which may vary from $0.25 to $5, depending on the offers you’ve completed — you can withdraw your funds via bank transfer, Visa, or PayPal or redeem your coins for gift cards to popular service providers like Netflix or Spotify. You can even redeem the coins you’ve earned for Bitcoin. 

To learn more, check out this review where we answer the question, “Is Freecash legit?”

Try FreeCash.com Now

Perk Pop Quiz

What is Perk Pop Quiz?

If you’re a trivia wiz, you can start earning money with those gaming skills by playing trivia with Perk Pop Quiz (for Android). 

How does Perk Pop Quiz work?

The app has quizzes from more than 400 films, TV, music, math, science, spelling, vocabulary, and geographical-themed categories that you can choose from. Earn points with every answer you get right and trade them in for Perk Plastik Discover Cards or real gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Target,  GameStop, and hundreds of other retailers. 

Can you make real money with Perk Pop Quiz?

You’ll regularly be automatically entered to win daily cash prizes of up to $50 for playing challenges and getting high scores, so yes some real cash can be made here with this app.

Can’t decide which mobile gaming app is for you? Check out our apps like Mistplay article to learn more and decide which is the best gaming app for you.

Free Apps That Pay Real Money Instantly – Surveys

If you have time to kill, paid surveys are app that pay real money instantly and are a great option. Some of these are new apps that pay instantly. Market research companies will pay cash to get your opinions on the brands you buy from and the products you use. Take advantage of that. 

Here are a couple of our go-to paid survey apps that are among our favorite apps that pay cash.


What is Swagbucks?

The Swagbucks app is one of our favorite options for apps that pay instantly to cash app, earning free gift cards, and free stuff.

Here’s how to earn with Swagbucks:

  • Shop – Get free coupons (that earn you rewards for redeeming) and online and in-store cash back deals for hundreds of retailers
  • Answer – Take surveys and polls on anything from products and brands you shop to the kind of food you like to eat to travel preferences
  • Watch – Watch videos on a variety of topics like sports, world and entertainment news and more

Doing all of these activities earns you points you can exchange for cash via PayPal and gift cards from Visa, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and more. So you’re basically earning money doing the things you do online anyway, which sounds pretty great to us!

Once the Swagbucks money is in your PayPal you can move it instantly to Cash App.

Can you really make money with Swagbucks?

Yes, Swagbucks is one the most trusted instant payout apps. Swagbucks gives out 7,000 gift cards every day. Since 2014 Swagbucks has already paid out more than $430 million in cash rewards to its members (that’s huge)! This makes it one of the best apps that pay real money.

Get $10 just for signing up!

Learn more by reading our Swagbucks review.

Get Your Free $10 Sign Up Bonus Now

And if you fall in love with Swagbucks, check out this post on the best survey sites like Swagbucks.

Also see our answer to the question, “Is Apex Focus Group legit?” to learn more ways to earn with surveys and focus groups.


What is MyPoints?

If you could imagine your dream way of making money, it might go something like this. Picture, you sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, binge-watching TV — and somehow also making money. We have found a way to make a little extra money each month by doing this and it’s called MyPoints.

How does MyPoints work?

Big brands want consumers to watch short snippets of movie trailers or product features and give their feedback. They pay MyPoints which then recruits people like us to give their feedback for actual cash. It’s a little more entertaining than your typical cash-for-survey approach. But either way, MyPoints is one of the best apps that pay real money.

Can you make money with MyPoints?

You won’t make a ton of money with MyPoints but you’ll be able to make some extra cash on this app. You’ll earn rewards for shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games. And you can get rewarded for printing and redeeming coupons, reading emails, browsing the web, and more.

Get $5 for 5 surveys Now


What is Kashkick?

Cash is the Greatest Reward! Kashkick will deposit cash into your PayPal account for all the fun things you’re already doing online.

How does Kashkick work?

Companies are eager to get their deals in front of consumers like you and to get your feedback. In fact, your opinions are so valuable, they’ll even pay you for them. All you need is a few minutes and an internet connection, and they’ll take care of the rest.

