Must Read: Why June Could Be A Scary Month For Your Money, Who Has Enough Cash To Get Through This Crisis?

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These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

1. How To Thoughtfully Prepare For The Recession

Give yourself a day to hyperventilate. Give yourself a day to cry. Then, get to work protecting yourself from the incoming recession (which most economists believe we are already in). (The Good Trade)

2. Who Has Enough Cash To Get Through The Coronavirus Crisis?

A lot of Americans are getting criticized for not having an emergency fund saved up to deal with the coronavirus crisis. The reason why so many people don’t have one saved is a lot more complicated than you might think. (NY Times)

3. How Concerned Are People Right Now About Their Finances?

People are being laid off left and right. The world is in chaos. So how do people feel about their personal finances? (The Motley Fool)

4. This Is What Happens To A Person’s Unpaid Debts When They Pass Away

This is a question that we get all of the time here at The Money Manual. Great to finally have an answer. (CNBC)

5. Why June Could Be A Scary Month For People’s Money

A lot of folks are in a precarious financial situation right now. It might get worse unfortunately, which is something to prepare for. (USA Today)

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