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Is Bingo Tour Legit [2024] Bingo Tour Review

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Who doesn’t love to triumphantly yell, “Bingo!”? 

The game is basically a national pastime. In fact, the first bingo rule book was written back in 1933

Now, the rules remain the same, but a lot’s changed since then. With mobile games like Bingo Tour, you can play Bingo from practically anywhere and win real cash prizes. 

But is Bingo Tour legit? And how do you play for cash? I’ll explain everything you need to know in this detailed Bingo Tour review. 

What is Bingo Tour?

Bingo Tour is an app-based Bingo game with actual cash prizes. That means you can hone your skills, and then use them to win real money.

The Bingo Tour app is free to download, and it’s available on the Apple App Store and in the Galaxy Store.

And is Bingo Tour legit? Absolutely! It was created by AviaGames, which is a real company with a strong reputation.

So, if you want to make real money playing digital bingo, then Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash is seriously worth considering. 

Colorful Bingo Tour screenshots of a game being won and a cash-out screen.
Bingo Tour is a skills-based game that pays out in real money.
Source: Apple App Store

Is Bingo Tour Legit?

Let me guess: When you found out about this amazing game, you wondered, “Is Bingo Tour legit?”

Good instincts. The internet is full of scammers. But in this case, there’s nothing to worry about. Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash is 100% legit!

There are two main reasons I think Bingo Tour is trustworthy:

  1. The app’s parent company, AviaGames, is a well-known app developer who gets an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  
  2. Bingo Tour gets super high ratings from users – 4.9 stars on the Apple App Store and 5 stars on the Galaxy Store.

Is Bingo Tour Worth It?

Here’s the verdict of this Bingo Tour review: The game is worth it for anyone who enjoys online gaming and has realistic expectations. 

You need to remember that you won’t make a living playing this game. It’s for picking up a few extra dollars here and there, nothing more.

Also, keep in mind that you can lose money playing Bingo Tour. You have to buy into cash tournaments with your own money. And if you lose? Bye-bye, cash. 

Now, let’s say you:

  • Love gaming (so you’ll enjoy practicing to perfect your Bingo Tour skills)
  • Won’t risk money that you can’t afford to lose
  • Plan to adjust your Bingo Tour strategy as you win or lose tournaments

In that case, Bingo Tour is perfect for you! 

And Bingo Tour isn’t the only way for Bingo fanatics to make money online. For more options, check out this list of bingo games that payout real money.

How Does Bingo Tour Work?

Is Bingo Tour legit? Yes! But there’s more to know about the game before you get started.

Your first step is to download the Bingo Tour app from the Apple App Store or the Galaxy Store. Not only is the app completely free, but there are also no annoying ads to deal with. 

Also, keep in mind that you have to be 18 or older to download the app. Miss that cutoff? Then, check out this article for other ways to earn free money now.

Bingo Tour gives you two gameplay options to choose from:

  1. Free games: These give you a chance to practice before you put money on the line. 
  2. Multiplayer cash tournaments: You’ll compete against 5-10 gamers from around the world, and the top-3 finishers earn a prize.

In addition to cash prizes from multiplayer tournaments, you can also earn gift cards from in-game events. And once you’ve got money in your account, you can withdraw it through PayPal.

So, I’ve answered the most important question (“Is Bingo Tour legit?”), and I’ve described how to make money through the app. But what about the game itself? Is it fun? Exciting? What can you expect?

Well, I’ve got good news: Lots of Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash users say the game is a blast! 

This isn’t old-fashioned bingo, where you sit around waiting for your numbers to be called. Bingo Tour is all about skill and quickness. 

The faster you “daub” your numbers on the screen, the more points you earn. You can also take advantage of special “power-ups” to boost your score. And in cash tournaments, you’re doing all this while competing against other gamers with real cash on the line. 

Sounds exhilarating, right? 

*Note: Cash prizes aren’t available in Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, or U.S. territories. If you’re from those areas and you want to make money through online gaming, check out this article about how to earn gift cards by playing games. And learn how to get a free DoorDash gift card.

Got gift cards you don’t want? Learn how to get instant cash for gift cards.

A screenshot of a $504.80 PayPal payout with other payment methods and a screenshot depicting a nationwide tournament.
Bingo Tour makes it easy to cash out with PayPal.
Source: Apple App Store

What is The Catch With Bingo Tour?

The only “catch” with Bing Tour is that you have to deposit your own money to enter cash tournaments. That means playing for money is basically a type of gambling. 

Is Bingo Tour Safe? 

Bingo Tour is completely safe to use. Some users report being sketched out by the fact that the app collects personal data. Unfortunately, pretty much every app does that.

AviaGames, the company that runs Bingo Tour, has a detailed privacy policy that tells you exactly what they use your data for. Trust me, it’s nothing nefarious. Sure, they use some of the data for advertising, but they mostly just want your gaming experience to go as smoothly as possible. 

So, is Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash legit and safe? I think so. That’s why I’m writing such a positive Bingo Tour review!