How much money can you really make on Kashkick?

You can earn an average of about $0.20-$0.25 per task you complete which isn’t a ton but if you’re persistent and consistent, you could rack up $10, and that may take only a few weeks if you do it a couple minutes a day.

Kash In On This Offer

Google Opinion Rewards

What is Google opinion rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is an app created by the Google Surveys team that allows you to answer quick surveys to earn Google Play credit.

How does Google opinion rewards work?

In exchange for taking surveys, giving product reviews and answering merchant satisfaction questions, Google Opinion Rewards users will get Google Play Store Credits (for Android) or cash (for iPhone) via PayPal. You’ll receive a notification every time an activity is available, with each one typically taking less than 20 seconds to complete. A lot of people report that this is one of their favorite apps that pay cash.

How much money can you make with Google opinion rewards?

You won’t become a millionaire with this one but you can earn $0.10 to $1 for each survey depending on the number of questions and how long it takes. The earning threshold for Google opinion rewards is $2 in order to be eligible to cash out and can add up to approximately $56 per month with minimal effort.


What is AppTrailers?

Basically, you watch trailer movies of apps to earn reward points for what you just watched.

How do you use AppTrailers?

Watch videos for DIY projects, game trailers, movie and TV show previews, funny videos from the internet, and videos submitted by other AppTrailers members to earn “perk points” towards gift cards to stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Groupon, and more or cash via PayPal or a prepaid Perk Plastic debit card. You can also earn perk points with daily trivia and quiz games.

How much money can you make with AppTrailers?

You’ll earn 5 points every 50 seconds of videos that are played and  10 points add up to $.1 which roughly equals 36 cents per hour. So this is not a major game-changer for making money but you could earn some extra cash if you were just vegging out looking for something to watch and earn a few bucks of passive cash over a month’s time. 


What is Userfeel?

Userfeel is a testing tool that brands use to get feedback from consumers on the functionality of their websites and apps. 

How does Userfeel work?

Consumers, or “testers,” are given a scenario and specific tasks to do using a brand’s product. The app records the tester’s screen and voice while doing so, then uploads the recording to its website server for brands to review.

How much can you make using Userfeel?

Each test lasts 10 to 20 minutes and testers earn $10 per test. So there is some decent money to be made here and if you set aside an hour or two a week you’ll be making some decent side money every month. 

Learn more about survey apps to decide which is right for you.


What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars pays users to take surveys, watch videos of movie trailers and commercials, to play games, and to read emails with special offers. They also offer cashback for shopping and redeeming coupons offered through the app.

InboxDollars, how does it work?

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem your points for cash via PayPal, for Visa cash cards and gift cards to Amazon, Adidas, Macy’s, Target, Whole Foods, Nordstrom and more. Looking for apps that pay cash? This should be one of your first downloads. And if you rather earn gift cards, be sure to check out this post on surveys for gift cards.

Can you make money with InboxDollars?

It won’t make you rich, that’s for certain, but you can make a fair chunk of change with InboxDollars. Here are a few tips: 

  • $.50 bonus if you complete the initial to-do list of activities
  • $2 Sign up for LifePoints through InboxDollars and complete your first survey
  • $2.00 to sign up and register for Green Dot via InboxDollars Bonus: GreenDot gets you up to 30% cash back on your online purchases
  • $2.00 if you sign up through InboxDollars for MobileXpression Bonus: $5 Amazon gift card if you stay active for 7 days.
  • $5 Take the BigBuck survey 
  • $5 with you use InboxDollars to sign up and register your Internet devices with Nielson Research
  • Up to $20+ for completing a questionnaire, trying a sample product, or signing up for a subscription with Revenue Universe.

Note: some of the offers may take 7-30 days to credit depending on the offer, and offers are constantly fluctuating. Check back with InboxDollars often to see what offers are available.

Get Your Free $5 Sign Up Bonus Now

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Make Money With A Side Hustle On Apps That Pay Cash

Your day job may help you cover your basic needs, but getting a side hustle can help bring in the extra money you need to achieve the financial freedom everybody hopes for. Here are a couple of apps that pay cash that can provide a very real income stream.



