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Charitybuzz Review 2023: Pros and Cons

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Americans are an incredibly generous bunch, donating a staggering $484.85 billion to charity in 2021 alone. For those looking to make an impact through their giving, Charitybuzz offers a unique opportunity to support non-profit organizations in a big way.

Charitybuzz is a premier online auction site that offers high-value auction items to help nonprofit organizations raise funds for charitable causes. Their unique model provides benefits for both individual donors and non-profit organizations. 

With so many Americans choosing to donate each year, it is worth considering whether Charitybuzz is a good fit for you. This Charitybuzz review outlines some of the pros and cons of using Charitybuzz and offers an overview of its services. 

What Is Charitybuzz? 

Charitybuzz is an online platform that connects non-profit organizations with donors through auctions of unique experiences and extraordinary items. Founded in 2005, the organization’s goal is to use celebrity and luxury to help support social causes. Charitybuzz has since become a go-to destination for philanthropists, celebrities, and individuals who want to make a positive impact on society.

Over the years, Charitybuzz has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for various non-profit organizations. It’s a testament to the power of their platform and the generosity of their donors.

The platform hosts a wide range of auctions, from backstage meet-and-greets with A-list musicians to personalized cooking classes with Michelin-starred chefs. Through Charitybuzz, donors have the chance to bid on experiences that they could not otherwise access. 

The best part is that every auction supports a worthy cause. The proceeds of each sale go to partner non-profit organizations. Each auction supports a different cause, so be sure to check out the current opportunities and see which experiences are currently available to bid on

How Does Charitybuzz Work? 

Charitybuzz works by partnering with non-profit organizations and its network of donors to create unique experiences or items to auction off. Charitybuzz then posts the offering on the platform to begin the bidding process.  

Once the auction is live on Charitybuzz’s platform, anyone can bid on it. The auction typically lasts anywhere from one to three weeks, and the highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the experience or item. All proceeds from the auction go directly to the non-profit organization, minus the percentage that Charitybuzz takes to cover their operating costs.

For example, at the time of publishing, Charitybuzz is auctioning off a three-night luxury stay in Modena, Italy and a Ferrari test drive. The winner of this auction will enjoy luxurious accommodations at the Casa Maria Luigia hotel, Michelin-starred dining, and a private pool. But the real highlight of this experience is the Ferrari test drive. You’ll get to take a brand-new Ferrari for a spin through the stunning Italian countryside and have the chance to feel the power and precision of one of the world’s most iconic sports cars.

Red Ferrari 821 in Modena, Italy.
A Ferrari 812 Superfast parked in an alley in the historic center of Modena
Countryside of Modena, Italy in 2019.
Modena, Italy – November, 2019

Ferrari test drive and luxury stay Modena, Italy- an experience offered through Charitybuzz.

The proceeds from this auction go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization committed to finding cures for leukemia, lymphoma, and Hodgkin’s disease, as well as improving the quality of life for patients and their families. By bidding on this experience, not only will you be living out your Italian dream, but you’ll also be making a positive impact on society. Visit Charitybuzz’s website to check out current auction opportunities. 

Is Charitybuzz Legit? 

Since its founding in 2005, Charitybuzz has worked with over 4,000 non-profit organizations to provide over 100k experiences. Through extensive partnerships with various non-profit organizations, they have helped raise over $500 million for charity, solidifying their reputation within the nonprofit and philanthropy communities.

Charitybuzz has also been featured in numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, Forbes, and CNN, which speaks to their credibility and esteem within the industry. They have also received positive reviews from donors who have used their platform to bid on unique experiences and items while supporting causes they profoundly care about.

Pros and Cons of Charitybuzz 

Upon doing research for this Charitybuzz review, I found that Charitybuzz offers unique benefits to both non-profit organizations and donors. However, like any organization, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Charitybuzz:


  • Wide range of auctions: Charitybuzz offers a wide range of unique experiences and items that are not typically available to the public. This makes it an attractive platform for donors who are looking for something special to bid on.
  • Access to high-profile donors: Charitybuzz attracts high-profile donors, including celebrities and wealthy philanthropists. This means that non-profit organizations that partner with Charitybuzz have the potential to reach a wider audience and raise more funding for their cause.
  • Impactful results: Charitybuzz has helped nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars through its online auctions. Its focus on high-value auction items, donor network, and user-friendly platform has helped to maximize fundraising efforts and deliver impactful results for charities around the world.
  • User-friendly platform: Charitybuzz has a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for donors to bid on online auctions. On the other end, its suite of tools and services, including promotional support and bidder management, helps organizations maximize their fundraising efforts.
  • Verification process: Charitybuzz verifies each auction item to ensure authenticity, which helps to build trust with their users.


  • Operational fees: Charitybuzz takes a percentage of the proceeds from each auction to cover their operating costs. This can add up, especially for auctions that raise a significant amount of money.
  • Accessibility: Charitybuzz’s high-value auction items and associated bidding fees may not be accessible to all donors, which could limit the organization’s ability to attract a diverse range of supporters. If you are a bidder looking to support charities, but not willing to spend a significant sum of cash, Charitybuzz may not be the best option for you. 
  • Limited geographical reach: While Charitybuzz has a large network of donors and supporters, its reach may not extend to all geographic locations or communities. This could limit its ability to attract new donors or supporters in certain areas.

Charitybuzz Reviews 

Charitybuzz has gathered thousands of online reviews. Here’s what people are saying about Charitybuzz: 

Positive Charitybuzz review from Facebook.

In this Charitybuzz review, Jenny describes her treasured once in a lifetime experience she had using Charitybuzz and plans to use the platform again in the future. 

Negative Charitybuzz review from Trustpilot.

Hugh was disappointed in the high fees associated with his winning auction bid and will not use the service again for this reason.

3-star Charitybuzz review from Trustpilot.

In her Charitybuzz review, Carolyn shares how she was also dissatisfied with the charges associated with her winning bid and warned that the buyer’s premium fee could significantly increase the overall price of the purchase. Although she wishes the fees were made more obvious, she was happy with the item and Charitybuzz’s service. 

Positive Charitybuzz review from Facebook user.

Susan used Charitybuzz to sell a piece of art work and is pleased that the proceeds from this sale will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. She found the process of donating through Charitybuzz to be fun and fulfilling. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Charitybuzz

Who Owns Charitybuzz? 

Charitybuzz is a private organization that was acquired by entrepreneur Todd Wagner in 2015. Soon after the acquisition, Charitybuzz became a subsidiary of The Charity Network. 

How Much Does Charitybuzz Take in Fees? 

Charitybuzz generally takes 20 percent of the auction price to cover its operational costs. The remaining 80 percent of the Net Proceeds go to the benefitting organization. Charitybuzz may also charge additional fees for certain services, such as credit card processing or shipping and handling. 

What is an Alternative to Charitybuzz? 

Since its founding nearly 20 years ago, several competitors have emerged in the non-profit auctioning space. Some of Charitybuzz’s competitors include:

  • GiveSmart
  • BiddingForGood
  • Auction Frogs
  • 32auctions
  • Qtego

Although competitors have popped up over the years, Charitybuzz was the first to carve out a niche in this space and has long been a leader in this area. Its large network of donors, including celebrities and businesses, help set Charitybuzz apart from competitors. Charitybuzz has helped nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars through its platform. 

If you are someone who enjoys donating to charity and are excited by the types of experiences and items that are auctioned on their platform, Charitybuzz could be the perfect match for you. Not only do you get to bid on these incredible experiences, but you’re also helping a worthy cause in the process. Check out Charitybuzz’s website to view their current auction items and consider bidding today.