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Average Class Action Lawsuit Payout Per Person [2024] 

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Is it really worth it to join a class action lawsuit? I mean, the payouts are usually only a few bucks, right?

That’s what I thought until I researched the facts.

It’s actually free, easy, and fast to participate. And the average class action lawsuit payout per person ranges from a few dollars to a few hundred but can reach $10,000 per person. It all depends on the case!

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What is The Average Class Action Lawsuit Payout Per Person? 

The average class action lawsuit payout per person varies a lot based on the settlement amount and the number of claimants. 

Here are three examples, and you’ll see the average class action lawsuit payout per person for these cases ranges between $15 and $10,000 per person.

As our first example, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, agreed to pay out $725 million in 2022 to settle a class-action lawsuit claiming it improperly shared user data with Cambridge Analytica. The median payout was $30 per person.

A more recent example is the Verizon settlement payout. Verizon will pay out $100 million to settle this class action lawsuit where they added “junk fees” that made it difficult for Verizon customers to understand how much they’d be paying each month for their bill. Each claimant is expected to receive a payout of between $15 and $100.

And a famous example of a class action lawsuit with a high payout per person is the Volkswagen $10.2 billion settlement for emissions claims. Volkswagen rigged software in its vehicles to mislead testers of emissions. The payout will fall anywhere between $1,000 and $7,000 per vehicle. Plus, Volkswagen has to fix the vehicles to comply with emission standards.

And Walmart grocery shoppers may qualify for $500 each. I’ll share a short video about that class action lawsuit in the next section. So, if you’re wondering, “What is the average payout for class action lawsuit?” It definitely varies, but it can be totally worth it.

So, what’s the catch with getting money from class action lawsuit settlements? There isn’t any catch, except that you must add your information to the special website for that class action by a certain deadline. 

Also, don’t expect to get your payout immediately. You’ll likely need to wait months or years. But if you think about it, why not sign up or see if you qualify? Because the worst that can happen is either nothing or you get money later on — and who doesn’t love a surprise payday! 

How To Find Out If You Qualify For a Class Action Lawsuit Payout 

You might have received an official letter in the mail or an email about a class action lawsuit that you potentially qualify for. 

You’ll want to read this notice carefully, so don’t chuck it with all your junk mail. 

The first question to ask yourself is, “Does this apply to me?” For instance, in the Volkswagen class action lawsuit I mentioned earlier, obviously you wouldn’t qualify if you’ve never driven a Volkswagen. And the same goes for the class action lawsuit that was filed on behalf of Verizon customers.

However, other class actions involve over a billion people, such as anyone who had a Facebook account.

The next step is to pay attention to any deadlines. Be sure to join the class action lawsuit by the deadline or you could miss out on future payments.

Finally, go to the websites of trusted law firms that specialize in class action lawsuits, such as Websites like this typically have a database you can search to find class action lawsuits that apply to you. You can search the database by industry, company name, and more. It’s super easy!

The website offering the opportunity to search for open class action lawsuit settlements that you might qualify for.
Sites like make it easy to search for class action settlements to join to get a payout. 

These law firm websites will also give you details about the case, so you can see if you potentially qualify for monetary compensation.

Another way to find out if you qualify for a class action lawsuit payout is by paying attention to the news. The biggest cases that involve millions of people are often discussed by major news outlets. 

For example, this recent class action lawsuit against Target in Illinois was featured on local news on ABC 7 Chicago:

And here’s another big class action lawsuit, this one against Walmart, that made the news on NBC 10 in Boston:

When you know about the latest class action lawsuits, you’ll be ready to research to see which ones apply to your situation. 

How is Your Individual Settlement Amount Determined?

So what is the average payout for class action lawsuit? Your individual settlement amount for a class action largely depends on the dollar amount of the settlement and the number of people in the class. 

You are just one of the class members. So, if millions of people join the class action lawsuit, the money secured from the settlement will need to be divided among everyone who qualifies. 

