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Best Bingo Sites [2024] 

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Shouting, “BINGO!” brings a smile to everyone’s face.

That feeling of winning — plus the money — makes bingo one of the most fun games to play. 

Did you know that bingo became a nationwide phenomenon in 1929 after being promoted at carnivals?

Now, bingo is available right on your phone! And it’s not just a game of luck anymore. Learn how the best bingo sites challenge your mind and reflexes and let you earn real money.

I’ll reveal the best bingo cash app, along with our full list of trusted bingo games for Android and iOS.

The Best Bingo Sites 

1 – Blackout Bingo 

Available On: iOS and Android

The best bingo sites let you win real money, and Blackout Bingo by the trusted gaming platform Skillz is at the very top of the list. 

With Blackout Bingo, you can practice for free. And then, when you feel ready, you can enter skills-based bingo tournaments to earn money. 

Entry fees vary widely, from less than a dollar to hundreds of dollars for a single game. So winnings also vary widely, based on how high stakes the games are that you choose to play. You can cash out your winnings via PayPal or Apple Pay. 

Blackout Bingo gameply in progress, inviting you to compete in this skill-based bingo game for cash and prizes.
Blackout Bingo is the best bingo cash app, letting you win real money when you enter cash tournaments.
Source: Big Run Studios

See, the thing is, winning Blackout Bingo isn’t just about being lucky. You’re playing against other people who get the same bingo cards. Your goal is to be faster at daubing than your competition. 

If you’re looking to maximize your bingo earnings, you can play up to 4 cards at once. And bingo games take only about 2 minutes each, so it’s easy to play whenever you have a bit of time. 

Blackout Bingo can be about more than playing bingo for money. You can socialize, too, by using the in-game chat or challenging your friends to head-to-head matches.

Blackout Bingo has fun graphics as you “travel” the world from New York City to Paris to Hawaii and more.

Be aware that Blackout Bingo cash competitions aren’t available in the states of Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, or South Dakota.

To get bingo you’ll need to daub 5 numbers in a row in a horizontal or vertical line, daub 4 numbers in a diagonal line that includes the tile in the center, or daub the numbers in the 4 corners of your bingo card.

You can also win with a “Blackout” by daubing all the numbers on your bingo card. 

Remember, this is a game of skill. So, you’ll need to only mark the numbers that are called, or you’ll lose points. This means you have to be faster than the other players and more accurate.

You can see how this is exciting!

So, what’s the catch with Blackout Bingo? Just like with any other bingo game for prizes, there’s an entry fee. So, if you don’t win enough money, you can come out behind.

Remember, though, you can practice your Blackout Bingo skills for free. By getting faster in the free games, you should be able to do better in the paid tournaments to win real money.

Still not sure if you want to try Blackout Bingo? See our insider investigation that answers, “Is Blackout Bingo legit?”

2 – Bingo Cash 

Available On: iOS and Android

Bingo Cash, developed by Papaya Gaming, is another of the best bingo sites. 

Bingo Cash has earned 4.7 stars from users on the Apple App Store from over 140,000 reviews.  

Bingo Cash gameplay in progress and a screenshot of a $164 balance and the option to withdraw via MAsterCard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Visa.
Bingo Cash is a mighty contender for the best bingo cash app because it’s fun and pays you via PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.
Source: Apple App Store

Like Blackout Bingo, Bingo Cash is a game of not only luck but also skill that lets you play practice games alone, head to head with friends, or in paid tournaments for cash prizes. 

Tournament buy-in amounts, prize amounts, and number of players all vary, and you’ll see all that info for each tournament before deciding if you’d like to play. You can cash out your winnings with PayPal, the Apple App Store, MasterCard, American Express, or Visa.  

The following states (run by party poopers) don’t allow people to enter cash competitions with Bingo Cash: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, and South Carolina.

See our full Bingo Cash review for everything you need to know.

3 – Bingo Winner (Bingo King)

Available On: iOS

Bingo Winner by JoyBox Studio Limited was previously titled “Bingo King.” But whichever name you use for this game, it’s one of the best bingo sites for iOS devices.

Bingo Winner has earned 4.7 stars out of 5 on the Apple App Store from over 60,000 ratings.

A Bingo Winner withdrawal screen showing $20.23 in bonus cash and $10.23 in withdrawable cash.
Cash out via PayPal when you win real money playing Bingo Winner by JoyBox Studio.
Source: Apple App Store

Bingo Winner features quick 2-minute matches where you can choose to participate in cash tournaments, one-on-one faceoffs, or multiplayer games.

Your game won’t be interrupted by ads. And you can earn bonuses when you refer friends to Bingo Winner. There’s also a Lucky Wheel where you can win free gifts. 

Like with most bingo games, the tournament buy-in and prize amounts vary widely and you can view all available options before competing. You can cash out your winnings via PayPal. 

