48 Genius Money Saving Hacks That Are Perfect For Anyone On A Tight Budget

Updated: March 16, 2021
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There are so many strategies that we could all implement that would make us just a little bit better at saving money. That. is why we rounded up all of our favorite money-saving hacks. We could all do better by implementing just a few of these into our daily lives.

Some require a bit of a lifestyle change, and some are so easy that you are going to wonder why you haven’t been doing them all along.

Table Of Contents

Save On Household Bills
Save On Paying Off Debt
Save On Groceries And Shopping
Save On Travel
Use These Tools To Save On Taxes
Save On Banking And Investment Account Fees
Use These Tools To Improve Your Credit And Save Big Later
Curb Your Spending And Save Better For Your Financial Goals

Save On Household Bills

1. You’re Wasting $825 A Year And You Don’t Have To Be

Most people have absolutely no idea — and we mean no idea — that it’s recommended to switch car insurance every year so you are consistently getting the absolute cheapest price.

We all know that switching anything can be annoying, which is why we are such big fans of Gabi which shops for the best car insurance deal for you. It’s so good at doing this that the average customer will save $825 a year on car insurance.

To find out if you are currently getting ripped off on car insurance:

  1. Connect your existing insurance policy
  2. Provide your driver’s license
  3. Within minutes get a handful of cheaper options to switch

Gabi will also instantly tell you if you currently have the cheapest policy possible. It’s that easy to save up to $825 a year on car insurance using Gabi!

Save up to $825 a year on car insurance using Gabi

2. We Have A Hack For Getting $1 Million Of Life Insurance For $30 A Month

So many things are just easier because of the internet. Shouldn’t finding the right life insurance also follow suit? That’s the idea behind Policygenius.

Using their site you can instantly see accurate rates from over a dozen insurance carriers and then compare them side by side with just a few clicks. Have questions? The licensed agents are salaried (non-commissioned), so they won’t be steering you into a product you don’t need.

And it’s probably cheaper than you think – a healthy 30-year-old can get $1 million in coverage for under $30 a month.

How is Policygenius able to deliver all of this? Insurance companies pay Policygenius a commission when they help you get covered. Those commissions are baked into the price – so don’t worry, you’re not paying anything extra to work with them, and there are absolutely zero hidden fees. What you see is what you get!

All in all, Policygenius makes the process of getting life insurance super simple, so it’s not exactly surprising that people swear by this as a great resource for saving money.

Check out Policygenius and get your quotes in less than two minutes.

3. Get $100,000 Of Life Insurance In Minutes With This Startup

With all of the responsibilities that you’ve taken on in your adult life, I bet nothing prepared you for shopping for life insurance. It can be a tricky business. How much is too much? How much is too little? The amount of coverage you need varies from person-to-person based on income, lifestyle, debt and more. With that being said so many companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to policies.

Enter Fabric, a new startup offering life insurance that’s completely changing the game.

They offer 10, 15 and 20-year term life insurance policiesthat help protect your family’s needs at affordable prices. Fill out an application — it only takes about 10 minutes — and you could be approved and receive a policy offer on the spot without a medical exam. Adjust your policy before you purchase it and you’re all set.

Policies can go for as low as under $10 per month and coverage ranges between $100,000 on up to $5 million.

Bonus: You can also get help writing a will from Fabric for free and it only takes a few minutes. This is also something you don’t want to put off because if you don’t make your final wishes for your family and your assets known now while you have the chance, the government will do it for you as it sees fit later (and you won’t have a say).

In a world where insurance companies try to upsell you on policies that don’t actually benefit you, Fabric is a gem.

Apply for a life insurance policy that fits your needs with Fabric, plus get a free will.


4. Negotiate Down Your Biggest Monthly Bills

We are here to let you in on a little secret: you are probably wasting money on your cable bill. The dirty little secret cable operators don’t want you to know is that these bills can be negotiated.

Truebill is the ultimate hack for dealing with this — and making sure those bills take a smaller chunk out of your budget every month. Connect your bills to Truebill either online or by snapping a photo of one. Then, Truebill expert negotiators will try to lower your bills by finding hidden discounts and promos for you(they never downgrade or remove services, either, to help you save money, so no need to worry about that). And that’s it, chances are they’ll find you some serious savings.