What is DoorDash drive?

If you’re not a fan of having strangers in your car, but like the idea of being able to set your own hours, think about becoming a delivery driver for DoorDash. It operates a network of couriers that deliver restaurant orders placed online through its website or app. 

Doordash driver, how does it work?

If you have a car, bike, scooter, motorcycle, or just two good legs, you’re eligible to join the DoorDash fleet. Dasher’s get paid weekly via direct deposit and offer to tip.

How much money can you make delivering for DoorDash?

You can make good money with DoorDash. It varies depending on the location you deliver for and how much demand there is. It’s worth trying for extra cash.

Start Dashing This Weekend With DoorDash

Learn how you may be able to get off the DoorDash waitlist if you find yourself there. 

Here’s how to get a free DoorDash gift card.


What is Instacart delivery?

Becoming an Instacart shopper is another way to make some extra cash. Similar to the apps above, this grocery delivery and pickup service allows you to be your own boss, by letting you set your own hours. 

How Instacart delivery works:

  • Signup for the app
  • Shop on your schedule
  • Shop and deliver the customer’s order
  • Get paid

Can you make money delivering groceries?

On average, Instacart shoppers make $11 an hour and get paid weekly. Work a couple of hours every week and you could be bringing in a few hundred extra dollars every month. Choose between being a full-service shopper, where you shop, bag, and deliver (why not sign on and see if there’s a gig you can pick up while doing your own shopping?), or an in-store shopper and just shop and bag for pick-up.

Freelance Work

What is Freelancing?

Freelance work has a lot of benefits. It’s a great way to boost your income, every job you complete is another experience you get to put on your resume (employers like to see someone who can hustle), you get to build professional relationships and oftentimes you can do the jobs remotely so you don’t have the added stress of figuring out travel for a short term gig. 

How much can you make freelancing?

It totally depends on your skill set, how much you put into it, and the individual contract. The average income for freelance work is $32/hr.

How does Freelance work, work?

There are a handful of apps out there for both seasoned professionals and those in the early stages of their careers. Here are some really popular ones.


What is the Upwork platform?

Upwork is a popular platform that connects businesses and freelancing professionals for project collaboration in a wide selection of job categories. 

How Upwork works:

Find gigs for anything from engineering and analytics to language translation and law services. Freelancers are charged sliding fees per project completed. 

What percentage does Upwork take?

Upwork takes a 20% commission on the first $500, 10% on the remaining balance up to $10,000, and 5% on the remaining balance that is more than $10,000. 

So if you made $700 on a gig, Upwork would take 20% of the first $500 ($100) and 10% on the remaining $200 ($20). So your total take-home would be $580.

How much you make is up to you and the person you are doing the work for to work out.


What Fiverr is all about:

Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace that’s specifically for creatives and digital work. So, if you’re a writer, filmmaker, producer, photographer, graphic designer, sound engineer, or anything else in the digital realm, Fiverr might be for you. 

How does Fiverr work?

You create three bundle packages for your services detailing price, the scope of work, and delivery time. You can also do custom work outside of the limitations of your packages if you are responding to a job ad by a hiring business.

How much does Fiverr take from sellers?

Fiverr charges a 20% commission on your total earnings. How much you make is between you and the person you are doing the work for.


What is Snapwire?

More than 700,000 people use Snapwire to sell their photos to brands, publishers, small businesses, and creatives looking for custom photos to promote their products and services.

How does Snapwire work?

Buyers will post creative briefs (called requests or challenges) for the kind of content they’re looking for and you can respond to their ads by submitting photos to them that match their requests. Or you can just upload a portfolio of your work and Snapwire specialists will handpick your best ones and make them searchable for buyers to purchase directly through their individual Snapwire marketplace subscriptions. 

How much can you make on Snapwire?

Photos on Snapwire go for anywhere between $5 and $100. If you sell a picture that’s been requested by a buyer or that was selected in response to a photo challenge, you get to keep 100% of the money. If your photo is purchased by a buyer through their Snapwire marketplace subscription, you split 50% of the profits with Snapwire.