Unfortunately, if you’re in any of the following states, cash competitions aren’t available with Bingo Winner:  Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, or Tennessee. 

4 – Bingo Tour 

Available On: iOS and Android

Bingo Tour by AviaGames is one of the best bingo sites for earning real money. 

You can cash out to PayPal or with Apple Pay, Visa, and Venmo. And there are no ads that interrupt games.

Bingo Tour has earned 4.8 stars out of 5 from over 177,000 reviews on the Apple App Store. 

Bingo Tour cashout options for verified, secure cashout, including PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay, and Venmo.
Bingo Tour pays real money when you win cash tournaments, but most times, you won’t win big like they show in this image.
Source: Apple App Store

Bingo Tour offers a number of power-ups that they call “GIMME MORE,” “DAUB IT,” and “EARN DOUBLE.” Bingo Tour also has giveaway events where you can earn real cash.

Bingo Tour’s multiplayer tournaments are where there’s an opportunity to win big money. You compete in bingo tournaments with between 5 and 10 other bingo players. Only the top 3 players win a prize, so you’ll want to be fast by practicing in free matches before entering paid tournaments. 

Bingo Tour also offers extra rewards with what they call minigames, which include Scratchers, Dice Cruise, and more.

Just as with all of the best bingo sites, in order to win money, you’ll need to spend money to enter tournaments. So, if you win, you’ll come out ahead and win money. But you could also lose your entry payment if you don’t earn enough winnings. You’ll see all the available tournaments with their various buy-in and prize amounts in the app. 

Bingo Tour cash games aren’t available in Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, or Vermont or in U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need plenty of space on your device for Bingo Tour, as it takes up over 585 MB on iOS devices. Most of the other best bingo sites on this list need about 300 to 400 MB of storage space.

To learn more about the pros and cons of Bingo Tour, read “Is Bingo Tour Legit?”

5 – Bingo Smash 

Available On: iOS and Android

Bingo Smash – Lucky Bingo Travel by Tojoy for iOS and by LuckyJoy for Android are both legit.

Bingo Smash is free to play. You play in bingo tournaments to collect golden tickets. 

A colorful screen in Bingo Smash where you choose the number of cards you'd like to play with.
Bingo Smash is one of the best bingo sites, but watch out for expensive in-app purchases.
Source: Apple App Store

However, be careful with the in-app purchases. Golden ticket packages start at $4.99 and are as expensive as $99.99. 

Here are a few examples of Bingo Smash in-app purchases:

  • Pro Powerups Pack: $4.99
  • Advanced Coins Pack: $9.99
  • Pro Coins Pack: $19.99

Compete in Bingo tournaments against other players in what they call “party rooms.” Bingo Smash party rooms have global themes such as “Mysterious Sea” and “Jungle Adventure.”

Play with 1, 2, 4, or 8 cards to win rewards. 

Bingo Smash is a fun game, but unlike other options on this list, you can’t win real-world money or prizes playing Bingo Smash. 

For more in-depth information, see our review: Is Bingo Smash legit?

Commonly Asked Questions About The Best Bingo Sites 

What’s The Best Bingo Site To Win On? 

The best bingo sites are Blackout Bingo (read Is Blackout Bingo Legit?) and Bingo Cash (read our Bingo Cash review). The best bingo cash app for you is whichever one you think is more fun, because both Blackout Bingo and Bingo Cash pay real money when you win.

Bingo Tour (read Is Bingo Tour Legit?) and Bingo Winner are also legit bingo sites where you can win money. 

Did you know you can also earn gift cards by playing games

What Is The Most Legit Online Bingo Game?

The best bingo cash app that’s most legit is Blackout Bingo (read Is Blackout Bingo Legit?). Bingo Cash (read our Bingo Cash review) is another legit online Bingo game, and Bingo Tour (read Is Bingo Tour Legit?) and Bingo Winner are good choices, too. Be sure to also check out these legit apps that pay cash.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Bingo Online? 

Yes, you can win real money with the best bingo sites, such as Blackout Bingo (read Is Blackout Bingo Legit?), Bingo Cash (read our Bingo Cash review), Bingo Tour (read Is Bingo Tour Legit?), and Bingo Winner. And here are some easy ways to get free money now.

Best Bingo Sites For Real Money 

The best bingo sites for real money are Blackout Bingo (read Is Blackout Bingo Legit?) and Bingo Cash (read our Bingo Cash review). It takes speed and concentration skills to win real money in cash tournaments. Luckily, these sites offer free rounds to polish your skills. Also read this list of bingo games that payout real money.

Best Bingo Sites In The World?

The best bingo sites in the world are Blackout Bingo (read Is Blackout Bingo Legit?) and Bingo Cash (read our Bingo Cash review). These are also the best bingo sites in the solar system, galaxy, and universe — as far as we know.