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10 Ways For Teens To Make Money This Summer

Mekelle Bess
July 10, 2018

Summer jobs can teach valuable lessons to kids and teens. With work they learn responsibility, time-management skills, how to budget and good work habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Summer jobs have even been linked to higher high school graduation and lower crime involvement rates in kids. They really end up having an impact.

Not all teens are old enough to work in a retailer this summer, and the jobs might already be taken at the local ice cream shop in town.

Here are 10 jobs every teenager can do this summer to earn some extra cash.

1. Work around the neighborhood

There are endless jobs people are willing to pay people for help with around their houses and yards. And all you need is to be able to knock on doors or hang up flyers to start your own little business. Cleaning gutters, mowing lawns and washing windows are a few jobs to start with. Team up with a friend or two to make this more fun.

2. Wash cars

Car washes are pretty expensive these days, with $10 barely covering your most basic soap and water wash. With a few supplies, you can wash cars all around the neighborhood. You can even advertise on Facebook, too. If you’re setting up a car wash for a day, make sure to choose a high-traffic location and get approval to be there. Then it’s off to the races to make cash.

3. Help people move

Summer is a busy time for move-in and move-outs and people can always use a helping hand loading and unloading the moving truck. It’s a great physical job to make good money this summer. TaskRabbit is a great resource for listing yourself as a mover to be hired for jobs around your area, but you can also do it the old fashioned way posting signs around the neighborhood advertising your services.

4. Sell bottled water

You’re past the lemonade-stand age, so sell bottled water instead. Use your  Costco or Sam’s Club membership to stock up on cases of water and sell them at outdoor events around town. Just make sure your city allows it before you start.

5. Babysit

Kids are home all summer and working parent or not, babysitters are in high demand. Send out flyers, promote yourself on the neighborhood or group Facebook pages or on to pick up local jobs. You might even consider choosing a week out of the summer to host your own “summer camp” for a few hours a day (say from 9 am to noon). Choose the age of kids you want to enroll, find fun, cheap activities to do with them and you can make a few hundred dollars a week easily! Just think, if every kid paid $50 for the week and you have six kids sign up, that’s $300 per week (or $20 per hour!).

6. Coach or teach a skill

Are you a high school athlete? Math whizz? Or concert pianist? Use your skills to promote yourself as a coach or teacher this summer to kids in your area.

7. Dog sit or dog walk

This is an easy job to promote via flyers, Facebook or using Rover. Set your hourly or daily rate and you ’ll be sure to be busy with everyone travelling and taking summer vacations.

8. Sell produce from the garden

If you’ve got an overproducing garden at home, sign up to sell your produce at the local farmers market. You’ll have a mini business empire in no time.

9. Sell your clothes

There’s nothing like a good purge or summer clean out around the house or in your closet. Sell your clothes or accessories on Ebay, thredUP or Facebook marketplace this summer to bring in some extra cash.

10. Host a garage sale

Speaking of purging, a garage sale is an awesome way to clean house and make extra money. Gather the things your parents have been storing unused for years, or have just been sitting in your closet, and set up a Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning garage sale.

Feature Illustration: Laura Caseley For The Money Manual

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