Slash your monthly bills with Truebill.

5. This Is The Easiest Way To Shop For Car Insurance And Save Hundreds On It Too

Shopping for car insurance isn’t fun, and truthfully, no one should expect it to be. But what it definitely shouldn’t be is hard. With Quote Genius, it won’t be.

Quote Genius is a new service that makes it easy to compare rates for insurers in your area in one place.

No need for website hopping or filling out multiple questionnaires. All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself and your vehicle.  Quote Genius will then connect you with insurers in the area you prequalify for. Compare rates and when you’ve settled on a company and rate you like, complete the application to secure your policy. It’s that easy.

Shop for car insurance hassle-free and find the perfect policy for you with Quote Genius’ help.

6. Reduce Your Electricity Bill In 2 Minutes By Going Green

There aren’t many options to lowering your electric bill so discovering one can literally feel like finding Excalibur. Arcadia is basically your sword in the stone. It’s working to increase demand for renewable energy sources and save people money in the process.

If you live in Illinois, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New York or Colorado, Arcadia can help connect you to a community solar farm near you so that you save on your electricity bill (while also helping to save the planet).

Using community means you could end up paying between 5-10% less than what your utility charges. The exact number a household can save varies by location and how much energy it uses, but the average household saves $50 a year. Over time, those savings really add up. 

  • To see if there’s a community solar farm near you, do a search with Arcadia using your zip code and then select the utility provider that supplies your electricity.
  • If you’re eligible to receive your electricity from a community solar farm, Arcadia will tell you and quote you a price.
  • If you’re not eligible, you may still be able to get solar energy from one of Arcadia’s renewable wind farms. If so, they will let you know and you’ll be quoted a price for that.
  • After that, connect your utility account to the Arcadia platform by logging into it through Arcadia (you’re not switching your utility provider, just linking it to Arcadia) and start paying your bill through Arcadia.

Visit Arcadia to get a free account and see your sustainable energy usage rise.

7. Get This App To Cut Your WiFi And Cable Bill

Certain bills creep up every year if you’re not paying attention. Regularly negotiating your bills can help you keep the services you value at a rate you can afford. But let’s be honest, we’re not all pros at negotiating. Which is why thankfully there’s Billshark.

Billshark is an app with real people, called Sharks, working behind the scenes to negotiate monthly bills on your behalf, and they take their title seriously. The Sharks have an 85% success rate negotiating cable, wireless phone, satellite TV, internet, satellite radio, and home security from a huge number of national companies. The average savings they are able to find for people is between $300 to $500 per bill per year.

And the best part? If you don’t want to download another app or link your bank account, you don’t have to. You can easily upload your bills to Billshark via their website or email.

Download the Billshark app to see what bills the Sharks can negotiate for you.

8. Prepare For The Fact That Anything Can Happen: Protect Your Income From Life’s Curveballs

What would you do today if for some reason you were unable to work? Do you have enough money tucked away that could hold you over until you got back on your feet? Or maybe a passive source of income you could rely on? Don’t have an answer to these questions?

So many people get caught up in making enough money to pay the bills they forget to make backup plans for life’s curveballs like getting sick or injured.

The thing is, not all jobs provide disability insurance, and even if they do, they usually have major limitations.

Disability insurance is normally insanely expensive, but a new company called Breeze is changing that.

This completely online insurer makes it possible to obtain affordable and comprehensive coverage in 15 minutes. Just fill out a simple form, providing information about yourself and details about your occupation, select the coverage you’d like and apply. If you instantly qualify, you’ll get covered right away.

Plans start as low as $9 per month with benefit amounts ranging from $500 to $20,000.

Whatever your industry, your livelihood is not something to gamble with.

Protect your income with Breeze today.

9. Seriously Assess How Much You Are Paying For Your Phone Every Month And Cut Back

I think we can all agree that a phone is a 2019 necessity, but is it also necessary to spend almost $100 a month on your phone bill? I think we can all agree that’s a hard no. One of our favorite options for dramatically cutting back on the dreaded monthly phone bill is to a budget carrier such as Mint Mobile or Cricket.

