Product Report Card vs Swagbucks: Which Survey Site Is Better For You?

Product Report Card Vs Swagbucks
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If you’re looking to make some extra money by taking online surveys, you may be wondering which survey site is best for you. In this article, we’ll compare two popular survey sites, Product Report Card vs Swagbucks, to see which one can help you earn more cash.

Product Report Card offers paid surveys on a wide variety of topics, and users can receive payments through PayPal or gift cards. Swagbucks, on the other hand, offers a variety of ways to earn rewards, including paid surveys, but also includes tasks such as watching videos or shopping online.

So, which site is better for you? We investigate so you can make the best choice for you.

Product Report Card vs. Swagbucks At A Glance

*This rating is an average of the available ratings.

Our #1 Choice
Rating 3.45*

Price Free
Supported Platforms Web Only
Age Limit 16 +
Ads Yes (SMS Ads)
Point Conversion N/A
Cashout threshold $25
Cashout options Amazon Gift Cards, Direct Deposit, Check
Average earnings $0.25-$5/survey, $0.50/review
Star Rating 4.4 / 5 Stars TustPilot
C Rating BBB
# of Ratings 4,800+
# of Downloads n/a

*This rating is an average of the TrustPilot and Better Business Bureau ratings. With a C rating, we consider that to convert to be 2.5 out of 5 on a 5-star scale.

How Does Product Report Card Work?

Product Report Card is a survey site that offers users the chance to earn money by completing surveys. The site works by matching users with survey opportunities based on their profile information. Product Report Card then pays users for their participation in these surveys.

It’s pretty straightforward to get started with PRC. Simply go to their website and do the following:

Sign Up Now

  1. Sign Up:
    Complete the registration and you will begin receiving paid survey invitations via email within 24 hours. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign-up and is 100% free.
  2. Take Surveys:
    Get paid for each online survey you complete. The more online surveys you take, the more money you will make and the more surveys you complete the more opportunities to enter into their sweepstakes to win your dream car.
  3. Get Rewarded:
    Earn Amazon gift codes or free products for each online survey you complete.*


Additionally, you can also review in-home products and appliances you already own to boost your earnings. Love your fridge but hate your washing machine? Write down their serial numbers and see if there’s an opportunity to share your feelings with the company via Product Report Card.


You could also enter their sweepstakes to potentially win big. This year they are offering that for every survey you complete you are entered to win a Ford Mustang, F-150 or Expedition now until December 1, 2022. The prize will have an approximate retail value of at least $50,000.00. Only residents of the U.S. who are 18+ years of age may enter. Simply complete and submit surveys and you will automatically receive one entry into the Sweepstakes for a chance to win your dream car.

Now that’s a great incentive if you ask me. 

*To receive and redeem Rewards, each survey must be completed in full and your survey responses must be approved and accepted by the applicable Company. Read PRC’s terms and conditions to understand further.

Is Product Report Card Legit?

While PRC does have some drawback, it appears to be a legitimate company. The drawbacks include the relative lack of information on their site, no direct way to contact customer support, and a minimal social media presence.

However, there are responses to negative comments on the Better Business Bureau’s site so we think this means there are humans working on these surveys for cash site but that they may have limited staff with minimal bandwidth to manage their customer support.

There is also evidence of some happy customers on TrustPilot. The presence of their sweepstakes program to win dream cars is not a typical action of a scammer site. So, while we hesitate to say this is the best site to give your feedback in exchange for money, it is not a scam per see.

What Real Users Think About Product Report Card

While 72% of reviewers on TrustPilot rate Product Report Card as either excellent or great, there are a ton of invited reviews on in recent months, which points to a review campaign that the company is going through, and suggests they may be less than honest (though not necessarily). So we hunted down some un-invited reviews to showcase here.

This 5-star user on the BBB site has made good money in the time they have been active with Product Report Card. They mention being a part of many surveys, product tests, and panels that have paid out well. I’d also note that the PRC team responded which is not the action of a scam site.

5-star Product Report Card review from BBB says they've been paid well over the years.

This critical 4-star reviewer mentions they do think that PRC is a reliable survey site. They’ve had some technical issues but only rarely. They appreciate the 10 cent payment when they are disqualified from a survey, and they like the reward system that counts your participation in dollar amounts rather than points. They mention the obvious that this isn’t a replacement for a regular job, it should be treated as side money you can earn on your downtime.

4-star Product Report Card review says they've found PRC to be reliable and profitable.

This 1-star Product Report Card review from TrustPilot is not happy with the lack of customer support from PRC.

1-star Product Report Card reviewer says there's a lack of customer service support.

Get Paid For Your Opinions

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an extensive rewards system that has several arms that offer users an opportunity to earn cash. For this article, we’re talking about the surveys for money branch of the business.

You’ll find an easy way to make extra Swag Bucks (aka “SB”) is by participating in online surveys either in the app or on your desktop. These surveys, when taken consistently over time, can lead to some decent payouts either via cash through your PayPal account or free gift cards.

