Must Read: The Difference Between Ordinary And Extraordinary People, How To Worry Less

Christina Biagioli
May 17, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

Ordinary People Focus On The Outcome. Extraordinary People Focus On The Process.

It’s easy to look toward what others are doing as an easy method of comparison and understanding of what to do to succeed. In truth, success lies in shifting your mindset to a focus on the process itself rather than the outcome. It’s difficult to apply immediately, but if you train your mind to become a student of your craft, it inevitably produces the result you were looking for the whole time. (The Ascent)

How To Build A Profitable eBay Side Hustle

Side hustles are in everything you can do … and in selling everything you might not want. eBay is a useful way to rack up a side income by selling items that you no longer use (or that you buy and want to flip fast). Here’s a recommended way to start your eBay side business without making the easy-to-look-over mistakes that many first-timers make. (Think Save Retire)

Some Things That Have Helped Me Worry Less

We’re all human, and so we all experience some degree of worry throughout life. The key to understanding how to minimize anxiety is not by fighting it nor by venting endlessly to others, but by letting it be and treating it like something detached from our bodies. Here’s how one writer applies different strategies to worry less than he did previously. (Scot H. Young)

Josh Altman Of “Million Dollar Listing” Has A Simple Trick To Make Buying A Home Less Stressful

Josh Altman, real estate guru and star of “Million Dollar Listing,” knows what it’s like to buy a home: he’s helped many people find the place they’ve been looking for (including Kim Kardashian and one of the sharks from “Shark Tank”). He also knows how to make first-time homebuyers make the jump to homeownership when they seem a little gun-shy, and it’s all rooted in behavioral psychology. (Money)

Are You A Recent Grad? 10 Tips On Handling Your Finances

Congratulations! You’ve graduated and achieved a goal that you set for yourself years ago. Now it’s time to make even more decisions – especially those related to your finances. (Penguin Thoughts)

The Real Difference Between The Rich And Poor

We hear throughout our lives that getting a “good” job, owning real estate, and staying on track are what will put you on the pathway to wealth. While these things may build a good foundation, there are other elements to creating wealth that are often overlooked … (8th Great Wonder)

Why You Need A Conscious Intention Around Your Money

You might have thought about your budget or five-year plan for financial success, but have you ever considered your money intention? “What’s that?” you ask? It’s a method by which to create conditions where you are in control of your money. Here’s where people miss the boat and how you can be well on your way toward developing your own positive money intention. (Creative Money)

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