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ClickaSnap Review [2024] Reviews of Click a Snap

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If you love photography, you might be looking for a way to monetize your photos. The photography industry is projected to grow by 4% between 2022 and 2032, so if you’re interested in the industry, now is an exciting time to get started. 

One popular platform for monetizing your photos is ClickaSnap. ClickaSnap touts itself as a photo storage platform where you can earn money every time someone views your photos. In our ClickaSnap review, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this platform and how to use it. 

What Is ClickaSnap?

ClickaSnap is an image-sharing site where you can earn money by uploading photos. Every time another user views your photos, you’ll receive a small payment. Once you’ve reached $15 in earnings, you can cash out via PayPal. 

ClickaSnap differs from other stock photo platforms in that they don’t take the rights to your photos. You can still use the photos in other places, even after you’ve uploaded them to the platform. 

ClickaSnap is also unique in that you earn money based on views, rather than on image downloads or purchases. However, users with a paid account can earn additional money by selling digital photo downloads or even physical photo prints. 

A collage of photos that have been recently uploaded to the ClickaSnap website.
ClickaSnap lets you earn money when the photos you upload are viewed, and you keep the rights to your photos.
Source: ClickaSnap

Is ClickaSnap Legit?

Yes, ClickaSnap is a legitimate photo sharing platform that pays users who’ve reached $15 in earnings through views of their photos. 

However, ClickaSnap isn’t the most lucrative photo-sharing platform on the market, and some of its marketing is confusing. Many people are used to seeing a dollar sign with the types of decimal figures displayed on the ClickaSnap website. But ClickaSnap often uses the cent symbol instead, as you can see in the image in the next section, so you’ll need to add two zeros after the decimal if you’re looking to understand the amounts they give in terms of dollars. 

Free users earn $0.001 per view — at this rate, it would take 1,000 views just to make $1. Users need to purchase a paid membership to receive the higher pay rates that ClickaSnap promotes. 

It’s important for photographers to read ClickaSnap reviews and understand the platform’s features before getting started. 

Is ClickaSnap Worth It?

ClickaSnap is an interesting platform that could be beneficial for aspiring or hobbyist photographers. However, it isn’t going to be the right fit for everyone. 

ClickaSnap is best for photographers who want to earn a little extra money by posting their work online but are okay with low pay rates and aren’t in need of free money now

The platform offers unlimited photo uploads for all users, making this a good option for those who already have large photo libraries to share. ClickaSnap could also help you boost awareness surrounding your photography business. 

However, ClickaSnap isn’t the best option for experienced photographers used to earning higher rates for their work. It’s also not ideal for those looking to earn money quickly or in need of a guaranteed payout. 

To attract attention on ClickaSnap, you’ll need to spend extensive amounts of time uploading your photos and promoting your profile. If you’re looking for a more consistent side hustle, try using apps that pay cash instead or looking for ways to earn gift cards by playing games.   

Some stats on the ClickaSnap website, including 0.90 cent per view pay, $15 minimum for payout, membership of over 1 million, and 2 million images viewed per day.
ClickaSnap offers paid users up to 0.90 cents per view — which is nine tenths of one cent, rather than the 90 cents some users read it as —  and has a $15 minimum for payout. 
Source: ClickaSnap 

How Does ClickaSnap Work?

To create your free ClickaSnap account, you’ll need to create a username and password. You can also connect your Facebook account to ClickaSnap. 

Once you’ve created an account, you can start uploading photos. ClickaSnap supports a variety of popular file types, including JPG, GIF, and PNG. Your photos must adhere to ClickaSnap’s guidelines, which prohibit photos that contain nudity, violence, or drug use. 

You’ll start earning money when other users look at your photos. Views must last for five seconds or more in order to count as a “paid view.” All users start with a free account and earn $0.001 per paid view. 

However, you can upgrade to a premium account to earn more. There are three levels of paid memberships, with costs ranging from $3 per month to $7 per month. Paid members earn between $0.007 per view and $0.009 per view. 

In addition to earning money through views, paid ClickaSnap members can also sell their photos to other users directly. You can sell digital photo files or physical prints. Paid members also get ad-free access to the platform. 

ClickaSnap users can cash out their earnings once they’ve made $15 on the platform. ClickaSnap offers a straightforward cash-out process through PayPal. 

What Is The Catch With ClickaSnap? 

According to ClickaSnap reviews, the platform’s payment rates are much lower than advertised. While the platform advertises rates of $0.009 per paid view, users need to sign up for a paid membership to get these rates. Since views aren’t guaranteed, it’s highly possible that you won’t make back the money you’re spending on a monthly membership. Additionally, other users need to look at your photos for at least five seconds for it to count as a paid view. 

Is ClickaSnap Safe?

