5 Ways To Help The Earth And Save Money At The Same Time

Save money and help the earth.
Illustration: The Money Manual
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A lot of people associate being green with spending a lot of money. Locally sourced vegetables, clothes made of entirely sustainable fabrics, and switching the energy source of your home are all things that help the planet but don’t necessarily come cheap.

But thinking that going green is cost-prohibitive is a pretty big misconception. Saving the earth and saving money really can go hand in hand. As we celebrate Earth Month this April make it a point to integrate a few of our tips that are eco-conscious and cost-saving at the same time into your everyday life. Your wallet will thank you, the earth will thank you, and it’s really a win-win.

Remember: little, everyday habits that are eco-conscious, if we all start to act collectively, can go a long way.

1. Ditch The Paper Coupons And Save Money With Ibotta This Earth Month

Ibotta — an app we swear by for getting cash back for grocery shopping — is on a mission to help reduce the impact of food waste on the planet. They’ve partnered with Feeding America in honor of Earth Month this year and are donating $25,000 to support their efforts nationwide.

On top of that, they’re offering cash back on grocery items like Nature Valley products, Perfect Snacks, Dove, and more throughout April in honor of Earth Month. You’re going to want to sign up for Ibotta and keep an eye out for these special cash back promotions to take advantage of through April 30th.

Here’s how to sign up for Ibotta to take advantage of their Earth Month promotions:

  • Download the Ibotta app if you haven’t already
  • Link a loyalty account to the app if your favorite store has it available, which makes getting cash back a lot easier
  • Add offers you want to take advantage of by tapping the + sign in the Ibotta app or browser extension. This is also where you’ll want to add all of the Earth Month special offers
  • Go shopping for the items either at the grocery store in-person or online
  • If you used a linked loyalty account to shop for the items, you’ll get cash back on qualifying offers within minutes. If you submit a receipt, you’ll get cash back within 24 hours of submitting the receipt

2. Make It A Point To Cut Back On Your Food Waste

Food waste is a massive problem, but it is something you can do something to combat it on the individual level. Make it a point this Earth Month – and going forward – to cut down on your food waste.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Make weekly menu plans
  • Create shopping lists (and stick with them)
  • Make it a point to cook with what you already have in the refrigerator rather than buying new food
  • Make sure to understand expiration dates (not all mean you have to throw out food, for instance)

Not only will you be doing good for the earth, but you’ll also be doing good for your wallet by buying less.

3. Start A Kitchen Garden — And Cut Your Food Budget

With the price of food going up and up every day, now is one of the best times to start a kitchen garden. It’s good for the environment to boot as you’ll be helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Some of the best vegetables to consider growing in your home include tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and broccoli. Just consider all of the recipe possibilities!

4. Cut Down On Your Electricity Consumption For The Sake Of The Earth And Your Wallet

With electricity bills skyrocketing across the US, now is a great time to figure out ways to cut your electricity consumption. This is also great for the environment. Turn the lights off in rooms you aren’t in, turn the AC off if don’t really need it, use power strips to plug in electronics and turn them off when they aren’t in use (yes, electronics that are off but plugged in can contribute to your energy consumption), do only full laundry and dishwasher loads, and so much more. There are so many little things you can do every day to cut back on your electricity consumption.

5. Make The Switch To As Many Reusable Household Items As Possible

Plastic water bottles, paper towels, plastic kitchen bags – the list goes on and on but you are probably burning through disposable household items. Make the switch to reusable options like reusable water bottles and kitchen storage bags and you’ll not only help the earth but you’ll help your wallet by consuming less.

Bottom Line

We all can and should do our part to become more eco-conscious. The good news here is that there are things you can do that will not only help the planet but will help your wallet. One of our favorites is utilizing the cash back grocery app Ibotta – which is not only fighting food waste this Earth Month but is also offering a number of special promotions to take advantage of in April (on top of their usual promotions) to save money on food and household items. Make sure to sign up for Ibotta if you haven’t already.