This Tool Shows How You’re Doing Financially Compared To Other People

Updated: October 8, 2018
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Humans are pretty nosy by nature. Have you ever stalked someone on Facebook or Instagram? I know I have. Or do you ever check in on former classmates on LinkedIn to see where their degree has taken them? I’m guilty of that too. But what about checking into your friends’ finances?

Access crowd-sourced financial information

I’d never thought about comparing my finances until recently when I heard about this app called Status Money. Status gives you a snapshot of everything important for your financial life including your spending broken down by categories, income, debt, and assets. It also helps you track your net worth and keep an eye on your credit score.

And the coolest part? You can see your financial information in comparison to your peers. The app references information from millions of people around the U.S. anonymously to then allow you to see where you stand financially against other people.

Why compare yourself to others?

Have you ever wondered if you are paying too high of an interest rate for your student loans? Now you can compare what you are paying to your peers with the same credit score. Are you paying too much? Maybe consider refinancing your loans or switching banks.

Or maybe you are curious to know what others are paying for rent in your zip code. You can use Status to retrieve this information and make a more informed decision as to whether or not you should continue to live in your home or apartment.

Maybe you’d just like to know if you spend more money partying than your peers. You can check that too.

Stop living in isolation

Knowledge is power. And the more resources you have at hand to make informed financial decisions can help you make and save money in various facets of life. If you’re curious about where you stand in comparison to others, then I’d suggest you join Status.

Remember, it’s essential to link your financial accounts to Status to get a full picture of where you stand. It’s safe and takes just two minutes to connect any bank accounts, credit cards and investments you may have.

Plus, it’s super easy to sign up for Status

You can sign up for Status by visiting their website. It’s free and takes less than five minutes to create an account.

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