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Get Paid To Take Surveys With MyPoints

Lot’s of people take paid surveys in their spare time to make some extra money on the side. If you have ever tried doing this yourself, you know it can be a mixed bag. Sometimes it can be hard to qualify for surveys. Not all “paid surveys” pay in actual cash. Some take a long time to start making any money with. Which is why we are so excited by MyPoints which does things a little bit differently. If you are looking to make some extra cash sharing your opinion, this is your best bet.

Why We Love It

MyPoints members have been awarded over $236 million in gift cards and PayPal cash. That is a lot of dough and this site is the real deal. MyPoints sends its members lots of surveys that they can take for cash. It also offers other ways to make money including watching videos, playing games, and reading emails from MyPoints‘ partners. The best part is you’ll get an automatic $5 when you take 5 surveys.

How To Get Started

  1. Sign-up for MyPoints using the link below
  2. MyPoints will then invite you to participate in surveys
  3. You’ll earn points for giving your honest answers
  4. There are even more ways to earn points: watching videos, shopping online, playing games, and reading emails
  5. Redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite brands or cash via Paypal

Take Surveys With MyPoints Now

Options for how to redeem points on MyPoints includes gift cards, cash and travel miles