Not A Drill: Walmart Is Hiring Truck Drivers With A Yearly Salary Of Almost $90,000

Leah Bourne
January 29, 2019

It’s pretty common knowledge that we are in the midst of a labor shortage. To take advantage of it, it’s really just a matter of finding the jobs that employers are quite simply throwing money at in order to fill them. Case in point, a truck driver salary that is in the stratospheres: Walmart is paying almost $90,000 to lure truck drivers, per CNBC.

Beginning this February, Walmart will raise truck driver salaries to $87,500. There is a massive shortage of truckers, and The American Trucking Association estimates that there are 48,000 vacant trucking jobs (thus, the need for such a high truck driver salary).

Not only will Walmart drivers earn that base salary, they will earn an additional one cent per mile and extra pay for arriving early. Other benefits include three weeks of paid time-off in a driver’s first year, quarterly bonuses for driving safe, and a guarantee two days a week at home.

This is a pretty sweet gig as far as compensation goes, especially when compared to the median annual wage for most truck drivers in the US: $45,5000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Only 10% of truckers earn above $64,000.

Something tells us this isn’t the only great opportunity to spring from the labor shortage, either. We will keep an eye on other opportunities, so watch this space.

Feature Image: Twenty20

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