Yes, ClickaSnap is a safe platform to use. Unlike many other photo-sharing sites, ClickaSnap doesn’t take the rights to your photos. The platform also allows you to upload watermarked images. As with any photo-sharing site, be mindful when posting any photos that contain personally identifying information. 

Pros and Cons of ClickaSnap 

Using ClickaSnap comes with both advantages and disadvantages, which are mentioned in many Click a Snap reviews. Users should be aware of these pros and cons before committing to the platform: 


  • ClickaSnap is free to join and has a simple sign-up process. 
  • You can upload as many photos as you want to ClickaSnap.
  • ClickaSnap does not take the rights to your images, so you can use them elsewhere. 
  • ClickaSnap offers direct payments through PayPal. 


  • Users need a paid membership to access the highest rates for photo views. 
  • Views must last for at least five seconds to count as a “paid view.” 
  • ClickaSnap’s platform doesn’t look very professional or aesthetically pleasing. 

ClickaSnap Reviews 

Many ClickaSnap users have taken to the internet to share their experiences with the platform. Many ClickaSnap reviews have been positive, while others have not had such great experiences. 

For example, this ClickaSnap review on Trustpilot mentions a very positive experience. They enjoy scrolling through other photographers’ work on the platform and have had good experiences with the customer service team. 

A 5-star Trustpilot review from a user happy with how supportive ClickaSnap's customer service is.
A positive ClickaSnap Trustpilot review from a user happy with the support they receive on the platform.
Source: Trustpilot

There are many other Trustpilot Click a Snap reviews that also mention good experiences with the customer service team. 

A 5-star Trustpilot ClickaSnap review from a user who likes the platform and the customer support and recommends a photos of the week, month, or year feature to draw attention to some of the best photos.
A positive Trustpilot ClickaSnap review from a user who enjoys the platform and finds the support team helpful.
Source: Trustpilot

However, many users have also encountered issues with the platform. For example, this ClickaSnap review on Reddit shared a very frustrating experience. 

They racked up thousands of views on their images after promoting them on social media, but when they tried to withdraw their earnings, ClickaSnap claimed the views were fraudulent. ClickaSnap’s customer service team was unwilling to help resolve the problem. 

A ClickaSnap Reddit review from a user who recommends never paying for a subscription annually because they say they were accused of fraud when they went to cash out and never got their money.
A ClickaSnap Reddit review from a user who says they were able to generate thousands of views through social media and then were accused of fraud. 
Source: Reddit

Another ClickaSnap review on Trustpilot also details a negative experience with the platform. The user noted the low quality of many of the photos on the site. They also mentioned that they couldn’t find a way to delete their account after signing up. 

A 1-star Trustpilot review from a ClickaSnap user who thought a lot of the photos on the site were poor quality and wasn't able to delete their account.
A negative Trustpilot ClickaSnap review from a user who was unhappy with the quality of images on the site and unable to delete their account. 
Source: Trustpilot

Commonly Asked Questions About ClickaSnap 

ClickaSnap Competitors / Alternatives To ClickaSnap / Similar To ClickaSnap? 

There are many alternatives to ClickaSnap for aspiring photographers looking to grow their business. One option is to launch your own freelance photography business through social media or by creating your own website. While it requires more work, this can come with a much higher payout. 

There are also many other secret websites to make money online by sharing stock photos, including: 

  • Shutterstock
  • Getty Images
  • Fotolia
  • 123RF

Is ClickaSnap a Scam? 

ClickaSnap is not a scam. However, we’ve found in our ClickaSnap review that the platform’s marketing is somewhat misleading. To access the highest pay rates, you’ll need a ClickaSnap membership. 

Do You Actually Make Money on ClickASnap? 

Yes, ClickaSnap does pay for photo views that meet their criteria. However, rates for photo views are low, so it takes time to earn money. To access higher pay rates, you’ll need a premium membership, which comes with a monthly fee.  

ClickASnap Earnings?

As mentioned in our ClickaSnap review, free ClickaSnap users earn $0.001 per photo view. Paid users earn anywhere from $0.007 to $0.009 per photo view, depending on their membership tier. According to Click a Snap reviews as well as the company’s website, users must view your photos for at least five seconds for it to count. 

How Do I Get Noticed on ClickASnap?

With so many other users on ClickaSnap, it can sometimes be difficult to get noticed. One way to maximize your views is to make sure that each photo is accurately labeled and tagged so other users can find it. You can also increase your views by promoting your photos on other platforms such as your social media and including a link to your ClickaSnap profile. 

How Do I Withdraw Money From ClickASnap? 

ClickaSnap allows users to withdraw money through PayPal. You’ll need to meet the $15 earnings threshold to earn money on ClickaSnap. Head to the “Check Earnings” section of your account and request payment. You’ll need to provide a valid PayPal email address to earn money. 

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