Pros and Cons of Bingo Tour

When you’re considering a new app, it’s always nice to know the pros and cons ahead of time. That way, there are no nasty surprises. 

Here are the key points to consider before downloading Bingo Tour.


  • The app is completely free to download. It’s available for iOS on the Apple App Store and Android on the Galaxy Store.  
  • There are no ads. A lot of decent games are ruined by constant interruptions – but not Bingo Tour!
  • It’s a skills-based game. You can practice in the free gameplay mode and then benefit from your new skills in real cash tournaments. 


  • Cash tournaments aren’t available everywhere. You can’t play for money in Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, or U.S. territories.
  • You have to deposit money to participate in cash tournaments. That means Bingo Tour is a form of gambling, and you could lose money.
  • Only the top-3 finishers in cash tournaments earn a prize. So, if a tournament has 10 participants, most end up coming out behind. That’s why improving your skills is so essential!

Bingo Tour Reviews

So, you’re wondering, “Is Bingo Tour legit?” Well, let’s hear from some actual Bingo Tour users!

In a 5-star Bingo Tour review, someone described how you can play the game for weeks without paying. 

A 5-star review from a Bingo Tour player who enjoyed playing for a long time without depositing any money.
A Bingo Tour user raves about the fact that you don’t have to pay to play.
Source: Apple App Store

Another user called Bingo Tour “good but risky.” They won $30 by playing, but they warned new users to work on their skills before betting in cash tournaments. 

A 4-star review from a Bingo Tour player who made $30 playing over a month but does thnk the game is risky.
In a 4-star Bingo Tour review, someone calls the game “good but risky.”
Source: Apple App Store

Someone else said that Bingo Tour is a “good game,” but they were worried about the fact that the app collects personal data from users. 

A 3-star Bingo Tour review from a player who doesn't like that their data is being shared with various third parties.
A Bingo Tour user expresses concern about the app’s data collection practices.
Source: Apple App Store

In a 1-star Bingo Tour review, someone said, “This is the most misleading game.” They were annoyed that you need to buy into cash tournaments with your own money.

A 1-star review from a Bingo Tour player who considers the game misleading and too hard to win.
A Bingo Tour user complains about having to spend their own money to enter cash tournaments.
Source: Apple App Store

Is Bingo Tour Legit Reddit 

Someone recently posted about Bingo Tour in a subreddit thread called “Scams.” I guess they were pretty much asking, “Is Bingo Tour legit?”

One person said that “all those types of apps are fake,” although it seems they weren’t familiar with Bingo Tour itself. They complained about “an influx of ads,” but Bingo Tour is completely ad-free.

Someone on Reddit stating that these types of apps are all fake and have too many ads.
A Redditor claims that Bingo apps are all “fake.”
Source: Reddit

Someone else with actual Bingo Tour experience said the app isn’t a scam. They also offered up a helpful hint for Bingo Tour users: Don’t use your “2X” power-up until the end of the game.

A Bingo Tour player on Reddit says it's not a scam and gives tips to keep your 2X power-up until the end and not to bingo until the end.
A Bingo Tour user on Reddit says the game is legit. 
Source: Reddit

In a nuanced Bingo Tour review, someone said that the app isn’t a scam, but you “won’t get rich by any means.” They also said they liked the game in general, which is an important point. Bingo Tour is meant to be entertaining, not just an online money-maker!

A Bingo Tour player on Reddit says the game isn't a scam but that it is misleading.
On Reddit, someone says they like playing Bingo Tour. 
Source: Reddit

Bingo Tour Reviews BBB

Bingo Tour itself doesn’t get a review from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is because it’s just a product, not an actual business.

But Bingo Tour’s parent company, AviaGames, does have a page on the BBB site, and it’s super positive!

How positive? The BBB gives AviaGames an A+ grade. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The BBB’s grade is based on user complaints, time in business, transparency, and other practices. So, is Bingo Tour legit? The BBB certainly thinks so!

Commonly Asked Questions About Bingo Tour

Bingo Tour Competitors / Alternatives to Bingo Tour / Similar to Bingo Tour?

Here are other fun gaming platforms like Bingo Tour, some of which offer real-world prizes:

If you like bubble-shooter games, check out:

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Is Bingo Tour a Scam?

Bingo Tour isn’t a scam. It’s a legit app run by AviaGames, which is a reputable game developer with an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You just need to know ahead of time that you need to deposit your own money to win cash prizes. 

Is Bingo Tour Trustworthy?

Bingo Tour is definitely trustworthy. The company behind it, called AviaGames, gets an A+ grade from the BBB. And the app is super highly rated by users, earning 5 stars on the Galaxy Store and 4.9 stars on the Apple App Store.

Is Bingo Tour Actually Partnered with PayPal? 

Bingo Tour really partners with PayPal to make deposits and withdrawals go as smoothly as possible. The app also works with other payment platforms like Apple Pay, Venmo, and Visa.

Bingo Tour Codes?

You can find Bingo Tour promo codes on Reddit. Supposedly, these codes will give you free “bonus cash,” which isn’t actual money but can help you make in-app purchases.