10. Make A Vow To Never Pay A Late Fee Again

Paying late on rent, your credit card or a medical bill is going to be mean extra fees. Do whatever you can to pay bills on time to avoid these fees. The payoff will be huge.

Save On Paying Off Debt

11. This Has Got To Be The Easiest Way To Save Thousands On Your Credit Cards

For a lot of people saddled with huge amounts of credit card debt, consolidating may be the key to getting on the right financial track. Credible is one of the best first steps to find out what options are out there. It’s an online marketplace that provides borrowers with competitive, personalized loan offers from multiple, vetted lenders in real-time.

Using Credible, you can compare rates from multiple vetted lenders in just two minutes. From there, you will be able to figure out if you can reduce the amount of interest that you are paying on your credit card debts.

Credible is so confident in its rates that they’ll give you $200 if you find and close a loan with a better rate elsewhere.

There aren’t that many steps you can take to immediately shave thousands off of what you will ultimately pay your credit card company.

Check out Credible today and start saving on your credit cards.

12. Read Your Card Statements Thoroughly Every Month

So many people don’t read their credit card and debit card charges thoroughly every month. Not doing that means you could mistakes charges that are costing you money. It also means you might miss recurring charges that are costing you money unnecessarily. Make it a point to read your statements every month, and you’ll be sure to save money over time.

13. Not Making Progress With Your Credit Card Debt? You Need This App

Credit card debt has a nasty habit of sticking around for a long time thanks to the high-interest rates credit cards have. And it can be really stressful to manage, especially if you have a lot of debt spread across multiple cards.

Well, what if I told you a friendly little penguin named Charlie could help you pay it down faster? You’re probably wondering what in the world we’re talking about. We’ll tell you.

Charlie is an app, with a built-in debt pay off coach that’s a sweet little penguin by the same name. Charlie will help speed up your credit card debt pay off with a personalized plan (potentially saving you hundreds or thousands in interest) and help you find savings elsewhere too.

Here’s how it works:

Don’t let credit card debt hang over you for years on end. Use Charlie to help you pay it down faster so you can become debt-free sooner.

Download Charlie today so you start making strides your credit card debt pay off.

14. If You Own A Home And Need Cash Here’s How To Get It Without Taking On Debt

If you need cash — and maybe you need a lot of cash — the prospect of taking out a traditional loan with a high interest rate can seem really daunting and really expensive.

If you own a home, there is another option that you probably don’t know about to get cash — a home equity investment.

Not to be confused with a home equity loan — which you have to make monthly payments on — the company Hometap will invest in your home giving you a lump sum of money in exchange for a share of its future value.

Again, this isn’t a loan — when you sell your home down the line Hometap takes a share of the proceeds.

Here’s exactly how it works:

  1. Request an investment via Hometap (up to 30% of your home’s value or $300,000 max)
  2. If Hometap agrees to take a stake in your home it will send you the money (deducting 3% closing fees)
  3. Once you have the money do whatever you need to do with it like pay off credit card debt or do that kitchen renovation you have been dying to do for years

When you ultimately sell your home, Hometap gets an agreed up percentage of your home’s value (and don’t worry if the value of your home goes down Hometap will actually share in the depreciation, so no need to worry about being penalized)
If you need cash and own your home, this is definitely something to consider, because you won’t be taking on debt.

Consider Hometap today to get cash without taking on debt.

15. Shave Thousands Off Of What You Ultimately Pay On Your Student Loans

If you have private student loans (the key here is private) there may be an option to shave thousands off of what you ultimately pay on them. Because private student loan borrowers usually first take out these student loans when they have a limited credit profile (as young adults, starting college) they are treated as high-risk borrowers by lenders initially. But a person’s situation might have changed dramatically since graduating and entering the workforce.

In plain English: If you have good credit, a decent paying job, and have graduated, you are likely a prime candidate to refinance. Stop paying high interest rates you had no choice but to agree to back in the day.

