How To Start Investing In Stocks And More – The Best Trading Platforms & Brokerage Apps Of 2021

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One of the best ways to grow your money and build lasting wealth is to invest. It’s something everyone can and should do, but many think investing is complicated, takes a lot of money to start, and is a huge time commitment. Guess what, it’s not true! All of this may have been true a few decades ago, but not anymore. Now, thanks to intelligent and easy-to-use apps, breaking into the stock market is easier and more affordable than ever before. You can start investing today in stocks, right now, even with just a couple of dollars.

Check out our favorite apps for investing in stocks:

Rating 5

The Best Investing App For People On A Budget
  • Choose from more than 3,000 stocks, and hundreds of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and bonds to build your portfolio with
  • Invest in fractional shares — a portion of a stock — starting with as little as $1
  • Get stock recommendations based on your risk tolerance and financial goals
  • Provides easy to understand analysis of each stock and ETF it offers to users so they can quickly examine things like risk, dividend yield, expense ratios, and even a company’s stock performance over the last 15 years
  • Stash accounts come with a checking account and a Visa debit card that earns Stock-Back® rewards (earn stocks on purchases from publicly traded companies)
  • Unlimited $0 commission trades on stocks and no account minimum
  • Get a $10 bonus at account opening once you’ve deposited $5

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Rating 4.8

The Best Investing App For Regular Stock Trading
  • 5,000 stocks to choose from, as well as ETFs, options, American Depository Receipts (ADRs), gold and more
  • Unlimited commission-free trades in stocks, funds and options
  • With the new IPO Access feature, you can invest in companies with upcoming IPOs before they are publicly traded
  • Choose how much you want to invest with fractional shares
  • Trade in real-time, 24 hours a day
  • Earn 0.30% APY on uninvested cash

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Rating 4.7

The Best Investing App For Beginners
  • Trade stocks and ETFs with no commission fees
  • Use fractional shares to buy a piece of your favorite company, without having to commit to a whole share, with as little as $5
  • Buy shares in companies with upcoming IPOs before public trading begins
  • SoFi offers unlimited access to financial planners at no extra charge along with free career counseling and access to educational events
  • Once you start investing with SoFi, you’re in! As a member, you’ll get access to rate discounts on other SoFi products and invites to exclusive experiences

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Rating 4.6

The Best Investing App For Learning To Build Wealth
  • Build your investing knowledge with the help of a community — follow other investors, see why they are buying or selling certain stocks, share what you invest in, and create group chats with other members
  • Follow companies and famous entrepreneurs, and browse recent IPOs
  • Easily browse curated themes of stocks to discover and invest in companies that align with your interests
  • Understand which stocks are potentially risky with their “Safety Labels” and get explanations for why a stock might be gaining or losing
  • Build a stock portfolio on your own terms by investing in fractional shares (a part of a share) of stock or buy full shares
  • Start trading instantly when you link a bank account via a debit card
  • Get free stock worth up to $20 when you sign up
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Rating 4.5

The Best Investing App For Overall User Experience
  • Commission-free stock and ETF trading with no trade minimums
  • Invest in mutual funds (over 13,000 to choose from) and annuities, and trade forex and futures 23 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • Set up price alerts, access watch lists and get real-time quotes
  • Get access to research, educational resources and planning tools
  • Get daily market updates from industry expert JJ Kinahan and the latest financial news from Yahoo!

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Rating 4.4

The Best Investing App For IRAs And 401k Rollovers
  • With its retirement offering Acorns Later, the app selects the right IRA for you based on your financial situation — offers a traditional IRA, ROTH IRA and an SEP IRA — these all have big tax advantages
  • Rollover an existing IRA or an existing 401k into an IRA
  • Portfolios are made up of ETFs that contain stocks, bonds and other securities, and are often meant to replicate an asset class or indexes like the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Get automatic portfolio rebalancing, plus Acorns will look to make more conservative investments as you get closer to retirement to protect your earnings
  • Set up recurring contributions or invest $5 at a time, using Round-Ups from your shopping purchases when you link a card
  • Get $10 immediately after you make your first $5 investment

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Rating 4.1

The Best Investing App For Blue Chip Art
  • Invest in artworks from artists like Banksy, Warhol and Picasso
  • Contemporary art prices beat S&P 500 returns by 174% from 1995-2020
  • 66% of ultra-high-net-worth collectors allocate 10% to 30% of their overall portfolios to art.
  • 86% of wealth managers recommend investing in art as part of a diversified portfolio
  • Over 250,000 users have allocated over $200,000,000 in art since inception
  • Money Manual Readers can skip their waitlist to get started today

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If you really want to get ahead financially, investing is essential. It’s how you make your money work for you rather than you working for your money. And who doesn’t want that?

When it comes to investing though, we hear common two reasons people haven’t started – “I don’t have enough money right now” and “I don’t know anything about the stock market.” Well, I have some great news: You don’t need to be rich or be an expert to make money investing.

You can get started investing in only a few minutes with any of the sites above. Check them out, invest your cash, and prepare for retirement in a few easy clicks.

Seriously, sign up for our #1 pick right now and take advantage of this perfect investing opportunity.

Stash – The Simplest Way To Start Investing Is Here

If you’re not sure where to start investing, you’re not alone. While it can feel complicated, there is an easy ways to start investing — Stash. Stash is a micro-investing app that lets you purchase fractional shares and ETFs – that means you can with whatever spare money you have. The app walks you through your options and provides recommendations based on your interest, goals and risk tolerance, meaning you can find the perfect investment option for you today.

Wondering if you have enough money to start? We suggest you make your first $100 deposit as soon as you open your account, but the minimum is just $5.

If you need an incentive to start, Stash is giving all new users a free $10 bonus after you invest your first $5. What more could you want?