Hiatus Review: This App Promises To Manage Your Finances And Help You Cut Your Biggest Monthly Bills. Does It Work?

Hiatus review graphic: We dive into what people are saying about this app. Three phones with Bill Negotiation, Subscriptions and Track expenses on them.
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Staying on track of monthly bills and sticking to a budget is a big issue for a lot of folks — and rightly so — it’s hard!

There are a lot of apps out there that promise to help people manage their finances better. To be frank, some deliver, while others don’t.

Hiatus is an app that is getting a lot of buzz for both helping people to manage their monthly finances, and for chopping peoples’ monthly bills sometimes by hundreds of dollars.

Who wouldn’t want an app like that on their phone? Because of that, we are diving into the app to see what it’s all about, who it’s best for, and ultimately what our final verdict on it is. Keep reading to find out more about Hiatus.

Hiatus At A Glance

* Average star rating based on available ratings from third party sources, see chart.
**Hiatus charges users half of their savings in their first year, meaning if the startup doesn’t save users anything, the service is free.

*** Per Beta Testing, courtesy techcrunch.com.

What Is Hiatus?

Hiatus is an app with the aim of fully transforming its users’ financial lives. It helps to track a person’s monthly bills and subscriptions and monitors all of their financial accounts and spending. And, it does this all in one place. It also helps to determine if a person’s bills are too high and then negotiates on their behalf.

Since the company was founded in 2016, Hiatus has analyzed billions of dollars of transactions and has been trusted by over 1 million people.

A Few Things That Make Hiatus Unique:

  • Consider Hiatus to be an automated financial assistant, there to help you stop overspending on your monthly bills. If one of your bills is negotiable, Hiatus will get to it on your behalf to try to get it down.
  • Hiatus allows you to track your monthly bills and subscriptions so you only pay for what you want. It lets you set up a monthly budget to stay on track with spending.
  • It allows you to track bank balances to avoid overdraft fees.

Who Is Hiatus Best For?

Hiatus is a financial app that would be a financial boost for just about anyone. It’s not a manageable expectation for most people to be routinely checking the rates on their mortgage, student debt, insurance, savings, their utility bill and so much more. This app does the heavy lifting on peoples’ behalf. Especially for heads of households having this app on their phone is a no-brainer.

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What Does Hiatus Cost?

Hiatus charges a small monthly fee to use the app — $10 a month for Hiatus Premium — with no added fees or charges no matter how much in savings they are able to produce for you. That’s right, everything they are able to save for you when they negotiate bills on your behalf — say cutting your AT&T phone bill or Spectrum cable bill — are yours to keep.

What People Are Saying About Hiatus

People have really good things to say about Hiatus, which has a 4.2 rating in the Apple store.

One reviewer wrote:

5-star Hiatus reviewer saved $600 in a year.

This critical 4-star user mentions that it’s a bit confusing to use Hiatus at first but they love that they can see all subscriptions and can easily cancel.

Complaints made on the Better Business Bureau are answered by Hiatus and are taken care of.

Our Verdict On Hiatus

This is one of those apps that everyone should have on their phone. First and foremost, the app will play the role of a financial monitor so you don’t have to by monitoring your bills for changes. They also ensure that you aren’t paying for things that you don’t use — subscriptions that you might have signed up for by accident or have forgotten about. And lastly, they have a track record of dramatically lowering some of their users’ biggest monthly bills — sometimes cutting them in half — like phone bills.

Saving money usually takes a lot of work. That’s not the case with Hiatus, which is what makes it so unique.

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