Plus, the settlement amount must also cover attorneys’ fees.

So to answer the question, “What is the average class action lawsuit payout per person?” you really need to know how that particular class action is structured.

For example, in a “claims made” settlement, the defendant pays an amount equal to the total value of all of the valid claims. So, it falls on each class member (you) to submit a valid claim to participate in the settlement. The money will go to attorneys’ fees and claimants like you, and unclaimed funds may go to charity.

A different structure to a class action lawsuit is called a “common fund” class action settlement. This is when the money is entered into a common fund that’s divided among class members according to a formula. In other words, each class member does not necessarily get the same amount of money. 

Finally, in a pro rata settlement, the settlement money is divided evenly among class members. So in this type of settlement, the more people who join the class action, the less money each person will get paid out.

No matter the structure or anticipated payout, it’s still to your advantage to see if you qualify for class action settlements. 

First of all, the legal system has determined that you are rightfully entitled to this money. So, if you don’t claim it, it can go to others. Or it might remain unclaimed.

Secondly, it’s typically really fast and easy to join a class action lawsuit. Just be honest about your experience with the product, company, or organization involved. 

Finally, it’s free to join a class action. There are typically no upfront fees, and any fees that occur come out of the settlement. So you won’t pay anything. The attorneys who work on these class action cases usually only get paid if they win or if a judgment is awarded. 

What Are Recoverable Damages? 

Recoverable damages in a lawsuit can include compensatory damages, economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages.

Since you’re reading this article to discover the average class action lawsuit payout per person, we’ll focus on the amount of financial damages you can recover. This is called the settlement or judgment. 

If a settlement or judgment is awarded in favor of the class, you receive financial compensation. If you’re asking, “What is the average payout for class action lawsuit?” that depends on the details of the case and how many people joined in the class and are qualified for payments. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Class Action Lawsuit Payout? 

To receive your class action lawsuit payout can take anywhere from a few months up to several years. It depends on the complexity of the case.

With the average class action lawsuit payout per person ranging anywhere from $15 to $10,000 per person, it’s worth it to join a class action you qualify for, even if you don’t get your payout instantly. 

If you fail to join or miss the deadline, the money owed to you may go unclaimed or to a charity selected by the attorneys.

Commonly Asked Questions About The Average Class Action Lawsuit Payout Per Person 

How Much Do You Actually Get From a Class Action Lawsuit? 

In recent class action lawsuits, people actually got paid up to $10,000 per person. However, some class actions are set to pay closer to $100 per person. Learn more at this site to see if you qualify for a class action lawsuit.

Does Everyone Get The Same Amount of Money in a Class Action Lawsuit? 

The amount of money you get in a class action lawsuit depends on how it’s structured. In pro rata settlements, everyone is paid the same amount. But in other types of class actions, such as the Volkswagen emissions class action, people were paid different amounts depending on their situation. 

Why Are Class Action Payouts So Low?

Class action payouts aren’t always so low. For example, in the Volkswagen emissions class action, members are set to receive between $5,000 and $10,000 each. But it’s true, in most class actions, you can expect to get paid closer to $100 because you share the settlement money with millions of other people who were also impacted. Plus, the lawyers on the case get paid, too.

What is The Highest Paying Class Action Lawsuit? 

The highest paying class action lawsuit in history was against the tobacco industry for $206 billion dollars. To see the highest paying class action lawsuits happening right now, go here to see if you qualify. 

Biggest Class Action Lawsuit Payout Per Person? 

There is no clear record for the biggest class action lawsuit payout per person; however, the biggest class action lawsuit was in 1998 against the tobacco industry for $206 billion dollars. 

Class Action Lawsuit Payout Time? 

Class action lawsuits can be paid within months or in two or three years, depending on the case. 

Can you Join a Class Action After Settlement? 

To get paid, you must join a class action by the deadline indicated on the class action website or on the official mailing you received.