What is Foap?

Foap is great for amateur photographers and videographers looking to step up their game and get a taste of turning a profit on their work. 

How to use Foap to make money

Upload your work to become discoverable by brands like Heineken, Mastercard, Nivea, and agencies like VaynerMedia and Droga5. You can also participate in buyer photo or video missions, just follow the mission briefs and submit your work to them. 

How much can you make on Foap?

Photos typically sell for $10, but if it’s an exclusive mission, they can sell for $30. Videos start at $200. Whatever you make from your sale gets split with Foap.

If you’d like to get paid for teaching English to speakers of other languages, check out our Preply review.

Two Hands Full of Colorful Shopping Bags From Apps That Pay Cash

Make Money Shopping With Apps That Pay Cash

We’re not knocking discounts, because we love them and they help you save. But when saving isn’t enough these apps can help you make money and earn gift cards to your favorite stores just for shopping at them.

A lot of these apps that pay cash are easy ways to come up with extra money and are worth considering.


What is the Drop app?

Drop earns you cash and gift cards for shopping at your favorite stores. 

How does the drop app work?

  • Download the app, 
  • Pick five stores from its list of partner retailers
  • Link a card and shop
  • Every time you make a purchase at your chosen stores in-person or online through the app, you’ll earn Drop points 
  • Redeem Drop points for gift cards to your top five and any of the other stores available through the app. 

You can earn gift cards to places like Starbuck Netflix, Amazon, and more. 

How much money can you make on the drop app?

You won’t make cash on this app but you’ll be able to use your points to redeem gift cards which is as close to cash as you can get. If you are consistent you may be able to make $10-$30 in with minimal effort. You could make up to $100 with some of their top-tier offers.


What is the Shopkick app?

Another app that’s great for rewards shopping is Shopkick. According to its website, most shoppers can earn enough points — the app calls them “kicks” — for a gift card in just one week. 

How does the Shopkick app work?

  • Earn points when shopping in-store by scanning items and making purchases
  • Earn online for visiting stores through the app, viewing certain offers, and making purchases 
  • Trade in your points for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and more 

Can you earn money with Shopkick?

You won’t earn a bunch of cash with this app but you’ll get some electronic gift cards as rewards for following the above steps. If you’re diligent, and maybe a little addicted, you could make quite a bit.


What is the Ibotta app?

If you’re feeling guilty or stressed about your spending, Ibotta will make you feel a whole lot better by giving you cashback for purchases made online, in-store, or directly through the app. 

Ibotta: How does it work?

Whichever method you choose, you need to:

  •  Select the cashback offer available in the app you want to use and pay full price at checkout
  • When shopping online or in-store at Ibotta partner stores, upload your receipt afterward and the app will scan it and credit the cashback to your Ibotta account
  • If you pay for your items directly through the app using its “Pay with Ibotta” feature, you’ll get you 10% cashback on the total of your purchase 

Ibotta works at 300 retail chains, restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, home improvement centers, pet stores, and pharmacies across the nation.

How to maximize Ibotta

  • Utilize the referral bonus to make a few extra dollars
  • Take the cash rewards rather than gift cards via your PayPal then transfer to a high-interest savings account (like Tellus — get 3% APY interest compounded daily)
  • Use other cashback rewards apps like Fetch
  • Check for bonus opportunities
Snag 100% CashBack On A Purchase, Sign Up Now

Fetch Rewards

What is Fetch?

This app helps you earn cash rewards for the shopping you do at any store by turning your receipts into gift cards. 

How does the app Fetch work?

  • Download the app
  • Shop and take a photo of your receipt
  • Fetch Rewards will scan it for any of the thousands of qualifying products that can score you points 
  • As soon as you’ve earned 3,000 points (~$3), which you can do pretty quickly, you can start redeeming them for gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sephora, Best Buy, and Nordstrom.

Can you really make money with the Fetch Rewards app?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, you’ll make some cashback with this app but not a lot. It’s always important to not go out and buy the things you wouldn’t have bought naturally on your own but as a means of getting a few extra dollars back in your wallet at the end of a shopping trip, you can earn some decent money with Fetch. 1,000 points= $1 worth of gift card credit.

