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Must Read: How To Invest In Yourself, Why Everyone’s Dream Home Should Be A Condo

Christina Biagioli
March 8, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finances this week.

The New ‘Dream Home’ Should Be A Condo

The National Association of Home Builders puts together a model for what the ideal house would look like each year, according to what’s trending and what technology is newly available within the industry – then they build it. In concept, it’s a novel and exciting practice, but in actuality, it’s just not practical. So many of these houses in recent years are not built for what’s current in lifestyle patterns for … well … humans as a species. People are generally not having such large families anymore nor are they looking to spend high costs on energy just to have their house function. The author contemplates the differences between what the industry may say is ideal and compares it to how we’re really living today. (The New York Times)

How To Organize Your Home In 20 Minutes Or Less

When you hear the words “grocery shopping,” “laundry,” and “cleaning the house,” what emotions arise? Probably all of the ones related to stress and dread. Gina from The Frugal Convert has perfected an easier way to get everything finished and in order in 20 minutes (and sometimes under), and she’s sharing It with you so that you can become more efficient and less sluggish when it comes to taking on your chores. (The Frugal Convert)

It’s All About The Money. Or Is It?

It’s said that once you surpass an annual salary of $75,000 in the United States, your emotional well-being won’t improve just through an increase in your earnings. Below that point, studies have shown that burdensome life events are negatively affected by a lack of earning. What’s that quote by Warren Buffett again … ? (Mommy Makes The Money)

How Camille Perri Paid The Bills While She Wrote The Books

We’re all working toward something – an ideal, a dream, or maybe just a paycheck (amiright?). Camille Perri is a writer who has spent a lot of her career trying to work part-time in a professional setting while simultaneously using her down time to write. This balancing act is not an uncommon circumstance (splitting time between a passion and a means by which to cover the bills), but in Perri’s situation, we see the grit necessary to commit to this lifestyle and the path that one takes before seeing success in an artistic career. (Medium)

Apparently Nearly Two-Thirds Of Millennial Homeowners Have Regrets About Buying A Home

63% of millennial homeowners regret some part of the homeowner lifestyle, a recent study finds. Varying reasons such as home maintenance, location, and home size contribute to this remorse. On the opposite end of things, over half of those who do not own a home say that home ownership is a pipe dream for them at this point – but it’s a dream that they still hold in high esteem. Here’s what else they had to say along with how you can prepare for buying a home if it’s still something of interest to you. (Bankrate)

How To Start At Minimum Wage And Become A Millionaire

ESI Money interviews millionaires on the regular. Their latest interview may surprise you as it’s with an individual who has gone through financial hardships but who still saved wisely and was able to accumulate a high net worth – even despite years here and there of dealing with little to no income. It’s actually pretty inspirational. We can do this! (ESI Money)

7 Ways To Invest In Yourself

We’re always talking about putting money into your 401(k), Roth IRA, or investing in the market, but this article has a really great investment suggestion – investing in yourself! How do you do this? Not only by starting your own business, but by taking steps that will further increase your worth from either a financial or skillset perspective. Let’s build our value and invest in our own talents. (US News)

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