Credible is a great resource to start your refinancing search. The online marketplace allows you to easily compare and contrast rates and options from multiple borrowers at once. You’ll also get actual rates in just two minutes (a lot of comparison sites promise this, but then don’t deliver).

See what options are available to you with Credible now and set yourself up to save big.

16. Here’s How To Save On Your Credit Cards — And It Takes 5 Minutes

Not many people know that if you call to ask for a discount or payment delay, many companies will actually give it to you. After all, it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Save On Groceries And Shopping

17. Save $240 On Groceries With This App

While food coupons are an excellent money saver, remembering to use can be difficult. With the online coupon app Ibotta, you can easily access all your coupons in one place without having to clip them from a coupon book (win)!

Simply sign-up for Ibotta and browse the app for cashback coupons that make the most sense for you. Then, just go to the store and buy those items, making sure to save your receipt. That’s when you’re going to want to scan your receipt with the Ibotta app so you can get cash back within 48 hours.

The average Ibotta user saves $240 a year, so this is definitely worth your time.

Get started with Ibotta today and start saving.

18. Here’s How To Turn Your Receipts Into Gift Cards

Most people just throw away receipts when they get them. That’s a big mistake, though, because Fetch Rewards can turn your receipts into gift cards.

It’s super easy to earn free gift card for shopping with Fetch Rewards without clipping coupons. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download Fetch Rewards
  2. Snap a picture of your receipts and the app will comb through it for participating products. Any eligible purchases you’ve made score you points.
  3. Redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite grocery stores like Whole Foods, Walmart, Target and hundreds of other retailers like Amazon, Sephora, and Nordstrom.

Sign up today and use code TMMLOVESYOU to get 2,000 bonus points immediately when you upload your first receipt. This is free money, people!

Turn your receipts into gift cards with some help from Fetch Rewards.

19. Play These Free Scratch-Offs And Stop Wasting Money

We love a good game of chance as much as the next person, but constantly spending money on lottery tickets or scratch card games isn’t the most effective way to make money. We’re not here to try to get you to stop, but we are gonna tell you a way to keep the fun going without spending a fortune over time — Lucktastic.

Lucktastic is a free app that offers free daily scratch card games that can score you some serious cash and the app’s tokens, which you can use to enter contests. We know what you’re wondering: Is it legit? Well, 220,000 people have already scored major rewards with the app.

The app adds new games every day so there’s always a chance to win, plus consecutive days of game play will earn you daily rewards ranging from bonus tokens to contest entries. Lucktastic’s biggest scratch card cash prizes are $5,000 and $10,000. Once you start accumulating tokens you’ll also be eligible to enter Lucktastic’s highly lucrative contests, including its $1 million Crack The Code Contest (ends 4/6/2021) and its “Sweet Money” contest with a prize of $100,000 (ends 2/4/2021), which you can use for anything like a new baby, college tuition, a car and more. Money on top of money on top of money.

When your account balance is at least $2, you can cash your winnings in for cash or gift cards (to places like Amazon, Walmart and JC Penny). If you have a balance of $10 and up, you can get your money mailed via check.

Pro tip: Come back daily to spin the wheel where you can win instant prizes and Download a few free offers from the app’s offer wall where you’ll earn the most tokens. This way you can collect tokens faster for more opportunities to redeem them for contest entries and gift cards.

Get daily opportunities to win big when you download Lucktastic for free.

20. Make It A Point To Give Up One Expensive Habit

Even the most frugal among us have at least a few expensive habits that we could do without. Just pick one to think about giving up — be in shopping for fast fashion every now and then, getting a manicure, takeout, big spending on a pet — whatever one of your things is. Then just give it up for a few months and drop that money into your savings. It could make a big difference.

21. Try To Wait Till The End Of The Month To Make Big Purchases

You can potentially save a lot of money if you wait to make a big purchase till the end of the month — think a car. That’s because sales reps often have quotas to meet every month, and they are going to be more willing to cut you a deal at the end of the month.

