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10 Easy Jobs That Pay Well

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Looking to make money and avoid stress? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Check out my list of easy jobs that pay well.

Don’t be like the 80% of Americans that aren’t passionate about their work.

Yes, “easy” and “pay well” are subjective terms. That’s why I’ve curated this list to accommodate a wide range of personalities. 

Love the outdoors? 


This list has something for you! 

Enjoy working in front of a screen and anticipating program glitches? 


This list has something for you, too! 

I made this list to cover easy jobs that pay well for (almost) everyone. Take a look for yourself. I hope you find something that sparks your interest. 

Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

Here’s my list of 5 easy jobs that pay well without a degree. To keep it simple, I put the list in order of highest to lowest median salary. 

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1. Flight Attendant 

Job Description: Flight attendants provide services to passengers to promote comfort and safety during air travel. They typically will pass out food and beverages and inform passengers of safety protocols in case of an emergency.  

Median Salary: $61,640 per year

Education or Training Needed: Major airlines will provide on-the-job training. You must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Also, you will need to get certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). 

Pros Cons 
Travel all over the worldLong hours (especially when flights are delayed or canceled)
Discounted personal travel fares (flights, hotels, etc.)On your feet most of the time (air travel and time zone changes can take a toll on your body)
Work with a team (be a part of a large company) Little opportunity for growth

2. Translator and Interpreter

Job Description: Translators and interpreters convert text, live audio, and recorded audio from a source language to a target language. This is especially helpful when producing movies and television shows.

Median Salary: $49,110 per year

Education or Training Needed: You must be able to speak two or more languages fluently.

Pros Cons 
Flexible schedule (often hired as freelancers or through a contract).Freelancing can mean income is not guaranteed.
If you can speak two languages, you won’t have to learn a new skill.Deadlines can be stressful.
The demand for translators is increasing.

3. Delivery Driver

Job Description: Delivery drivers transport goods like food, groceries, packages, or flowers to business and personal addresses. They’re typically expected to assist with loading and unloading the goods or packages from their vehicle as well. 

Median Salary: $36,660 per year

Education or Training Needed: You’ll need a valid driver’s license and a high school diploma (or equivalent). You may be required to obtain liability insurance. Also, if working for a larger company, you may need to obtain a certification to operate a cargo vehicle. 

Pros Cons 
It’s easy to find work as a freelance delivery driver.You have less time to yourself if you’re delivering packages across states.
You have flexible work hours, and there’s no boss looking over your shoulder.Driving for long hours can cause postural issues.
The potential to earn tips is high.Freelance drivers don’t receive employee benefits.

4. Dog Walker

Job Description: Dog walkers walk dogs for clients. They’ll give dogs water, food, and treats. They’re also responsible for picking up after the dog(s). 

Median Salary: $28,730 per year

Education or Training Needed: There’s no formal education needed, but you must be good with dogs.

Pros Cons 
You can exercise and work at the same time.Finding clients is tough when starting out.
It’s an enjoyable job if you’re a dog person.Your income can be inconsistent.
Opportunity to start your own businessMay lose money when the weather is not ideal for walking outside.

5. Babysitter

Job Description: Babysitters are responsible for looking after children when parents are away from home. They might also help children with homework, meals, and cleaning up around the home. 

Median Salary: $27,490 per year

Education or Training Needed: There’s no formal education required, but you have to be good with children. 

*Pro tip: It looks great on a resume, and parents often prefer sitters who are CPR-certified. 

Pros Cons 
You can experience the benefits of having children without having children.It’s hard to make a living if you don’t have several clients.
You learn valuable parenting skills. Children can test your patience. 
You get to revisit your inner child.It’s tough to say goodbye to children that you’ve been looking after for years.

Easy Jobs That Pay Well With a Degree

Here’s my list of 5 easy jobs that pay well with a degree. Like the list above, I put them in order of highest to lowest median salary. 

1. Marketing Manager

Job Description: Marketing managers strategize, develop, and implement marketing campaigns for clients. They’ll work with a team of digital marketers and copywriters to attract and retain customers.

