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AmOne Review [2024] Is AmOne Legitimate – Real Reviews

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Are you feeling tight on cash? Would some extra money be especially helpful right now?  

You’re not alone. At the end of 2022, Americans took out $356 billion in personal loans. 

And in such a big industry, it can be hard to choose between different lenders. You’ll never have time to research them all!

That’s where AmOne comes in.

AmOne is a third-party service that can match you with a lender based on your financial circumstances. It’s free to use, and it can make finding a loan a total breeze. 

In this AmOne review, I’ll explain how the service works and why you can trust it. 

What is AmOne?

AmOne is an online marketplace that helps people find personal loans. 

It’s not actually a lender, but a helpful online service. AmOne basically acts as a middleman, matching users with the loans that will best meet their needs. And it’s a middleman that’s completely free!

You can use AmOne for all sorts of loans, including:

  • Personal loans
  • Small business loans
  • Auto loans
  • Emergency loans
  • Home renovation loans
  • Medical/dental loans
  • Debt consolidation

The process for getting a loan from AmOne is simple. You can do it all online, and if you need additional assistance, customer service agents are just a phone call away.

Loans are available for up to $50,000 (some lenders will even go up to $100,00, depending on what you qualify for) – so this isn’t just for a spot of emergency cash, although it can be for that too. With AmOne, the idea is to get a personal loan that fits your unique financial situation.

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Another great perk with AmOne is that it can provide options for people with different credit scores. So, even if your credit isn’t great, AmOne can help you make the most of it. 

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AmOne offers personal loans for whatever people need, including auto expenses, home renovations, taxes, and more. 
AmOne helps consumers find personal loans for everything from adoption costs to home renovation expenses. 
Source: AmOne

How Does AmOne Work?

It’s time for this AmOne review to get a bit more specific and describe exactly how the service works. 

Getting a loan through AmOne is a 3-step process:

  1. Fill out an online form. This is where you tell AmOne what type of loan you’re looking for and share some financial details.
  2. Get matched with potential lenders. Based on the information you’ve shared, AmOne will show you which lenders will give you the best terms.
  3. Choose the loan that’s best for you. Making the choice should be easy since you can compare the terms of each loan right on the AmOne site. 

Once you’ve applied for a loan, you should be approved in 1-3 days. From there, you could get the money just 24 hours later!

Think this process sounds easy? Well – it is! That’s what makes AmOne such a great place to find a loan. 

And believe it or not, the entire service is free. AmOne makes its money from charging lenders, not users. That means there’s really no reason not to take advantage of it – or at least try it out.

To get started, head to the official AmOne website. On the homepage, you’ll see an orange button that says, “See your loan options.” Just tell them what the loan money is for, and then you’ll be asked a few more questions about your employment, age, and income. Eventually, you’ll be able to see what loans are available – and your credit score won’t be affected!

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AmOne offers personal loans for up to $50,000 for a variety of needs like auto loans and debt consolidation loans. 
You can easily check your loan options on the official AmOne website.
Source: AmOne

Is AmOne Legit? 

You may be wondering, “Is AmOne legit?” AmOne is a totally legitimate service for finding a loan. I know it can be tough to trust online platforms with major financial decisions, and a healthy dose of skepticism can keep you from getting scammed.

But in the case of AmOne, there’s really nothing to worry about. Founded in 1999, the service is run by QuinStreet – which is a publicly traded company. 

AmOne has also been featured in some major publications, including:

  • NBC
  • Bloomberg
  • The Wall Street Journal

When world-famous media sources are promoting a company, you can be pretty sure the answer to the question, “Is amOne legit?” is “Yes!”

Is AmOne Safe?

AmOne is completely safe to use. There are a few reasons why I’m so sure:

  • AmOne has a strict privacy policy, and it only uses the information you provide to help match you with the best lenders.
  • You don’t have to pay for AmOne – so it’s not like it can steal your money!
  • AmOne only works with trusted lenders.
  • Users on Trustpilot leave excellent AmOne reviews overall (4.5 stars on average). 

So, the verdict of this AmOne review is clear: You can safely use the platform in your online search for lenders. 

Pros and Cons of AmOne

What’s great about AmOne, and where does it fall short? This AmOne review lays it all out for you!


  • You can borrow up to $50,000. That’s enough to fund some major improvements in your life.
  • The money could arrive just 24 hours after your loan is approved. The exact timing will depend on which partnering lender you use. 
  • You can get a wide variety of loans – including loans for debt consolidation. For more options, check out this article on the best debt consolidation loans.