22. Cut Your Own Carrots

And pineapple. And mango. And red peppers. You get the point — its more expensive when you buy precut fruit and vegetables. So do yourself a favor, get out a knife, cut your own fruit and vegetables, and save some cash.

23. Swapping Clothing > Buying Clothing

Rather than heading to the mall and spending a ton on new clothes, host a clothing swap with your friends and family. Bring clothes you are willing to part with and exchange them for some new threads without spending a penny. You’ll also win some brownie points with your friends for organizing.

24. Make Buying In Bulk Your Thing

It may not seem intuitive, but the more of an item that you buy, the less you are going to end up paying in the long run. Get yourself a Costco membership, or a membership to another wholesaler, and take advantage of buying in bulk. Live in a small space? Partner up with a few friends to go in on buying bulk toilet paper, chips, and more to reap these savings.

25. Buy Generic Whenever Possible

Especially when you are shopping at places like Walgreens and CVS, look to buy the generic brands of products. They are always cheaper, sometimes even by a few dollars. Do you really need to spend a few extra dollars on name brand toothpaste? We didn’t think so.

26. Be Patient For Sales

This may seem obvious, but for impulse shoppers, it’s important to remember – there’s always another sale coming up!

Save On Travel

27. Use This Hack To Never Pay Sticker Price For Flights Again

We’ll let you in our little secret for dreaming big when it comes to travel, but spending as little as possible — Scott’s Cheap Flights. They search hundreds of routes every day and email you when there’s an amazing deal departing from your airport. You can end up saving 90% on domestic flights because of this email, which even comes with mistake fares and rare deals, which is where the crazy bargains come in. It’s also those deals that make using Scott’s Cheap Flights that much better than just searching Kayak or Expedia for deals.

Most flights are one-stop or nonstop on reputable airlines like Southwest, United, Delta, American, Alaska, and jetBlue, and they don’t send deals on flights on airlines that charge a ton of extra fees as a rule.

Deals are for flights 2-10 months in advance, so you can use it to plan ahead too for things like holiday travel.

Their premium plan comes out to just $49 for an entire year (and amount you’ll probably make back on your first flight). Sign-up today and you can get two weeks free, to see just how amazing this newsletter is.

Start dreaming of your next trip with help from Scott’s Cheap Flights.

28. Walk, Bike, Carpool

Try and choose the transportation method that is going to cost you the least amount of money. If you live close to work, opt to walk or bike rather than taking your car and spending gas money. If that’s not an option, why not carpool with some co-workers. The savings will start to add up almost immediately.

Use These Tools To Save On Taxes

29. Here’s How The Smartest Freelancers Save On Their Taxes

When you’re a freelancer, filing taxes can get complicated. Does your in-home office count as a tax deduction? What about that Uber ride you took to a meeting? Not knowing the answers to these questions can mean leaving hundreds or even thousands in tax write-offs on the table, which means you pay more than you have to at tax time. It can also mean receiving a smaller tax refund than you’re owed. But Keeper Tax can make sure you get to claim all of the tax write-offs you’re eligible for to save you money — even the really obscure ones.

Keeper Tax is an expense tracking software that people who earn 1099 income can use to find tax deductions for all of their business-related expenses. It claims to save customers an average of $6,428 per year.

Here’s how Keeper Tax works:

  1. Link your desired bank accounts and credit or debit cards and it will scan your past purchases for tax write-offs you may have missed
  2. From there, you’ll be assigned a personal bookkeeper who will monitor your purchases throughout the year
  3. Once a day, you’ll receive a text asking about recent transactions to help your bookkeeper identify whether or not it was work-related
  4. Keeper Tax will neatly organize and categorize all of your work expenses for you
  5. You can even use Keeper Tax to file your taxes when the times come, and if not, you can just export your tax documents to whatever tax filing service you choose.

Try Keeper Tax for free for 30 days. After that, pay $24/month. And because you’ll be using Keeper Tax for business expense tracking, it’s also tax-deductible!

This is a game-changer when it comes to saving money if you have freelance earnings.

30. This Tax Hack Can Make All Of The Difference For Saving On Your Health Expenses

You’ve likely heard the term Health Savings Account (otherwise known as HSAs) being tossed around. People have probably told you it’s a really good thing to take advantage of to save on health expenses, but you’ve never really known what the heck it is and how to do it.

