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Is CashWalk Legit [2024] Reviews, Pros and Cons

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The American Heart Association says that walking 150 minutes a week brings serious benefits, including lower cholesterol and increased energy. 

But here’s a benefit that the organization doesn’t mention: Walking can help you earn money!

How? Through the CashWalk app!

It might sound crazy, but the CashWalk mobile app will track your steps and give you points just for walking or running. Then, you can exchange those points for gift cards from popular brands.

But is CashWalk legit?

It is — and I’ll explain why in this detailed CashWalk review. 

What Is CashWalk?

CashWalk is an app that gives you gift cards in exchange for walking or running. It acts as a pedometer, counting the steps you take. For every 100 steps, you’ll earn “Stepcoin,” which you can exchange for gift cards.

Basically, CashWalk is two things at once:

  • A “get paid to” app for earning extra income 
  • A fitness app that encourages you to keep moving

It sounds too good to be true, so you might be asking, “Is CashWalk legit?”

Good news: It is legit! The app will actually send you gift cards if you take enough steps. 

So, are you looking to earn some money while also staying fit? Then, download CashWalk. It’s available for Android and iOS, and it’s super easy to use.

The CashWalk app displaying a user's walking trends over time.
CashWalk is a legit way to earn gift cards simply by walking.
Source: CashWalk

Is CashWalk Legit?

Getting rewarded just for walking is so amazing that it almost sounds suspicious. It makes sense, then, to wonder, “Is CashWalk legit?”

CashWalk is definitely legit. It’s run by CashWalk Labs, Inc., a real company headquartered in San Jose, California. 

CashWalk also gets solid ratings from users. It has 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.6 Stars on the Apple App Store. 

If most users are giving an app a good rating, you can be pretty sure it’s legit! 

Is CashWalk Worth It?

I’ve already answered the main question (“Is CashWalk legit?”). But knowing the app is reputable isn’t enough. You also need to know if it’s actually worth downloading.

Well, here’s what I found. 

CashWalk is worth it for anyone who walks — which is almost everyone. Remember, the app is completely free, and you’ll get rewarded for doing something (walking) that you’re already doing, anyway. So, why not give it a shot?

In other words, CashWalk is especially worth it for anyone who needs some extra motivation to stay active. 

We all know walking is good for your health. But sometimes, actually putting one foot in front of the other is harder than it looks. With CashWalk, you’ll have financial motivation to get moving. You could say it’s a way of bribing yourself to do something healthy!

So with CashWalk, you’re getting fit while also earning gift cards. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is!

Now, let me make one thing clear: You won’t fund a massive shopping spree by using CashWalk. The rewards are modest, and some users complain that the amount of points required for gift cards keeps increasing. 

If you want to make money fast, I’d look for more lucrative options. Check out this article on how to earn free money now.

How Does CashWalk Work / How Does CashWalk App Work? 

After hearing about this exciting opportunity, you probably asked, “But is CashWalk legit?” 

It is! Now, let’s focus on how the app actually works.

Your first step is to download the CashWalk mobile app on your phone. It’s available for iOS (on the Apple App Store) and Android (on the Google Play store), and it’s completely free to download.

From there, all you have to do is walk! Yes, it’s really that simple. 

The CashWalk app will turn your phone into a pedometer, tracking the steps you take. Every 100 steps will give you more stepcoin, which is the digital currency unique to the CashWalk app. And you can get paid for up to 20,000 steps per day — so unless you’re a real walk-aholic, you shouldn’t exceed the limit!

The CashWalk App does more than just pay you to walk. It will also track key data points, including:

  • How many steps you take
  • Your walking distance
  • The number of calories burned
  • Your walking time

CashWalk acts as a comprehensive fitness companion — and one that happens to pay you!

And don’t worry. You can walk anywhere. Whether you’re a trail jogger, a dog walker, or a treadmill person, CashWalk will track your progress.

You can earn extra Stepcoin by playing games, taking surveys, and inviting friends to the CashWalk app. 

Once you’ve gathered enough Stepcoins, you can redeem them for a gift card. Available brands include:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Sephora
  • eBay
  • Uber

Prefer cash to gift cards? Check out this list of apps that pay cash.

Just how many Stepcoins is enough to request a gift card? I’ll be honest: This is the one aspect of CashWalk’s business model that’s a little annoying. Some users complain that the cashout threshold keeps increasing. It currently stands at 5,000 Stepcoins.

That means you might not get a gift card very quickly. So, what should you do? I still think using CashWalk is a great idea, but you should consider signing up for some other gaming platforms at the same time.

Read this article to learn how to earn gift cards by playing games.

A screenshot of CashWalk in the Apple App Store showing that it tracks steps, calories burned, and miles walked and shows progress toward rewards.
CashWalk tracks key fitness data while also rewarding you with gift cards.
Source: Apple App Store

What Is The Catch With CashWalk?

The main catch with CashWalk is that the cashout threshold often increases. Some users complain that they earned a certain amount of “Stepcoins” thinking it would be enough to get a gift card — only to see that the same gift card now requires more Stepcoins. 

Is CashWalk Safe? 

CashWalk is completely safe to use. Sure, it’s not super famous, and I know that using lesser-known apps can feel sketchy. But all the evidence suggests that CashWalk does what’s necessary to keep its users safe.

Yes, CashWalk collects some user data, but that data is encrypted in transit. That means you won’t have to worry about any costly or embarrassing leaks. 

And I can’t find any reports of fraudulent behavior by CashWalk. That suggests the company doesn’t make a habit of ripping people off.