Fetch Yourself Some Cash Back With Fetch Rewards

Don’t forget to also check out these creative ways to get free money now.


What is Earny?

Earny gets you refunds for the difference in online purchase price drops by scanning your email for receipts. 

How does Earny work?

The app covers 20 stores including Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Macy’s, and Sears. Earny also works to get you low prices for hotel bookings and offers full price protection for all purchases made with Citibank cards and four claims per year for Mastercard cardholders.

Can you make money with Earny?

Yes, you can make a bit extra with Earny but you aren’t likely to make than a few dollars in savings with this app.


What is the Seated app?

As fun as eating out can be, it can get really expensive, really fast. Booking reservations through Seated is a great way to make some of that money back.

How does Seated work?

  • Every restaurant reservation you make is eligible to receive up to 30% cashback 
  • Browse through the app’s list of restaurants near you, pick the one you want and book a reservation
  • Eat your meal and upload a picture of your receipt to the app afterward to confirm you showed up for your reservation
  • Let the app’s concierge feature help you book a reservation for a large party for you (or just yourself) and you can get even more rewards

On top of that, every meal you book through Seated also earns a meal for a child in need through ShareTheMeal, a crowdfunding app working to fight global hunger through the United Nations World Food Programme.

Can you make money with Seated?

You won’t make money directly but you can save on your dining out and that extra money not spent can add up.

Graph Showing Upward Trend Of Money From Apps That Pay Cash From 2012 to 2019 With Happy Faces The Money Manual

Make Money Investing On Apps That Pay Cash

Investing is a great way to grow your money, and getting started is a lot cheaper than it ever has been thanks to apps like the ones listed below. Looking for apps that pay cash? These are definitely options to consider.

If you want to start investing but aren’t sure where to begin, check out our guide to investing for beginners.

And if you’d like to learn about diversifying your portfolio with alternative investments like wine and spirits, check out our Vint vs Vinovest comparison.


What is Stash?

You can use this app to start investing in fractional shares of stocks and funds with as little as $5. What is a fractional share? Well, instead of buying a full share in a company, which can be expensive, you’re buying partial ones at a much lower cost.

How does Stash work?

The app provides hundreds of stocks and funds to choose from to build your portfolio with and educational resources to help you learn how to manage it on your own. If you open up a checking account with Stash, you’ll also get a debit card that earns you stock-back (stocks and funds) in companies like CVS, Starbucks, Amazon, Costco, Apple and more every time you use it to make a purchase at those locations.

Stash has subscription plans ranging between $1 to $9 a month depending on what your financial needs are.

Can you make money with Stash?

The short answer is yes. Read our Stash review to find out more.

Get $10 To Invest, Sign Up Now


What is Acorn investing app?

Acorns is a robo-advising and micro-investing platform that takes a nuanced approach to save loose change with its “Round-Ups” feature, which is aimed at making it easier to start investing. 

How does Acorns work?

The app rounds up purchases made with a linked credit card, debit card, or linked PayPal account (you can connect multiple cards and accounts) to the nearest dollar and the difference gets deposited into your Acorns investing account. 

Every time you save $5, the app automatically invests the money for you in fractional shares of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which are made up of stocks and bonds, to build you a diverse portfolio based on your investment goals and risk comfort level. 

Can you actually make money with Acorns?

Yes, if you do things right. Here’s how to make money with Acorns investing app:

  • Get started using it early
  • Automate your investing and add consistently to your account (this is the beauty of Acorns with the round-up feature. Check out the round-up multiplier feature
  • Use Acorns earn to get some extra investing cash from stores you’re buying from
  • Score a $10 bonus investment with your first deposit

Special bonus for Acorns users who are in college:

If you’re a college student, Acorns will help you manage your investment portfolio for free. For all other users, the app charges $3 to $9 a month depending on the plan you select. Find out more by reading our in-depth Acorns Review.

