MyPoints Review

MyPoints Review 2022: Is MyPoints Survey App Worth It? We Investigate

MyPoints Review
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With all of the survey sites clamoring for the attention of today’s online consumers, figuring out which one is worth turning into a side hustle can be overwhelming. Trying to determine which one has the best point conversions, smallest cashout thresholds, or most ways to earn is hard work all by itself. And that’s before you even start filling out surveys.

MyPoints is a bit different. While most other sites and apps focus on surveys, MyPoints focuses on giving users many different options to earn, surveys being just one of them. 

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At A Glance

What Is MyPoints

How MyPoints Works

Is MyPoints Legit

Real Reviews

Pros And Cons


At A Glance

What Is MyPoints?

Founded in 1996, MyPoints is a site that lets users earn points for shopping online at over 1,900 retailers either through the website or through apps available on both Google Play and Apple app stores. Participating retailers give MyPoints a commission for referring customers who convert into sales.

Customers who make purchases through those retailers are rewarded with points they can use to redeem for either cash, gift cards, or travel miles through MileagePlus, the United Airlines travel rewards program. MyPoints members can also earn points for more than just shopping, Taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games can also result in point awards.

How Does MyPoints Work?

The first step in becoming a MyPoints member is signing up for an account. MyPoints makes this process very easy. You can provide an email address and password right on their homepage to begin the process.

Once that’s been completed, a verification email will be sent to your email account. Click on the link and that’s all there is to it. Your account is created and verified, and you can start earning points.

MyPoints has several options you can use to earn points. Each is listed conveniently across the top of the website’s menu or across the bottom of the mobile app.


Among the aforementioned 1,900 retailers, MyPoints partners with are major stores like Target, Best Buy, and others.

Shopping through MyPoints is very easy. The MyPoints shopping screen displays retailers offering deals through the MyPoints site. It displays the retailer, how many points per dollar spent is being offered, and a link to the retailers’ site by way of MyPoints.


MyPoints Deals are offers that are advertised through MyPoints. Taking advantage of a MyPoints deal may involve visiting a website, starting a free trial, making a small purchase, or making a donation to a charitable institution.

MyPoints deals offer point values ranging from 1 point for visiting a website to 40,000 points for becoming an Uber Eats driver. Some offers list a specified point value, while other offers list a value “up to” a certain number of points, so be sure to read the deal carefully.


You can start answering surveys immediately after creating your MyPoints account. However, there is one thing that’s helpful to do regularly when answering surveys.

MyPoints, unlike other survey sites, does not require you to fill out a lengthy profile survey after creating your account. What MyPoints does is place a Survey Profile question just to the right of the main survey screen.

For every 10 profile questions you answer MyPoints awards you 10 points. The more questions you answer, the easier it is for MyPoints to suggest surveys you might qualify for.

MyPoints surveys are listed in the Survey section of the site. Each survey shows the survey number (a unique identifier), how long it will take to complete the survey, and the number of points you’ll receive for successfully completing the survey.

Survey subjects vary from cars to fashion to travel to home and garden. The amount of surveys made available to you depends on what market research firms want to study and your profile data.


Remember your grandmother sitting at the kitchen table clipping grocery coupons? The practice that started in the 1800s has evolved into the twenty-first century.

Using coupons for points is easy. Simply click on and print the coupon, then use the coupon when you visit the grocery store.

Currently, MyPoints offers 50 points for each coupon redeemed at your local grocery store (recently increased from 25 points). You also receive one point for every coupon you print. Coupons are available for everything from cleaning products to over-the-counter medicines to frozen vegetables.


Watching videos is another way to earn points. MyPoints gives points for watching video playlists. The videos auto-play one by one once started and the user must watch the whole playlist to receive the points. Users can pause the playlist, but if it’s stopped before the end, the user will not receive the points.

Users can earn additional points if playlists are watched on a mobile device instead of their PC or laptop. Users can also earn additional points by using the MyPoints TV app to watch videos.


MyPoints users can earn points by playing games. An important thing to remember with games is that WorldWinner, a third-party company, handles cash rewards through the playing of games through MyPoints. Users receive MyPoints points because they go through the MyPoints site, but any cash reward earned through winning games is handled by WorldWinner.

Is MyPoints Surveys Legit?

MyPoints, as a whole, is a legitimate platform that fulfills its obligation to consumers by allowing them to earn rewards redeemable for cash, gift cards, or travel miles. Users can earn rewards through a variety of activities.

MyPoints as a survey site is legitimate as users can earn points by completing surveys, and they can do it without the lengthy profile requirements of other survey sites. They can certainly answer those profile questions if they wish, but it’s not required.

Real Reviews For MyPoints

MyPoints maintains 4.3 stars out of 5 rating on the Apple App Store, a 3.9 out of 5 rating on Google Play, and a 4.4 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot. The majority of the reviews on all three sites are 5 stars, or Excellent.

Users who rate the platform favorably are happy with the app’s ease of use on mobile devices and the speed at which it redeems your points for gift cards.

4-star MyPoints review says they have been using it for almost 30 years.
5-star MyPoints review says the site does just as promised, they received a gift card for taking surveys.

Users who rate the site unfavorably are often long-time users unhappy with recent changes that have been made and slow support response times.

1-star MyPoints review say they have to wait for a confirmation email in order to get gift certificates.
1-star MyPoints review says they have waited 2 months to get a gift card with no response from support.

MyPoints Pros And Cons


Easy to use mobile app that offers additional points over the website

Low cashout threshold ($10.00)

Multiple ways to earn points


Survey disqualifications (Answering Profile Survey questions can reduce the number of surveys you don’t qualify for)

Games managed by a third party

Bottom Line: So, Is The MyPoints Survey App Worth It?

MyPoints is a good platform because it offers users multiple ways of being rewarded. Through its shopping and deals platforms, users can earn rewards by going retail and grocery shopping, tasks they would normally do anyway.

Taking surveys requires a time commitment, but MyPoints rewards users for the time they commit and the number of positive reviews confirms this. So, while you can’t expect to make a ton of money overnight, MyPoints is worth it if you are using it to kill time say when you’re waiting for your morning Latte. Sign-up for MyPoints today and give it a try for yourself. We think you’ll like it.


Is MyPoints Free?

MyPoints is free to create an account and use. Some offers require a purchase to receive points.

How much are MyPoints worth? How many MyPoints equal a dollar?

A single MyPoints point is worth roughly half a penny ($.006).

How to redeem points on MyPoints

Simply log into your account and click on the gift box icon in the upper right-hand corner of the site. All the reward options will be listed on the page.

Rewards options you are eligible for based on your point balance will be clickable. Reward options that are unavailable will be grayed out.

Click on the reward option you wish to redeem for, verify your MyPoints account with your password, and click the “Get Rewarded!” button to redeem your points. Allow 3 to 10 business days for your reward to arrive.

How do I contact MyPoints?

MyPoints can be contacted via their Help Page at

MyPoints Website

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