Must Read: Gen Z Is Changing How We Shop, Hack Your Way Through Amazon Prime Day

Christina Biagioli
July 5, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

Gen Z Is Leading An Evolution In Shopping That Could Kill Brands As We Know Them

Everyone was pretty sure that millennials were ruining the state of businesses as we know them up until recently when the media’s newest target was discovered. The culprit: Gen Z. This younger generation has got brands in the palm of their hand – they’re calling the shots and companies are moving to cater to what future spending patterns might look like if people continue making purchasing decisions their way. Gen Z’s primary motivator is price, so they’re always looking for a deal, yet they know they need to look fresh since they’ll be posting their OOTDs on social media with frequency. So what does this mean for the world as we know it? (Business Insider)

Get Amazon Prime Day Deals With A Free Trial

It’s coming … be prepared … and bring your wallet! It’s Amazon Prime Day. The annual occurrence will take place on July 15th and 16th this year, and the e-commerce behemoth is not expecting anything but a continued uptick in sales for 2019. Did you know that you don’t need to be a Prime member to take advantage of the deals that come with this online shopping holiday? Here’s how to make it work. (Two Cents / Lifehacker)

Starbucks Is About To Take A Controversial Step That Will Make Employees Very Unhappy

We’ve heard things about working at Starbucks that sound pretty attractive for a barista job: benefits, paid time off, sick time, the list goes on … but there are downsides, too. Mainly, during the summer months when they’re forced to reinvent Frappuccinos with colorful, sugary additions, like this new beverage … (Inc)

High-Income FI: This Sales Executive Earns Almost $400,000 A Year And Saves Half Of It

A Tennessee sales executive and his wife, who works in marketing, did not always have their savings together. Now that they’ve been working for decades and boast a combined income of anywhere from $300,000-$400,000 annually, they describe vividly how they went from a savings of $77,000 over twenty years ago to being millionaires today. (Think Save Retire)

Why I’m An Unproductivity Advocate

We exist in a culture that glorifies productivity and tells us that we need to be constantly doing things in order to earn our place on this planet. It’s really stressful when you think about it (and probably daily when you feel its wear and tear on your body and mind). Take a second and think to yourself: do you really want to be doing whatever has you stressing out, and if you were to do that thing, would you have enough “down time” afterwards to regroup and feel like a human once more? (A Purple Life)

These Are The Most Important Decisions You Will Make In Your Life

Building wealth is a goal for many, but few know the elements that comprise this goal. The three most important decisions you will make in your life in regards to your personal finances are … (Time)

How Long It Took Billionaires To Earn Their First $1 Million

Billionaires are few and far between, and they didn’t start at one billion dollars or even at one million. Most individuals in that situation will tell you that becoming a millionaire usually does not happen overnight. In fact, it took most now-billionaires an average of eight years just to become a millionaire. Maybe Kylie Jenner is the only exception here. (Visual Capitalist)