Pros and Cons of CashWalk

Is CashWalk legit? Yes, but there’s more you should know before deciding to download the app. Here are some pros and cons that could affect your decision. 


  • You earn gift cards just by walking. This is what makes CashWalk so appealing. If you already walk, you don’t have to do anything special. Just walk as you normally would and get rewarded!
  • The app will track key fitness-related data points. Want to know how many steps you’ve taken? How far you’ve walked? How many calories you’ve burned? CashWalk will monitor all of this for you. 
  • There are several ways to boost your earnings. Along with walking, you can earn “Stepcoin” by playing games and inviting friends to the app. 


  • There could be ads in the app. CashWalk clearly states in its privacy policy that it could use the data it collects to send you targeted advertisements. 
  • The earnings are modest. Some users report that it takes a long time to earn enough Stepcoin to request a gift card. 
  • The price of gift cards often increases. CashWalk periodically raises the amount of Stepcoin necessary to buy a gift card, which can be frustrating for users.

CashWalk Reviews

You know where you can find people discussing the question, “Is CashWalk legit?”  

In user reviews!

The CashWalk app has 4.6 stars on the Apple App Store. That means most Apple users who’ve rated the app gave it a positive score. 

But interestingly, most of the written CashWalk reviews on the Apple App Store are negative. 

In a 3-star CashWalk review, someone described using the app successfully for years. They were able to get 5 gift cards without major issues. 

What annoyed them was that the price of the gift cards kept increasing — meaning they needed to walk more (and earn more Stepcoin) to request a gift card.  

A 3-star Apple App Store CashWalk review from a user who had been happy with the app for a while but is frustrated with the increases in points needed to earn rewards.
In a 3-star CashWalk review, someone complains about the “consistent price increases.” 
Source: Apple App Store

Another user left a 2-star CashWalk review complaining about the same issue. Every time they went to cash out, they found that the price of the gift card had increased. 

A 2-star Apple App Store review from a CashWalk user frustrated with the constant increases in points required to earn rewards.
A CashWalk user complains about the increase in gift card prices. 
Source: Apple App Store

In a 1-star CashWalk review, someone complained that they couldn’t redeem their Stepcoin for a gift card. They also called the app’s advertising misleading. 

A 1-star Apple App Store review from a CashWalk user frustrated that the points they earn on non-walking offers like games and surveys can't be used to redeem rewards.
A CashWalk user leaves a 1-star review, calling the app a scam.
Source: Apple App Store

Another 1-star Cashwalk review described an issue with the app’s pedometer. This user found that their step count was off by 45%.

A 1-star Apple App Store review from a CashWalk user who says the app is undercounting their steps by 45%.
A disgruntled CashWalk user says the app failed to count their steps properly.
Source: Apple App Store

Is CashWalk Legit Reddit 

I found a Reddit thread where someone complained about CashWalk. The issue? The regular price increases for gift cards. This is a problem that has been annoying lots of CashWalk users.

It seems this person has already answered the question, “Is CashWalk legit?” and their answer is apparently “no.” 

But not everyone in the thread agreed with this negative assessment of CashWalk. 

A CashWalk user on Reddit discussing how the cashout amounts required for rewards keep increasing.
Someone starts a Reddit thread complaining about how CashWalk increases the prices for gift cards.
Source: Reddit

One user agreed that the price hikes are a problem, but they also shared some good news: They’d been earning points faster by using a feature called “Tapjoy” in the “bonus” section of the CashWalk app.

A Reddit discussion where a CashWalk user explains how they use Tapjoy in the app's bonus section to increase their points faster.
CashWalk users discuss earning extra points through the “Tapjoy” feature. 
Source: Reddit

Another person said they would keep using CashWalk despite the price increases. Why? Because CashWalk still gives you rewards faster than Winwalk, a major competitor. 

A CashWalk user on Reddit agreeing that the app is increasing the amount of points needed for rewards but stating that they're going to keep using it because they can still get rewards much faster than with competitor Winwalk.
A Redditor pledges to continue using CashWalk.
Source: Reddit

Commonly Asked Questions About CashWalk

CashWalk Competitors / Alternatives To CashWalk / Similar To CashWalk?

Here are some apps like CashWalk that will reward you for walking:

  • Sweatcoin
  • HealthyWage
  • Evidation
  • Million Steps
  • Winwalk
  • WeWard
  • StepBet
  • Lifecoin

Learn more about some of these other apps that pay you to walk in our roundup. 

Is CashWalk a Scam? 

CashWalk will really give you gift cards in exchange for walking, so it’s definitely not a scam. Some users complain that the cashout threshold for gift cards will suddenly increase. That’s annoying, for sure — but I wouldn’t call it “scammy.” 

How Many Coins Can You Earn on CashWalk? 

CashWalk will give you points, called “Stepcoin,” for up to 20,000 steps each day. Since you get 1 coin for every 100 steps, you can earn up to 200 Stepcoins per day. 

CashWalk vs Sweatcoin?

CashWalk and Sweatcoin are very similar apps. They both track your steps and give you rewards for walking. One main difference is that CashWalk pays out in gift cards, while Sweatcoin pays in its own digital currency. 

Learn more about Sweatcoin and similar apps in our roundup of apps that pay you to walk

How Much Does CashWalk Pay?

CashWalk can pay up to 200 “Stepcoins” per day. And while the price of gift cards can change, it currently takes 5,000 Stepcoins to get a $5 gift card. That means each Stepcoin equals $0.001 — so you could earn $0.20 per day.