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Must Read: 40% Of Americans Are Not $400 Away From Financial Ruin, How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Christina Biagioli
June 14, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

Twelve Enemies Of Good Spending Habits

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world that discourages us from spending our hard-earned money on things we may not need. Having friends, going to work, leaving your house, and even just sitting in your house online all make things more complicated when you’re trying to cultivate good spending habits. Marketing and advertisements are everywhere — so how can we make sure that we stick to the budgets we’ve set for ourselves? (The Simple Dollar)

Despite What You’ve Heard, 40% Of Americans Are Not $400 Away From Financial Ruin

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors released a report about the state of United States households. Many have reported, in reference to this document, that 40% of Americans can’t afford a $400 expense. This statement isn’t necessarily true – it’s a lot more specific and technical than that. Here’s what the report says and what it means. (Quartz)

4 Techniques To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

If you’ve ever been in a position of success that was really meaningful to you, you’ll recognize the feeling afterwards where you have to follow that success with another project. The pressure of making that project just as great can be intense, and it can lead to you believing that the success you just experienced previously was just by chance … that you’re an imposter for having that achievement happen. Fear not — this is not the case and it can be overcome. (The Fioneers)

Travel Guru Rick Steves Shares His 10 Tips To Save You Money, Time, And Stress When You’re On Vacation

Rick Steves has been guiding people around Europe through his travel guides and travel show for over 40 years. What we’re saying is … he knows the ins and outs of being abroad and how to make the most of your experience outside of the country. Some of his top tips? Right this way. (Business Insider)

How Americans Make And Spend Their Money By Education Level

Income and spending vary based on many factors, one of which includes education level. Visual Capitalist has created charts to explain where money comes from and where it goes to for several different groups, including those who did not graduate high school, those with a high school diploma, those with a bachelor’s degrees and those who have pursued education even further. (Visual Capitalist)

The Ultimate Checklist For Anyone Considering A Career Switch

If your attention was captured immediately by this headline, you might be frustrated with what you’re currently doing for work. It’s a feeling that many of us will have at some point in life, but that not all of us will (or need to) act upon. Sometimes the idea of changing career paths is for good reason, and in other cases, it just represents a need for us to reevaluate our current positions in order to become interested in what we’re doing once more. (Medium)

This Mindset Will Help Remove The Stress From Summer Plans

Summer is almost officially here in the northern hemisphere! The weather is already getting there. While we love the sun, sand, and satisfaction that this season brings, there’s also a ton of pressure that comes along with it – particularly when it comes to scheduling those summer plans. Here’s how to adjust your thoughts surrounding these hectic times to actually enjoy what you have on the calendar. (Thrive Global)

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