Start To Grow Your Investments With $10 From Acorns


What is Robinhood?

Robinhood’s goal is to make investing in financial markets more affordable, more intuitive, and more fun, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have) with commission-free investing, plus the tools you need to put your money in motion. 

How does Robinhood work?

Robinhood lets you buy fractional shares of stocks. Here’s how it works: One share of Amazon currently costs $3,320.68, which is unaffordable for most people. But apps like Robinhood let you purchase $50 of Amazon stock. Pretty neat, right? Robinhood is one the apps that pay you real money instantly through instant deposits that you then use to invest right away.

Great features for Robinhood: 

  • Recurring investments
  • Instant deposits
  • Free stock for referring friends and family
  • No account minimum
  • Streamlined interface
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Commission-free stock, option, ETF, and cryptocurrency trades
  • IPO investing available
  • Margin investing
  • Cash management accounts
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Fast account opening

Can you make money with Robinhood?

Absolutely. If you invest smartly and utilize the automation tools on Robinhood such as the stop loss feature or the recurring investments at regular intervals, and diversify with ETFs, you’ll likely make money.

Read more in our in-depth Robinhood review.

Download To Start Your Portfolio WIth Robinhood


What is Public?

Public is a great app for anyone who wants a more social experience with their investing. This app makes the stock market social, so you can tap into the collective wisdom of a community of investors.

How does Public work?

While you get to start investing in stocks and ETFs starting with as little as $5 with fractional shares, you can also follow the profiles of other investors on the platform and chat with them, too. Ask questions, learn from others’ experiences or share your own and discuss investments.

Do all of this and also enjoy fee-free investing, no account minimums, and free stock via family and friend referrals. Open a free Public account so you can start investing with just $5 and enjoy the company of your peers as you do.

Can you make money with the Public Investing app?

Yes, you can make money with the Public Investing app.

Download To Earn Free Stock

Make Money Being Healthy Via Apps That Pay Cash

Eating healthy and exercising may come easy to some people, but for others, it’s really hard. Sometimes all you need is the right motivation and these apps offer some pretty amazing cash incentives. Most people don’t realize that among the apps that pay cash there are ones that are actually encouraging people to get healthy.


What is CashWalk?

CashWalk is an app that will track your steps and pay you for walking with points that you can cash in for gift cards to popular retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Sephora.

Here are more ways to get a free Sephora gift card.

How does CashWalk work?

Just download the free CashWalk app, available on both Android and iOS, and earn Stepcoin for walking!

The app tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and time spent walking. You can use CashWalk for any type of walking, including on a trail or a treadmill.

Once you’ve gathered enough Stepcoin, you can redeem them for a gift card to a variety of popular brands.

Can you make money with CashWalk?

Every 100 steps earns you 1 Stepcoin, and you’ll get paid for up to 20,000 steps a day. The cashout threshold to earn a gift card is currently 5,000 Stepcoins.

You can also earn extra Stepcoin playing games, taking surveys, and referring others to CashWalk. So if you’re wondering, “Is CashWalk legit?” the answer is yes!


What is Sweatcoin?

In order to help you be a healthier you, Sweatcoin pays you to do the simplest physical activity you can do — walking. 

How does Sweatcoin work?

Sweatcoin converts every step you take into the app’s currency by the same name, which you can spend on goods, services, and experiences offered by Sweatcoins partners in the app’s marketplace. Buy things ranging from clothes and electronic devices to workout classes and audiobooks. 

  • Download the app
  • Start walking to earn coins
  • Exchange coins for rewards

Can you make money with Sweatcoin?

You can make money in two easy ways. One, use the rewards to save your cash spent elsewhere. Two, exchange coins for cash using your PayPal which happens when you reach the Marathon level.


What is StepBet?

StepBet, similar to HealthyWage, makes you put money down on your step goals. 

How does StepBet work?

Use Apple Health, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin to get your personal fitness goal. Pick a challenge game you want to participate in, bet money into the game’s pot and walk and exercise to meet your goals every week for as long as the challenge lasts.

Can you make money with StepBet?