We are going to break it down, don’t worry.

An HSA is a tax-advantaged account that people who have health insurance under a high-deductible health plan use to save for medical expenses that are above their plan’s coverage limits or aren’t included in their plan.

Here are the perks to doing that:

  • The money is tax-deductible
  • You don’t pay taxes on the account’s growth
  • When you make withdrawals for expenses you don’t pay taxes HSA contributions don’t count towards your tax burden, so by putting money in an HSA you’ll be taxed as if you make less

What counts as expenses? Prescriptions, dental, therapy, glasses, and even massages can be covered! It’s a really great thing to do for your finances, it won’t cost you anything to get started, and you’ll be saving money.

Now, how do you sign-up for one of these accounts? Lively’s HSAs make it super easy.

Lively has free HSA accounts for individuals and families. That means no hidden fees. There’s also no minimum cash balance required and you can fund your account with one time deposits or set up recurring contributions with a linked bank account. If your job offers employer contributions, you can set that up for your account too. All money transfers are fee-free.

The accounts are FDIC-insured and use bank-grade security. They offer a lot of resources and support so you can best put this account to good use.

Lively has saved its account holders over $1.8 million and growing. Sign-up  for LivelyASAP to get started.

Save On Banking And Investment Account Fees

31. Change Where You Bank So Your Money Is Safe From Hidden Fees

Juggling various financial obligations, needs and goals is always tough. The last thing anyone needs to worry about losing their money to hidden fees being charged by their banks.

Banks make billions of dollars in fees every year — account maintenance fees, overdraft fees, transaction fees. Basically, whatever service a bank provides, there’s typically a fee associated with it one way or another.

Let’s call it as we see it: This is just dumb.

When you bank with Chime you won’t have to worry about hidden fees eating up your hard-earned money.

Here’s why we love it, and a few reasons why it might not be right for you.

The Pros:

  • Chime accounts have no minimum balance fees, monthly fees or foreign transaction fees
  • It has more than 38,000 fee-free ATMs via Visa Plus Alliance and MoneyPass
  • Gives access to your paycheck up to 2 days early when you set up direct deposit
  • Allows you to save money towards your goals with automatic round ups on purchases made with the Chime debit card

The Cons:

  • Chime doesn’t offer joint accounts
  • There are ATM fees when you choose an out-of-network ATM
  • Chime doesn’t offer personal checks, though it can send one on your behalf

If a Chime bank account sounds like it would be a game-changer for you, (and it would be for a lot of people) make a $200 deposit, and get started. It only takes two minutes to sign-up.

Protect your money by banking fee-free with Chime.

32. Manage Your Money And Look For Jobs In One Place

It is equally hard to make and save money. Wouldn’t it be nice to do all of that in one place? Any advantage here is going to be a good thing.

Acorns is really that one-stop-shop allowing you to:

  • Save
  • Invest
  • Start preparing for retirement
  • Round up your change on purchases and invest it
  • Save, particularly for your kids

But they have a new really cool feature within the app that is all about growing your income: you can search for jobs within the app.

Within the Acorns jobs feature, you’ll be able to explore millions of full-time, part-time and remote jobs to earn money and boost your potential income.

It goes without saying that boosting your income is a key to being able to save more and grow wealth.

And Acorns is really great because when you do use Acorns to boost your income with a better job, you can then turn around and make sure that that money is working for you within the Acorns app by investing. There’s really no other app like it.

See what job opportunities are available on Acorns now.

33. Teach Your Kids Good Money Saving Habits With This Debit Card And App

When it comes to building good financial habits, it’s best to start young. With Greenlight, parents can start teaching their kids, of whatever age, how to budget, save and spend wisely with its parental-controlled debit card.

Most big bank parental-controlled accounts have very basic features like quick transfers, account monitoring and alerts and set allowances. With Greenlight, you get more features to help you teach your kids the value of a dollar and smart money management.

