13 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Young people looking for fun jobs that pay well.
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I had no idea 120,000 people die every year due to work-related stress. 

That’s inconceivable. 

This was my motivation to come up with a list of fun jobs that pay well. Because making a living doesn’t have to be stressful. 

I made sure to include a wide variety because I understand that “fun” and “pay well” have different meanings for everyone. 

And to make it even easier, I divided the jobs into two sections:

  1. Without a degree
  2. With a degree 

They’re ranked in order from highest to lowest median salary.

So, if your job is negatively impacting your quality of life, I encourage you to read on!

Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

Here’s my list of fun jobs that pay well and don’t require a degree! 

1. Writer

Job Description: Writers are responsible for creating novels, blog posts, sales copy, poems, and other forms of content.

Median Salary: $69,510 per year

Education or Training Needed: No prior training or formal education is needed. Creative thinking, a willingness to adapt, and thorough research skills are helpful. 

Pros Cons 
Potential to earn well over the median if you publish a best-selling book.You have to overcome endless rejection, from publishers and readers. 
Improve your general knowledge by regularly researching new topics.Writer’s block can be a real struggle (especially with strict deadlines).
Can work from anywhere (remotely). There’s no job security.

2. Personal Shopper

Job description: You meet with clients, get a feel for their style, and select outfits or pieces to fulfill their needs.

Median salary: $59,806 per year

Education or Training Needed: A background in fashion, merchandising, or budgeting is preferable. No formal training or education is required. 

You can work from anywhere (remote options, too!)Competitive market
Get paid to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. Finding clients can be difficult. 
You can earn a living doing what you love- perfect for shoppers!Income is not guaranteed. 

3. Proofreader

Job Description: Proofreaders review and edit content to provide feedback for writers.

Median Salary: $43,940 per year

Education or Training Needed: No formal education is needed. It would be helpful to have excellent grammar skills and attention to detail.

Pros Cons 
You can make a living by reading.Consistent work can be difficult to find. 
Your work has the potential to impact the lives of readers all over the world.Can be tough to remain objective. 
You help authors share their stories.Artificial intelligence (AI) is replacing many tasks performed by proofreaders.

4. Photographer

Job Description: Photographers take quality pictures of people, products, and scenery. They also edit photos using different types of software.

Median Salary: $38,950 per year

Education or Training Needed: No formal education is required. Most photographers are self-taught or complete online courses to improve their skills. 

Pros Cons 
Opportunity to travel Photography is a competitive industry.
You set your own hours.You have to invest in expensive equipment.
Help others capture precious moments that will last a lifetime. Copyright violation accusations can be stressful.

5. Stuntman

Job description: Stuntmen perform dangerous acts (stunts) for movies and television shows. This risky job might not be for everyone, but if you’re an adrenaline junkie, it’s a fun way of making money.

Median salary: $35,533 per year

Education or Training Needed: No prior experience or education is necessary. Having a background in sports like gymnastics, skydiving, rock climbing, scuba diving, or martial arts could give you an advantage. 

Pros Cons 
It’s a job filled with adrenaline!You rarely get mainstream recognition for your stunts.
Chance to work with famous actors.The hours can be long and unpredictable.
Opportunity to make it on the big screen!The risk of injury is high.

6. Bartender

Job description: Bartenders get paid to mix and serve drinks for customers. They are also responsible for verifying minimum age requirements and processing payments.

Median salary: $26,350 per year

Education or Training Needed: Many bartenders are self-taught. It’s completely optional, but some choose to attend a bartending school to become certified. This certificate comes in handy when applying for jobs that require you to perform flair tricks. 

Pros Cons 
Work in a fun environment!Most shifts are at night.
Tips can provide an income boost.Typically will have to work on holidays and weekends.
Easy to find work. Dealing with drunk customers can be frustrating. 

Fun Jobs That Pay Well With a Degree

Want to earn a degree and have a fun career? Check out my list of fun jobs that pay well with a degree below!

1. Physical Therapist

Job Description: Physical therapists help patients recover from injuries and trauma. 

Median Salary: $95,620 per year

Education or Training Needed: You must earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree and pass a state licensure exam. 

Pros Cons 
Opportunity to earn six figures after a few years of experience.Requires many years of schooling and tuition is expensive. 
Helping people regain strength and mobility. In large hospitals, your hours are longer.
Demand is high. Must be licensed in every state you plan to practice in. 

2. Race Engineer

Job description: Race engineers are an integral part of motorsports teams. They are responsible for monitoring car software and communicating track information to drivers.

