HappyNest Review: There’s Finally A Way To Invest In Real Estate With Just $10

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In the last few years, the investing world has been dramatically democratized. People who have never invested have started to invest — a pretty significant change. Yet still, for the most part, newer investors haven’t had access to real estate investments. Real estate’s high barrier to entry has meant that for the most part, that’s continued to be reserved for the 1%.

The investing platform HappyNest is changing that in a big way, though. No longer do you need hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars to invest in real estate. With HappyNest you can start investing with just $10. Talk about a game-changer.

In this review, we are going to dive into exactly what HappyNest is, who it’s best for, and what real users are saying about it.

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What Is HappyNest

Who Is HappyNest Best For?

What Does HappyNest Cost?

What People Are Saying About HappyNest

Our Verdict On HappyNest

What Is HappyNest?

HappyNest was founded to make real estate investing easy and open to everyone. Its founder and CEO – Jesse Prince, a West Point graduate and military veteran – wanted to see real estate investing made available to those he served alongside, the same as anyone with a fancy financial degree or a real estate license. Prince’s vision extended beyond veterans, too, to everyone, the kind of people who traditionally would just not have access to real estate investing.

“I created HappyNest so that investors, regardless of their financial means, could achieve their savings goals,” Prince has said. “Our easy-to-use mobile app removes all of the traditional barriers to investing in commercial real estate with a $10 minimum investment as part of our mission to educate investors about the benefits of having a diversified financial strategy that includes options like real estate investing.”

So how exactly does HappyNest work? The platform allows its users to invest in a REIT, giving them both regular cash distributions and the potential for long-term equity appreciation. The REIT you invest in via HappyNest invests in income-producing commercial real estate. HappyNest collects rent from some of the most well-known companies in the world – Fortune 100 tenants like CVS and FedEx – and passes on the income to its users. It also uses technology to keep costs down so its users can earn more.

A Few Things That Make HappyNest Unique:

  • Invest in real estate with just $10 – that is almost unheard of.
  • HappyNest’s technology allows its users to start investing immediately, and makes the whole process really easy.
  • HappyNest allows investors to easily diversify into a category – commercial real estate investing – that is much more immune from market fluctuations than other categories like the stock market.

Who Is HappyNest Best For?

Given that you can start investing with just $10 — an insanely low barrier to entry — HappyNest is a really great investing platform for almost anyone. For those trying to find ways to diversify their investments or who have always wanted to invest in real estate but could never afford it, HappyNest is a great option worth exploring.

What Does HappyNest Cost?

HappyNest has 0% broker commissions and 0% platform fees. So how exactly does it make money, you are probably wondering? HappyNest gets paid a small management fee on each new real estate it purchases.

Compare that to other real estate investments which come with a high minimum cost to invest, high management fees, and high front-end load fees.

What People Are Saying About HappyNest

People have really good things to say about HappyNest, which has a 4.2 rating in the Apple store.

One reviewer wrote: “HappyNest allows you to begin investing in real estate with as little as $10. The process couldn’t be simpler. Connect your bank account once you’ve signed up, determine how much you want to invest and how often, the app will automatically deduct your investments, then just be patient and watch your money earn quarterly dividends. I’ve been using the app since it first launched and I’ve never had any problems with it. Not only is this great for real estate investments, it also lets you start working on earning passive income!”

Another review wrote: “I was skeptical at first, it looked too good to be true, but have been nothing but happy with the results so far. It’s fun to watch your investment grow but even better to watch your dividend grow on a daily basis. The ability to see the portfolio of what you own shares in makes ownership seem more real than just owning a REIT on the stock market. HappyNest is also a great tool to teach children on the importance of investing in their futures.”

Our Verdict On HappyNest

This is a game-changing investing platform that has opened real estate investing to anyone with $10 to spare. This is a type of investing that has largely been off-limits to the average investor, but HappyNest has completely changed that.

Want to start investing in commercial real estate with just $10? Check out HappyNest today.