These Are The Cheapest Days Of The Week To Buy Groceries

Mekelle Bess
June 11, 2018
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I’ll be honest, I don’t exactly enjoy grocery shopping. I go into the grocery store only a handful of times a year (I tend to mostly order groceries online) and when I do, I avoid the weekend crowds at all costs.

According to research from Ibotta, a cash back app that partners with retailers nationwide, if you’re waiting until the weekend to grocery shop, you’re most likely fighting the worst crowds and spending more money on your grocery bill than you have to. The weekend is by far the priciest time to buy food across the nation.

Interestingly, though, there is even variance in prices during the week. Some days are worse than others because retailers are responding to fluctuations in demand, so they are constantly adjusting prices.

So, how can you maximize your dollar buying groceries? Which days of the week should you buy what?

Here’s your weekly breakdown:

  • Monday and Tuesday: stock up on wine (averages 4% cheaper), beer (9% cheaper) and beauty products (11% cheaper)
  • Wednesday: the best day to buy bread (you’ll save 2%)
  • Thursday: save on sweet and savory treats (1% less than the weekend prices)
  • Friday: buy your weekly produce and pint of ice cream (save 1%)

Other tips and things to remember when you’re buying groceries…

  • Monday is the most expensive day to purchase produce
  • Household products are typically 3% cheaper on average on a Wednesday and Thursday
  • If you are a weekend shopper, save more money by shopping on Sunday than Saturday. With manufacturer coupons coming out in newspapers and special weekly pricing, you can still get good deals on food if you coupon.
  • Scan your receipt to get cash back everywhere you grocery shop, from over hundreds of stores, with the Ibotta app.

Keep these tips in mind to save more on your monthly grocery bill. Every penny counts!

Feature Illustration: Laura Caseley For The Money Manual