Yes, the pot money will be split between you and the other game participants and you’ll get back the money you put down and win even more.

Make Money Selling Your Old Stuff Via Apps That Pay Cash

If you have things you don’t use or need anymore that are just taking up space in your home, selling them is a really easy and convenient way to make money fast. 

OfferUp (formerly known as Letgo)

What is OfferUp?

OfferUp lets people sell and buy virtually anything that can be sold or bought, including clothes, cars, tech, furniture, real estate, baby supplies and so much more. OfferUp makes our list of instant payout apps because you get paid when you sell your possessions through the app.

How does OfferUp work?

The app works like a mobile classified. To post an item for sale just take a couple of photos of it, select the product category it belongs in, and upload the photos with a price and product description. Chat with potential buyers instantly directly through the app.

How much can you make on OfferUp?

Totally depends on your stuff and the value- the sky is the limit.


What is Bookscouter?

If you want a place that specializes in selling books, Bookscouter can help take all those textbooks from college and novels from your childhood that have been collecting dust on your shelves off your hands. 

How does Bookscouter work?

The app helps you compare buyback offers from more than 30 vendors and lets you see vendor ratings and reviews from other sellers. Type your book’s ISBN into the app’s search bar and if there are companies looking to buy it, you’ll get a list of all of them. Pick the deal you like best and ship your book for free. 

Can you make money using Bookscouter?

Yes. You could get paid the same day the vendor receives it and it just depends on how much the book is worth.


What is Raise?

Have you ever been given gift cards lying around to stores you don’t shop at? Instead of letting them waste away, make money from home by selling them on Raise. 

How does Raise work?

Use the app’s search bar to look up the store your gift card belongs to, then select it and enter the card details — its serial number, pin number, balance amount, and your selling price (it should be less than the gift card balance). 

How much can you make on Raise?

Raise will take a 15% commission on the sale. If you’re selling a physical gift card instead of a digital one, Raise will charge an additional fee of $1 or 1% of the value of the card (whichever is greater) for shipping. You’ll get your share of the money by direct deposit, PayPal or check. How much you make depends on how many gift cards you’ve got.

Common Questions

What is Cash App?

Cash App is a payment app that enables you to quickly send, receive and invest money. Cash App is not a bank. Instead, Cash App partners with banks to make sure you money is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

How do you get $100 on Cash App?

You can get $100 on Cash App by referring friends to Cash App, playing games that pay instantly to Cash App, using apps that pay instantly to Cash App (read this article on Cash App surveys), or by depositing your paycheck into Cash App. Also, check out how to put money on Cash App card at ATM here.

What are some real Cash App games?

Real Cash App games include Cashyy, Mistplay, and Rewarded Play.

Free games that pay instantly to Cash App

These games will pay you instantly. You may need to meet a certain threshold before cashing out, and for some of these apps, you can get paid instantly via PayPal and will then need to transfer your funds to Cash App if you prefer.

Android Games That Pay Instantly to Cash App

These gaming apps are available in the Google Play store and will pay instantly when you request payout after meeting their payout thresholds. For some, you may need to do an instant transfer from PayPal to Cash App after receiving your PayPal funds if you want to be paid in Cash App.

How do I get free Cash App money instantly?

To get free Cash App money instantly you can refer your friends to download Cash App, play games that pay instantly to Cash App, use apps that pay instantly to Cash App, or load money from an eligible debit or credit card to you Cash App. But beware of scams. Read this article on what to do if you find yourself saying, “A random person sent me money on Cash App.”

instant payout apps

Apps That Give You Money for Signing Up

There are some platforms and apps that pay cash to new users as a way of enticing them to sign up. Is that something you could take advantage of? You bet it is!

Not only do these platforms offer generous bonuses, but they’re also fantastic to use. So you might come for the bonus, then stick around for the chance to earn even more money!


Public is an investing platform that makes it easy to spread your wealth around and create a diverse investment portfolio. You can invest in all sorts of assets, including stocks, ETFs, treasuries, and crypto.

When you sign up for Public and deposit funds, you’ll get a free “slice of stock” worth $3 – $300. That’s not a bad way to start growing your portfolio!