Median salary: $86,092 per year.

Education or Training Needed: Race engineers require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Pros Cons 
Perfect for car enthusiasts! High pressure environments.
Be a part of a team.Typically work long hours and on weekends.
Opportunity to travel to different racetracks.Not in high demand.

3. Film Producer

Job Description: Film producers oversee and make business decisions for television and movie productions.

Median Salary: $79,000 per year

Education or Training Needed: You need a bachelor’s degree in cinematography or a related field. 

Pros Cons 
Chance to make stories/scripts come to life on screen. Work long hours (>40 hours per week)
Work on movie sets and potentially with famous actors.Deadlines can be stressful. 
In high demand. You have to deal with difficult patients and co-workers.

4. Special Effects Artist

Job description: Special effects artists create animations and visual effects for entertainment and media. 

Median salary: $78,790 per year.

Education or Training Needed: You need a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics, art, or a related field. Employers will typically request to see your portfolio as well. 

Pros Cons 
Chance to earn money for your creativity!Criticism can be tough to handle. 
The earning potential is high, with senior artists making six figures per year.You work in high-pressure environments with strict deadlines.
You positively impact the lives of thousands of gamers, television, and movie lovers worldwide.Little recognition for the work you produce. 

5. Interior Designer

Job description: You enhance indoor spaces such as homes and office spaces with decorative items.

Median salary: $60,340 per year

Education or Training Needed: Interior designers require a Bachelor’s degree in design, arts, or any related field.

Pros Cons 
You get paid to design beautiful houses.Problematic clients are a real headache (style is subjective). 
It enhances your creativity and sense of style.Entry-level positions aren’t typically well paid.
The potential for growth is high because many interior designers start their own business after a few years.Coordinating logistics such as delivery times, installation, and availability can be challenging. 

6. Art Therapist

Job description: These professionals improve the mental well-being of patients through the power of art. 

Median salary: $59,500 per year.

Education or Training Needed: Art therapists need a bachelor’s degree in psychology or fine arts. You’ll also need to pass a state licensure exam to practice. 

Pros Cons 
You help people overcome trauma and improve their mental health. Most people don’t understand what art therapists do.
Option to work with people of all ages. Compared to other types of therapists, art therapists aren’t as highly paid.
Become an expert in empathy and patience!Can be mentally exhausting. 

7. Brewmaster

Job description: Brewmasters produce beer using new and existing recipes. 

Median salary: $44,995 per year

Education or Training Needed: You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in brewing, microbiology, food science, chemistry, or a related field. If you want to specialize, consider completing a Cicerone certification program. 

Pros Cons 
You make beer for a living!Little opportunity for growth. 
Job demand is high because it’s a speciality skill.It involves physical work.
Considered a low-stress occupation.Work environment could be better (typically in a lab or warehouse). 

Commonly Asked Questions About Fun Jobs That Pay Well


What is the #1 Happiest Job?

Although happiness is subjective, art therapists consistently rank high in terms of job satisfaction and happiness. This is because their work is focused on improving people’s lives through something they’re passionate about- art. Art therapists also make a median annual salary of $59,500!

What’s a Fun Career?

Becoming a brewmaster is a fun career. Brewmasters make beer by using existing recipes and experimenting with their own. They make a median annual salary of $44,995. Plus, it’s considered a high-demand and low-stress career! 

What Jobs Are Happy and Pay Well?

Special effects artists and writers are happy jobs that pay well. Special effects artists create visual animations to bring ideas to life on a screen. They make a median annual salary of $78,790! Writers get to share their stories with the world and make a median annual salary of $69,510!

What Jobs Are Easy But Pay A Lot?

Easiness varies from person to person. One of the easiest jobs that doesn’t require a degree is a flight attendant. The median annual salary is $61,640! Remember, this is one of many easy jobs that pay well. If air travel isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options!

Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

Bartending is a fun job that pays well, and you don’t need any experience! You can look for places that offer on-the-job training or attend a bartending school. The median annual salary is $26,350. This might not sound like much, but tips can easily double your income!

Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

A personal shopper is a fun job that pays well without a degree. Most personal shoppers are their own bosses. So, they control how much work they take on and only work when they want. The median annual salary is $59,806! Imagine getting paid to shop!

Fun Jobs That Pay 6 Figures

A physical therapist is a fun job that pays six figures. Generally, physical therapists will need to gain a few years of experience before they make over six figures, but it’s possible! Help people regain mobility, relieve pain, and get paid to do it!

*Job salary statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. Numbers may vary based on location, experience, and skill level. 

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