Money Rawr Review

Can You Really Win Money From Money Rawr? We Investigate

Money Rawr Review
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It seems there’s a wave of money-making apps that are taking over your phone’s app store. These apps promise to reward you with cards or cash for playing games on your mobile device.

This is good news for fans of mobile gaming. But with dozens of apps to choose from, it might be tough to differentiate the legitimate apps from the ones that are a waste of time. This article will review one such app called Money Rawr.

Read on to learn more and find out if you want to start getting rewarded for your mobile gaming.

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Money Rawr At A Glance

What Is Money Rawr?

Money Rawr is an app that lets you play mobile games or complete surveys for gift cards or cash. The app is for Android devices only and you can download on the Google Play store. JustDice based in Hamburg, Germany is the developer of Money Rawr.

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How Does Money Rawr Work?

Once you have downloaded the app, you begin by accepting the Terms of Service and choosing which account you would like to use for authentication. You have the option of using a Facebook account, a Google account, or registering with another email address.

Once you have authenticated, you’re asked to give Money Rawr permission to access your usage data by clicking the “Grand” button. This will take you to your user access settings screen on your Android device. Clicking the toggle giving Money Rawr access to the data completes this process.

Now you’re ready to start playing and begin earning money. The home screen has two sections: Featured and Payouts. The “Featured” list allows you to scroll through games that are available to download and play.

To play a game, simply click the “Play & Collect” button that appears under the game you wish to play. If it is currently installed on your device, the game will open. If it’s not installed, it will take you to the Google Play store so that it can be downloaded.

Once the app is downloaded, it’s important to remember to open the app from within Money Rawr. This allows the app to track the data of how many game levels you complete and the length of time you play.

The “Payouts” section lists the rewards you have earned. They reward players with gift cards or PayPal cash payouts.  The amount of mCoins, Money Rawr’s in-app currency, is always shown at the bottom of the home screen no matter which section you are viewing.

You can earn coins by playing mobile games. Expanding the coins total at the bottom of the home screen shows you not only how many total coins you have, but also a breakdown of how you earned them. It shows which apps you played and how many coins you have earned from the point you registered an account (which provides an 1,800 coin bonus) to the present.

Money Rawr requires face verification and email address verification to receive payouts. The app walks you through these processes the first time they are set up.

Besides playing games, Money Rawr also rewards you for referring friends to download the app. It allows you to send referrals to contacts via Facebook. It’s an alternative way of earning money beyond just playing games.

Is Money Rawr Legit Or A Scam?

Money Rawr does issue coins for playing mobile games and does allow users to redeem those coins for payouts of cards or cash. As we’ll see in the next section, user reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

While issues do sometimes occur with payouts and the operation of the app itself, Money Rawr does have a support address ( where users can get support for the app and submit issues regarding payouts.

What Real Users Think About Money Rawr

Money Rawr has been downloaded more than 5,000,000 times and has more than 54,000 reviews on the Google Play store. It maintains a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 with the majority of its reviews having a 5-star rating.

Users who rate the app at 5 stars seem to praise the quickness of the payouts, indicating that they received the money in their PayPal account shortly after completing the requisite number of coins and requesting a payout.

Users who rate the app with lower scores point out that it pays in Euros, not USD by default, and that PayPal charges a fee to do the currency conversion.

Other users have indicated that larger payouts occur early, and then the amount of coins you can earn reduces as time goes on.

Many users who give middle-of-the-road reviews seem satisfied with the payouts but want a larger variety of games.

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Money Rawr Pros And Cons

  • Payouts can be redeemed for both gift cards or cash via PayPal.
  • Available games update daily.
  • Easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Sometimes causes technical issues that require uninstallation and restart.
  • Defaults to Euros instead of US currency.

Bottom Line: Can You Really Win Money From Money Rawr?

Money Rawr is an app that has a track record of paying out its users in return for playing games. Users can get started quickly playing, and initial payouts are quick and reliable.

This is not an app that will generate significant sums of money, so read the Terms of Service carefully. However, the majority of users have overwhelmingly given their seal of approval.


What Money Rawr Games Are On The App?

Money Rawr offers a wide variety of games. Some examples are casino games like WSOP Texas Hold ‘em, puzzle games like Braindoku (a variation of the popular game called Sudoku), 

How Long Does Money Rawr Take To Send The Money?

According to reviews in the Google Play store, initial payouts, once requested, happen as quickly as 6 to 30 hours. But as the app is used for longer periods, users report both the time it takes to accumulate coins and receive payouts becomes longer.

Phone Requirements To Run Money Rawr

The app requires an Android device to be installed. The OS must be Android 5.0 or greater.

How Do You Reach Money Rawr’s Customer Service? 

Email them at

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