Acorns is an investing and banking platform designed to help you manage (and grow) your wealth. Experts can help you build a diverse investment portfolio, and you can use the automatic savings features to slowly tuck money away.

And if you sign up for the “recurring investments” feature, you’ll get a $20 bonus investment added to your Acorns account! 


Swagbucks is an online platform that will pay you for playing games, shopping online, and browsing the web (you know, all the stuff you’re probably doing online, anyway). You can get cash through Paypal or collect gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, and other popular brands.

You’ll also get a $10 bonus just for signing up for Swagbucks!


With InboxDollars, you can earn cash for taking surveys, playing games, and even just reading emails. It’s also one of the most legitimate apps that pay cash, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

Oh, and here’s more good news: You’ll get $5 just for signing up for InboxDollars!


MyPoints is a comprehensive online rewards platform that offers gift cards in exchange for playing games, taking surveys, and shopping online. Of all the apps that pay cash, this is one of the most versatile. 

And if you use MyPoints for online shopping, you’ll get $10 added to your account when you make your first purchase (minimum purchase total of $20 required).

Branded Surveys

If you’re trying to make money through online surveys, you need to choose a platform that’s totally legit – a platform like Branded Surveys. With 4.1 stars on Trustpilot, it’s one of the most respected apps that pay cash.

Branded Surveys will also give you 100 free points when you sign up, so you won’t be starting from scratch.

Branded Surveys gives new users a bonus just for signing up, which is why it’s one of the best apps that pay cash. 
On Branded Surveys, you can take advantage of “extra earning opportunities” to get even more points.
Source: Branded Surveys


Stash markets itself as the “investing app for beginners,” and man, does it deliver! You can invest in a wide variety of assets, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, and crypto. Plus, Stash can even automate your continuing investments.

And when you sign up for Stash and add just $5 to your portfolio, you’ll get another $10 for free!


Rakuten is a world-famous cash-back platform. This means you can shop at certain retailers, and then Rakuten will return a portion of the money you spend. And with over 3,500 retailers to choose from, you’re sure to find plenty of your favorite brands.

Signing up for Rakuten is also super easy, and you’ll get a free $10 bonus for doing it!


LifePoints is a reputable survey platform with an app available on Android and iOS. You can convert your earnings into Paypal or Amazon gift cards or choose to donate your winnings to the Special Olympics. 

Intrigued? Then sign up for LifePoints now and get 10 bonus points.

SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest is one of the country’s largest online banks, and it also offers a user-friendly investment platform. You can use a SoFi Invest account to trade stocks, automate your investing, and even purchase crypto.

And how’s this for a generous welcome bonus: You can get up to $1,000 in stock just for funding a new SoFi Invest account (minimum $10 in first 30 days)!

Bottom Line

There are more and more apps that pay cash out there, including these side hustles for teens. Whether you are looking for apps that pay you real money instantly on the side or a bona fide side hustle to supplement your income or become your entire income stream, there are loads of apps that pay cash to consider.

Think about it, how many hours would you say you spend on your phone every day? Two? Three? More? According to a study done by eMarketer, Americans spend nearly four hours a day on their phones. That’s almost 30 hours a week.

All that time you spend texting, checking your social media, playing games, watching TV and shopping could be used to boost your income. 

Check out these handy apps that pay cash today:

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Also check out these games that pay real money instantly, and if you like competing in Solitaire tournaments to win extra cash, check out Is Solitaire King Legit? Like bingo games? You’ll love the best bingo sites.

For more opportunities to play games, take surveys, and test new apps to earn money, check out these reviews:

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Learn about these opportunities to take surveys for Amazon gift cards as well as how to get a Subway gift card free and a free Target gift card. And if you’re a professional who would like to participate in market research related to your expertise, check out our Wynter.com review.

We also have several ideas for how to make money while on disability, and check out these unconventional ways to make money.

And check out these apps that pay $100 a day if you combine your efforts. You can even make money watching videos!

For more ways to make some extra cash in your spare time, check out these side hustles from your phone.

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