What parents can do with the card and app:

  • Use the Greenlight app to create a chores list connected to perks
  • Personalize your child’s debit card with their image
  • Schedule weekly or monthly allowance
  • Instantly transfer funds to the card
  • Turn the card on and off from the app
  • Set parent-paid interest rates on savings (meaning encourage your kids to save)
  • Get notifications anytime the card is used
  • Set store specific spend controls for the card
  • Control access and limits for ATM withdrawals

What kids can do with the card and app:

  • Manage their own budgets
  • Direct deposit their paychecks
  • Use the Greenlight app to track the balances of their Spend, Save and Give accounts
  • Create custom savings goals
  • Receive money from friends and family with Greenlight Gift
  • Use Apple Pay
  • With card and account features like this, you’ll be able to teach your kids real-world lessons in financial responsibility that can set them up for financial success.

You can try Greenlight for free for 30 days. After that, only play $4.99/month for up to five kids.

Give your kid a head start on a strong financial future with Greenlight.

Use These Tools To Improve Your Credit And Save Big Later

34. Check Your Credit Score — And Save Big Over Time

There’s rarely a quick fix for anything, but with the help of Experian Boost, you can instantly improve your FICO Score (that’s the score most lenders use). On average, Experian Boost helps users boost their FICO Score by 13 points. That’s no small feat!

So how can you use Experian Boost to instantly improve your FICO Score? The app makes it possible for you to use the payment history for your phone and utility bills to count towards your credit score. Payment history makes up 35% of your credit score and creditors usually report it to credit bureaus every 30 days. Typically phone and utility bills aren’t considered in your credit score unless you make several late payments on them. So, if you have a good track record when it comes to paying these bills, Experian Boost can really make a difference in your FICO Score.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect whatever bank account(s) you use to pay your bills (your information remains private)
  2. Choose and verify the positive payment history you want to be added to your Experian Boost credit file
  3. Get boosted results instantly

The best part about Experian Boost is that the service is 100% free.

Sometimes, a few points of improvement on your credit is all you need to open the door to new financial possibilities and to save money in the long haul.

Sign up for Experian Boost to get an instant boost on your FICO score.

35. Stop Letting Mistakes On Your Credit Report Cost You Money

A lot of people have mistakes on their credit report and don’t even know about them. In fact, according to a 2013 FTC study, one in five Americans have an error on at least one of their three credit reports. And those mistakes are costly. Clean them up, and you can save a lot of money.

Repairing damage on a credit report can be a long and taxing process, but the credit repair service Dovly will work as your own personal credit repair assistant to identify and rectify any inaccuracies negatively impacting your score.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get access to your credit score and downloadable credit reports from up to three major credit bureaus to compare in one place
  2. Select items on your reports that you want to dispute and Dovly’s software will take care of the rest
  3. Monitor Dovly’s progress on your disputes right through your account portal

Dovly user Wally said of his experience: “I had been fighting to remove a collection that wasn’t mine for over a year. [Dovly] got it done in about a month and removed a couple of other collections which were questionable.”*

Many Dovly customers see results in one to six months and customers experience an average improvement of 50 points on their scores.

Whether you’re just starting to build credit, looking to improve it, or just want help maintaining the good place yours is in, Dovly is a major asset to managing your credit score. And as we all know having a good credit score is key to be financially healthy and ultimately saving money on things like loans, rent deposits and more.

Dovly is available in all states except for GA, ID, KS, ME, and MN.

Fix the mistakes on your credit report now. Don’t wait.


Curb Your Spending And Save Better For Your Financial Goals

36. Put Saving Money On Automatic Pilot

It’s so hard to save fast enough for the things you really want after all the bills are paid. What if there was a better way where you could save money without even trying? Well, we have a little hack that makes stocking away money much easier than you might think: Digit.

Digit helps you save money effortlessly. It works very differently from other saving apps by analyzing your spending and automatically transferring small amounts of money throughout the month into a savings account so you don’t even miss the cash.

All you have to do is sign-up, create a “savings goal” and watch your fund build in the background. The cash is always accessible, so the risk is absolutely zero. Getting to your goal is going to be much easier than you might think!

