This Redditor Has A Hack If You Can’t Afford To Pay For Your Prescriptions

Leah Bourne
February 7, 2019

You would have to be living under a rock while simultaneously being the most healthy person on the planet to be unaware of the rising cost of prescription drugs in the US. Horror stories abound of people having to choose among prescriptions at the checkout line, or having to forgo doctors orders altogether out of the necessity of putting food on the table.

Which is why we were so struck by this advice on what to do in this very situation on a recent Reddit thread. It’s pretty simple advice: Call the manufacturer directly and tell them you can’t afford something.

If you have an expensive prescription, contact the manufacturer and tell them you can’t afford it. from personalfinance

Has anyone ever tried this and found luck (or were out of luck)? We want to hear your story! Email us at

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