Looking To Upskill So You Can Make More Money? Take One Of These 12 Online Classes

Updated: November 25, 2020
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With all of us likely spending a lot more time at home these days, there has truly been no better time to upskill.  Say you’ve always wanted to learn coding, or you’ve wanted to learn the basics of dropshipping or you’ve wanted to up your game when it comes to photo editing so you can turn your passion for photography into a side hustle? We can’t recommend enough finding an online class that addresses where you want to go in life, so you can get to work upping your skills, while you also bring in more money.

We’ve searched far and wide for some of the best online classes to upskill and these are 12 that we think will make a massive difference in your professional development. Just make sure to give us a shout out on your way to greatness.

1. Become A Pro Selling On Ebay And Amazon

A lot of people are starting small businesses selling things on Ebay and Amazon. If this is something that has ever interested you, we highly suggest taking a few online courses to become as informed as possible. Doing this will really set you ahead of the pack with your small business. With this multi-course program there are offerings including a class about the top items to sell on Amazon, how to launch a private label on Amazon, automated product sourcing systems best or Ebay and Amazon, how to find success with dropshipping, and so much more. Previously this program cost a whopping $2,3888, but is now available for a dramatically reduced price.

$29, head here to enroll.

2. Learn How To Start Your Photography Business — From Shooting, Editing, Marketing And More

If photography is a passion of yours, and you’ve been interested in turning it into a business for a while, this program is a great fit for you. From how to become a pro in Adobe Lightroom to how to master Photoshop retouching, to mastering Canon DSLR photography, anyone would come out of this program much stronger as a photographer and ready to turn their hobby into a side hustle. While it is normally $1,164 for all of the courses in this program, for a limited time it is very discounted.

$29, head here to enroll.

3. Build An Online Business With 40+ Hours Of Training

Almost every type of promising business right now is an online business. You don’t want to be left behind while everyone else figures out how to cash in on the online gold rush. In this program take classes on the steps needed to launch an online business including a complete guide to running a web development business, freelancing with Youtube, WordPress, Upwork, and Fiverr, and much more. This program is normally $962, but it is very discounted right now.

$39, head here to enroll.

4. How To Ear Extra Cash With Amazon Business, YouTube, Freelance Gigs and More

Everybody seems to be earning extra cash selling products via Amazon, YouTube and more, but how are they doing it? This online education program will help you dig into exactly that so you can do it too. In this program there is a step-by-step guide to launching a product on Amazon, a class on how to have a viral product launch, how to earn income on Youtube, and how to create a financial model for your small business. Consider this one stop shop, you are going to learn so much. The program normally costs $1,829, but is on a super sale.

$49, head here to enroll.

5. How To Best Monetize Being A Freelancer (No Business Degree Required)

This class will empower you to take your skills and monetize them as a freelancer. After this class, you will be able to identify competitors, price your services, and develop skills to network so that you can land that next deal. The class is taught by Andrew Whelan an accomplished career coach and small business owner who has helped hundreds of freelancers achieve professional success. As a part of this class, you will build a freelance plan of action, develop a freelance network, learn how to analyze your worth and your rate, and so much more. It’s all pretty invaluable stuff.

$14.99, head here to enroll.

6. Learn How To Start A Home Based Photography Studio Business

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Time to earn some extra income by building your own studio. This course will show you how to set up a home studio on a budget, make the right choices on equipment, and start building a business you can be proud of. In this course you’ll learn how to set up a studio, figure out the equipment you’ll need, start mastering lighting setups and more. The program is run by Mark Timberlake who has over 12 years experience in online retail and over six years experience as a commercial photographer, and is eager to pass on the practical skills he’s learned over the years.

$22, head here to enroll.

7. Start An Online Coaching Business And Land A Client In 30 Days

How would your life change if you could start an online coaching business and could easily land several high-ticket coaching clients who’d be happy to pay you $1,000 to $10,000 or more for your coaching services? With this online program, you will learn step-by-step exactly how to start and build a profitable coaching business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. The courses included in this program range from how to start a profitable coaching business to Quickbooks training. This program is a game changer for those interested in starting a coaching business.

$29.99, head here to enroll.

8. The Voice-Over Mastery Class

Voice-over artistry (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique where a voice that is not part of the narrative is used in radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations. From basic voice-over techniques to studio etiquette and marketing yourself, this course walks you through the essentials for catalyzing your own career as a voice-over artist. This program will cover everything from basic technique to how to create a demo reel. While the program normally costs $522, it is majorly discounted right now.

$9.99, head here to enroll.

9. Learn The Essentials Of Coding With 16.5 Hours Of Training

$44, head here to enroll.

10. The Complete Personal Finance Course

11. The Ultimate Intro To Investing

$29.99, head here to enroll.

12. The Accounting Mastery Bootcamp

$29.99, head here to enroll.