Not convinced? Try it for free for 30 days! After that, only pay $5/month.

37. This Nonprofit Will Actually Pay You To Save Money

One of the first money management lessons that we are taught is to save money for the future. Unfortunately, good money habits are hard to form, especially when you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck. Well, what if we told you you could get paid to save? Bet that got your attention. Good, then let us tell you about Saverlife, a nonprofit that’s helping nearly 200,000 people across America save more money and is paying them to do it.

Here’s how:

  • When you sign up, you’ll earn points for taking actions to improve your finances, like saving money, reading helpful articles, and using budgeting tools.
  • When you earn 250 points, you can redeem them to play Scratch & Save. Scratch & Save is SaverLife’s digital scratch card game.
  • Every time you play, you could win $5. SaverLife announces 200 winners for this game every week!

To start saving and earning with SaverLife, all you have to do is go to its website, sign up with your email and connect your PayPal or bank account by logging into it through the website. SaverLifewill then track your savings from there and reward you as you meet its weekly and monthly goals. With support like this, saving money will become your new hobby.

Start earning by saving with SaverLife.

38. Only Use Cash To Keep On Track

With credit cards, it can be so easy to shop without really thinking about the price. To help put each purchase in perspective, try only carrying and using cash for a month. It’s much harder to spend when you see the money disappearing before your eyes!

39. Clear Your Browsing History

You can save a lot of money if you just remember to clear your cache and browser history before you buy something. Companies your searches based on your cache and history and often raise prices with this information. Particularly with airline tickets you can save a lot of money just doing this one thing regularly.

40. As A Rule, Don’t Emotional Shop

Breakups are tough… and so is the bill at the end of an emotional shopping day. Instead of grabbing your wallet at the end of a bad day, grab a bar of soap and take a bath to decompress rather than max out your credit card. And yes, this tip is for both men and women.

41. Stop Saving Your Payment Information On E-Commerce Sites

There’s a reason e-commerce sites allow customers to save their payment information–it makes checking out easier and people are more willing to part with their money. Make parting with your money harder as a rule. By not saving your payment information on e-commerce sites, and making it harder to check out, you’ll be more likely to not buy something, and more apt to save money.

42. Actually Sit Down And Make A Budget (Like, Now)

It’s a classic piece of advice, but it is also one of the most effective ways for you to keep your savings account from springing a leak. Take an afternoon to yourself and really work on making a budget that works with your lifestyle. Then do whatever you have to do to stick with it.

43. Ask Your Landlord For A Rent Discount

In trying times, it never hurts to ask for discounts. Given rent is usually everyone’s biggest expense, even a small percentage change can add up to a big saving in the long run.

44. Take Fancy But Most Importantly Free Fitness Classes

Whether it’s spin, pilates, or yoga, fitness classes are an excellent, but very expensive method of getting fit. Thankfully, most fitness studios offer discounted or free classes for first-time visitors. If you take the time to source them out, you will have a pretty robust list of free fitness classes to take advantage of.

45. Stop Buying Gifts Completely

Birthdays and holidays may be fun, but they often come with the expectation that you spend a lot of money buying gifts for people. Cut down on those gift prices by DIYing your presents. Knit a scarf, mason jar some granola, just make something that shows you made an effort while also saving money. Over time that’s money in your savings account.

46. Stop Buying $5 Coffee Every Day

That half-caf soy milk latte is not worth the five-plus dollars you are paying for it every day. A much better investment is to brew your morning joe at home and if you want to be fancy, buy yourself a milk frother so you can DIY your own latte.

47. Leave Your Wallet At Home

If you are taking a walk, picking up a delivery, or just stopping by a friend’s house to say hi, try and leave your wallet at home so that you won’t be tempted to stop and part with your hard-earned cash. If you don’t have any money on you, how can you possibly spend?

48. Start Living For Happy Hour

There is a reason it’s called a Happy Hour: because people are happy to be having their favorite cocktail for half-price. Try and always take advantage of happy hour so you aren’t spending an arm and a leg on regular full-priced cocktails. Hunt down the happy hours with free food, so you can double up the savings.