  • The exact terms are determined by the lender. Since AmOne is just a marketplace, it can’t promise you specific terms.
  • You need to provide personal info to see your interest rates. AmOne will tell you what annual percentage rate (APR) you’ll have to pay – but only after you share your income, address, and other details.
  • You could get unsolicited calls and emails from lenders. AmOne will share your contact info with its partners, allowing them to reach out with offers. This will probably be helpful – but it could also get annoying. 

AmOne Loan Reviews / AmOne Personal Loans Reviews

Let’s take a look at some AmOne reviews on Trustpilot.

A 5-star AmOne review highlights one of the best things about AmOne: That you can call and talk to a real person. 

A positive AmOne review from someone who had a great customer service experience. 
In a 5-star AmOne review, a customer praises the platform’s customer service. 
Source: Trustpilot

In another positive AmOne review, a client described how using the marketplace made the debt consolidation process less stressful. 

A four-star AmOne review from a person who found the platform to be very helpful. 
An AmOne customer praises the company for doing “a lot of the legwork.”
Source: Trustpilot

While the majority of AmOne reviews on Trustpilot are positive, I did find one person complaining about unsolicited emails from partnering lenders.

An AmOne review from someone that liked how the platforms compares options, but did not like the amount of emails they received. 
In a 3-star AmOne review, someone praises the loan options but complains about unsolicited emails. 
Source: Trustpilot

In a rare 1-star AmOne review, a customer described the frustrations of working with a “useless” employee. 

It’s worth noting that the employee in question worked for a partnering lender, not AmOne itself. This highlights one potential downside to using AmOne. Even if the marketplace works perfectly, you’ll still be at the mercy of the particular lender that you end up choosing. 

A negative AmOne review from someone who had an unpleasant customer service encounter. 
A 1-star AmOne review describes a bad experience with a partnering lender.
Source: Trustpilot

AmOne Reviews Reddit

Surprisingly, there aren’t any AmOne reviews on Reddit.

I did find a couple of Reddit threads where people ask about using AmOne, basically asking, “Is AmOne legit?” But no one responded with AmOne reviews!

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for future AmOne chatter on Reddit. Until then, we’ll have to use the huge number of positive reviews on Trustpilot as proof that AmOne is legit.

A person on Reddit is asking others to share their AmOne reviews for debt consolidation loans.
A Redditor asks other users for AmOne reviews.
Source: Reddit
A person on Reddit asks others if there are any drawbacks to using AmOne to pay off debt. 
Someone on Reddit asks if there are any drawbacks to using AmOne.
Source: Reddit

AmOne Reviews BBB

AmOne isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but the BBB still gives it a B+ grade. That means the service does a pretty good job of limiting customer complaints and responding when complaints arise. 

AmOne’s parent company, QuinStreet, also has a page on the BBB website, and it gets an A+ grade.

Is AmOne Worth It?

AmOne is worth trying for anyone who needs a loan. Why? Because it makes the process of getting a loan so much easier!

Imagine trying to get a loan all on your own. You’d have to do a ton of research – finding lenders, checking their rates, and figuring out if you’d be likely to qualify based on your income and credit score. 

AmOne takes care of all that legwork for you. All you have to do is fill out a single online form and then see what lenders are available to you. 

Oh, and AmOne is also completely free – so a little bit of time is all you have to lose. That’s why the conclusion of this AmOne review is clear: Savvy borrowers should give the service a shot!

Commonly Asked Questions About AmOne

What are Alternatives to AmOne?

Here are some AmOne alternatives that you can use to get a loan:

Is AmOne a Scam?

AmOne is a legitimate service for getting a loan – and it definitely isn’t a scam. It gets a B+ grade from the Better Business Bureau, and reviewers on Trustpilot give it an average of 4.5 stars. 

What is The Catch With AmOne?

There is no “catch” with AmOne. The service does exactly what it promises to do: Match borrowers with the best lenders for their situation. Some customers do complain about getting unsolicited calls and emails from partnering lenders – but that’s an annoyance, not a major issue.  

Is AmONE a Reputable Company?

AmOne is a super reputable service that gets 4.5 stars from users on Trustpilot. It’s run by QuinStreet, a publicly traded company with an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau. 

Does AmONE Lend Money? 

AmOne itself doesn’t lend money because it’s just a marketplace, not a lender. When you go through AmOne to get a loan, they’ll use your information to match you with the best-partnering lenders for your situation. Then, those lenders will provide the actual loan. 

Does AmONE Do Credit Checks?

Checking your loan options with AmOne doesn’t affect your credit score, meaning they don’t do a hard credit check. But when you apply with the actual lenders on the platform, a credit check is likely.