Median Salary: $133,380 per year

Education or Training Needed: Most companies require a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications. Once you obtain a junior-level position, you can get experience and grow into a manager-level position (this typically takes several years). 

Pros Cons 
Highest earnings potential of easy jobs that pay well (can earn over six figures per year!)You need a bachelor’s degree (be careful not to take on too much student loan debt!)
You get to work with a team and multiple departments.Highly competitive field. 
You learn transferable job skills like project management, budgeting, and hiring.You have to constantly come up with new ad campaigns and ideas (which can be tough if you aren’t naturally creative). 

2. Human Resources (HR) Manager

Job Description: HR managers head the HR department by overseeing and coordinating the administrative duties of a company. They may also be in charge of interviewing and hiring potential employees while enforcing company policies.

Median Salary: $126,230 per year

Education or Training Needed: HR managers require a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Some companies may even require a master’s degree. 

Pros Cons 
Does not involve strenuous physical work.Typically involves a lot of paperwork.
High earnings potential Can be tough always being the person who enforces company protocols. 
Many opportunities for growth.Not usually considered exciting or challenging. 

3. Software Tester

Job Description: Software testers identify potential problems with new computer applications and determine areas needing improvement. In other words, they get to try out software before it’s released to the public to fix any bugs or glitches. 

Median Salary: $109,020 per year

Education or Training Needed: You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. No experience necessary. 

Pros Cons 
Get paid to try out new apps!Work in front of a screen all day.
Work with a team.Job can become repetitive.
Salaries are competitive, and demand is high.Tight deadlines can lead to high-stress levels

4. Conservation Scientist

Job Description: Conservation scientists are also known as Foresters. They manage natural resources and evaluate land quality of parks, forests, rangelands, etc. 

Median Salary: $63,750 per year

Education or Training Needed: No prior experience is necessary. But you will need a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences, forestry, or a related field. 

Pros Cons 
Perfect for outdoors enthusiasts. May be required to work in poor weather conditions.
Opportunity to work for the government (get benefits and a base salary!)  Can be physically demanding.
Exercise while you work (typically required to walk long distances).Often work alone (not ideal for extroverts). 

5. Social Worker

Job Description: Social workers offer support to anyone going through a crisis. They often connect people with community resources to help stabilize their home life. 

Median Salary: $50,390 per year

Education or Training Needed: You need a bachelor’s degree in social work or psychology.

Pros Cons 
Every day is different, and you’ll face new challenges.You deal with a lot of paperwork.
Able to make an impact or change someone’s life for the better. Often considered rewarding work. Can be frustrating when clients are not compliant. 
Usually in high demand You’ll be handling sensitive situations.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Easy Jobs That Pay Well

Easy jobs that pay well teenage

If you’re looking for easy jobs that pay well for teenagers, consider babysitting or walking dogs. Consider starting your own business by networking and recruiting peers to work for you. Plus, you can work as much or as little as you want!

Easiest job in the world that pays well

Walking dogs is one of many easy jobs that pay well. You get to play with fluffy pups and connect with different clients. The best part is the independence. Start your own business and forget about having to clock into work every day!

Easy jobs that pay well for 16-year olds

The average babysitter earns $27,490 per year! This is a fantastic opportunity for 16-year-olds looking for easy jobs that pay well! Getting started also requires little effort. Consider asking neighbors or family friends if they’re in need of a date-night babysitter. 

Easy jobs that pay 80k a year

There are several easy jobs that pay well, such as software testers. The median annual salary for software testers is $109,020! This job requires a bachelor’s degree; however, think of how easy (and fun) it would be to be one of the first people to try out new apps or computer programs!

Easy jobs that pay well part-time

Being a delivery driver is an easy part-time job that pays well. Delivery drivers earn a median annual salary of $36,660! You’ll need a valid driver’s license and vehicle. You can find thousands of part-time gigs online to deliver food, packages, etc. Plus, you can build your own schedule! If you’d like to drive for DoorDash, learn how you may be able to get off the DoorDash waitlist.

If you’re interested in working as a product tester in exchange for the use of great products, you may want to learn about Nike product testing and Adidas product testing.

*Job salary statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Numbers may vary based on location, experience, and skill level.