Now, you won’t get rich quickly (so don’t quit your day job) but you can gain enough points to convert to cash and help pad your bank account over time if you’re consistent.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

Swagbucks works on a point system that is simple. You’ll earn one Swag Buck (aka “SB”) every time you fill out a survey. If you don’t qualify you’ll get a few points. As you do surveys regularly –they only take typically 3-5 minutes to complete – you’ll accumulate SBs and you can cash out once you’ve reached the threshold of $3 (the equivalent to 300 SB). This will qualify you for an Amazon gift card.

Swagbucks sets the lowest cashout amount required among all survey companies, and their rewards are worth checking into.

Here’s how to sign up for Swagbucks and get started:

Sign up

Sign Up Today

What to provide
Your email and create a password

How to confirm

Confirm your email address. It will take 10 seconds – to 2 minutes to receive the confirmation email. (Check your spam just in case).

Get Started

  • Check out the new member checklist which will walk you through how to earn and find surveys.
  • Complete the daily to-do list.

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks is a well established rewards platform whose parent company, Prodege, is also well established. They have a great social media presence, and solid customer support. Their website is robust with information so that should prove pretty quickly to most sceptics that it is indeed legit.

What Do Real Users Think About Swagbucks

On TrustPilot, 83% of users rate Swagbucks as either excellent or great.

This happy 5-star user says they love Swagbucks and have extra cash every month in their Amazon account from gift cards they redeem that help with daily expenses.

5-star Swagbucks reviewer loves the platform and uses it to rack up Amazon gift cards to help with expenses.

This 3-star critical reviewer says they qualified for the new $30 crypto reward but haven’t received it yet after several days.

3-star Swagbucks review says they haven't received their crypto reward after several days.

This 1-star unhappy reviewer says they are not getting quality help from Swagbucks’ customer support after not receiving points for surveys completed.

1-star Swagbucks review says they are not receiving support from customer service for missing points.

Give Swagbucks A Try, See What You Think!

How Product Report Card And Swagbucks Compare

These two survey sites are similar in that they reward users for giving their opinions. However, how they execute this is quite different. Both sites also reward users minimally for disqualifying for surveys.

Product Report Card’s reward system works with direct dollar amounts rather than points like how Swagbucks operates. They also have a much less robust platform and a distinct lack of information when pitted against Swagbucks, whose site is well organized and has a plethora of information for users to learn how to use their system and answer frequent questions.

Their social media presence blows PRC’s out of the water with regular updates across several platforms, and an active and engaged community. PRC’s leaves a lot to be desired with minimal updates on Facebook only and a very strange choice of cover photo for a survey site…

One major drawback of PRC when compared to Swagbucks is the high cashout threshold, $25 compared to $3 is just not even a contest. Most users will appreciate being able to withdraw their earnings more easily with Swagbucks.

Product Report Card Pros And Cons

  • Option to test and review products you already have in-home (such as large appliances)
  • Amazon e gift card, direct deposit, or check options for redeeming rewards
  • Support appears responsive to online reviews on TrustPilot and BBB
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Reward transparency for how much you will earn for a specific survey

  • Minimal information on site
  • Not very user-friendly
  • Not as simple as many other paid survey sites
  • No reward for filling out profile information
  • Rewards must be redeemed and withdrawn within 1 year or user risks losing their money

Swagbucks Pros And Cons


  • Tons of reward options
  • Easy user interface
  • Tons of ways to earn and maximize points
  • Browser extension feature
  • Reliable pay out
  • Easy and relatively passive income

  • Some offers require a lot of work to earn SB
  • Minimal income earning potential
  • Some long waits to receive rewards

Bottom Line: Which Survey Site Is Best For You And Makes More Money? Product Report Card or Swagbucks?

We highly recommend Swagbucks. While you can earn a bit more on PRC if you are very consistent with your surveys and get very lucky with the dream car sweepstakes contest, the high cash-out threshold and lack of information are just not acceptable when compared to a survey site like Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is the clear winner and we would highly recommend users give them a shot. However, we do caution you to do your due diligence and take care not to spend all of your time doing their multitudes of activities. They are not a replacement for your regular income and should be treated as a supplement only. The same should be said of Product Report Card.


How long does it take Swagbucks to pay? 

Swagbucks typically pays within 24-48 hours however it can be a bit longer getting your first payment as they have to verify your banking details. 

How do you cash out on Swagbucks?

You can receive cash funds through PayPal, gift cards are delivered to you via electronic vouchers sent to your email inbox (check your spam if you don’t see it in your primary).

What is the Swagbucks conversion rate?

100 SB = one dollar

How much does Product Report Card pay?

It’s hard to directly determine an average however the general consensus seems to be $0.25-$5 per survey and $0.50/review.

How do you redeem points on Product Report Card?

There are no points on Product Report Card, rewards are given in dollar amounts. 

How long does it take to get my rewards?

Some reviews state the user received their rewards quickly, within a few days, other reviewers state they had to chase down the company to get their rewards. Some never received what was promised. 

Go ahead and give these two survey sites a try and see which you like better,



Product Report Card

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