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The search for a competent financial advisor out of the large number of professionals in that space can make anyone apprehensive. Identifying an advisor with the right qualifications, background, and experience is hard because many people don’t have enough knowledge to make an informed choice, or don’t have enough money to be attractive to the most talented advisers.

WiserAdvisor may have a solution to these problems. Let’s take a look at what makes It so attractive.

What Is WiserAdvisor?

WiserAdvisor’s mission is to help consumers find the best financial advisor for their needs. Prior to admitting the advisors into its network, the company ensures these professionals go through a rigorous vetting process so that folks are matched with an advisor who is skillful, professional, and dedicated to high standards.

WiserAdviser is much more than just a search directory of financial advisors, too. It also offers online financial tools that help you approach any potential advisor better informed about your own financial state of affairs.

A Few Things That Make WiserAdvisor Unique:

Financial Advisory Directory

WiserAdvisor’s nationwide financial advisor directory is a searchable database of quality money managers. Advisors run the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to small firms and are carefully vetted before being added to the database.

Consumers can be assured that all advisors are either fee-only or fee-based and have a 5-year clear FINRA/SEC record. All WiserAdvisor recommended professionals have spent a minimum of five years working with clients.

To use the directory, or the free match service, simply enter your zip code and respond to some easy questions.

Once you complete the questions you’ll be sent a text and an email to confirm that you’re interested in receiving recommended advisors.

After that WiserAdvisor will match you with three possible advisors, hand picking them based off the answers you gave to the questions. After that you’ll be given a completely free initial consultation to pick the best advisor to fit your needs and style.

And don’t worry, if you don’t like the three advisors that WiserAdvisor initially matched you with, they’ll give you three additional recommendations to choose from.

Blog and Financial Calculators

WiserAdvisor’s blog is a helpful resource for valuable information in a wide range of categories. The company’s writers and editors, many of whom are financial professionals themselves, update the blog every week.

These experts share knowledge on a range of topics, such as retirement, financial planning, investing, saving for college, tax and estate planning. You can filter articles by any of these categories.

The service also offers financial calculators that can help you plan for retirement, estimate the effects of inflation, and even select the right IRA.

Who Is WiserAdvisor Best For?

WiserAdvisor works best for busy professionals who want to invest their hard-earned money, but don’t have the time to research every financial professional out there. WiserAdvisor’s database handles that job for you by setting the initial criteria of 5 years experience and a clean FINRA/SEC record.

The site also works for people who are looking for the most qualified advisors in their particular area without having to make a ton of phone calls.

What Does WiserAdvisor Cost?

WiserAdvisor’s advisor database is free for consumers to use. Financial professionals pay a fee to be part of WiserAdvisor’s database as long as they pass the pre-screening process.

Users aren’t obligated to hire any financial advisor that they are matched with. WiserAdvisor only matches the financial advisers to consumers based on their needs. And on top of that they offer a free initial consult to make sure you pick an advisor that is the best fit.

It’s also important to note that they do not offer any financial services for compensation. This means no conflict of interest exists between WiserAdvisor and the financial professionals they work with.

What People Are Saying About WiserAdvisor

WiserAdvisor maintains a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating on TrustPilot, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The site has been reviewed 266 times on TrustPilot.

Users who rate the site favorably cite the quality of the financial advisors that WiserAdvisor offers. They also cite the tailoring of search results to the specific needs of the user, and the quick response they received from advisers matched to them.

Users who were not happy with WiserAdvisor were dissatisfied with the availability of financial professionals in their immediate area.

Our Verdict On WiserAdvisor

WiserAdvisor is a highly useful site for obtaining general financial information on a variety of topics. The company’s blog is a wealth of information and its financial calculators are very intuitive and easy to use.

But where WiserAdvisor really shines is its database of vetted financial professionals. Anyone, anywhere in the country can find qualified, experienced financial help.

All of these resources are free of charge to the consumer and are well worth investigating.

Get started with your free search for a financial advisor with WiserAdvisor’s help today.