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Must Read: Executives Who Only Earn $1, Does Basic Income Make People Happier?

Christina Biagioli
June 21, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

One Clear Result Of Finland’s Basic Income Trial: It Made People Happier

Basic income is a concept that’s being tested in various parts of the world to record its effects on human well-being. It’s a set payment that is given to everyone within a community that is not dependent upon whether or not they are employed. Finland recently implemented this policy within an area of the country, but with a few tweaks. Here’s what happened along with its implications for the rest of the world. (Medium)

The Risk Of Being Unhirable After Retiring Early Is Overblown

Sam from Financial Samurai was once criticized by a commenter on one of his posts who said that Sam would no longer be employable in his previous position because he had retired early and would have slim chances of getting a similar role back. He takes us through the potential reasons why he may have a harder time getting back into the job market and states why he still might have a shot. (Financial Samurai)

13 Top Executives Who Earn A $1 Salary Or Less

We frequently hear about CEOs of large companies in the news, but what’s often not reported upon is that top-level executives often take a $1 salary once they’ve completed their fortunes. Some of these individuals still have stock options and bonuses, but many of them have done away with those as well… (Business Insider)

Modern Enlightenment: 6 Qualities Of A Quiet Mind

When you make yourself free from irrational fears, you can see clearly and enlightenment is reached. The author of this piece has coached various professionals to help eliminate fear and negative mind chatter. This is how he defines a quiet mind and the elements that accompany it. (Thrive Global)

11 To-Dos To Be Successful And Earn More

Spending less and earning more are the goals, right? Having more to save and become financially independent is the place to be … but what are the steps to getting there? It requires working on yourself and putting in time to think about what that means. (Her Money Mind)

What You Can Learn About Personal Finance From The Real Housewives

The Real Housewives are prime examples of the idea that you can have a lot of money and still easily go bankrupt or become a victim of debt. With several of them getting into divorces that lead them into difficult financial situations and others trying to keep up with their glamorous lifestyle and losing it all as a result, it’s clear that there are lessons to be learned for everyone within the confines of a Bravo TV series. (Two Cents/ Life Hacker)

24 Family Minimalist Blogs To Help You Simplify Your Life

When you’re looking to make a change to a more minimalist lifestyle, you’re looking to downsize what’s already present in your life and make things simpler, not more complicated, on a financial level. This is very different than the “normal” goal of a family in our country, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some families who choose to live in this manner – and they do it really well. (Freedom Sprout)

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