The Money Manual’s #CoronaMoneyHelp Guide: Financial Resources In All 50 States

Updated: March 30, 2020

It is scary times. The stock market is in free fall, unemployment claims are rising at rapid rates, meanwhile, a huge chunk of the US is being told to stay home. Most people at this point have either been impacted directly or indirectly by the Coronavirus crisis.

The federal government, state governments, charities, and companies have announced various initiatives to help.

Given the rapidly changing situation, we have put together a comprehensive Google Doc to cover every one of these initiatives that we can (and we’ll keep adding to it as we learn of more). From credit card companies who are offering customers the opportunity to defer payments, to free food delivery, to a change in the tax day we hope this serves as a go-to resource on all of the money help that is available.

Access The Money Manual’s #CoronaMoneyHelp Guide Here

Again, we’ll keep updating it as new information comes in, so keep checking in, and be sure to share it as well.

If you have any tips to add to the spreadsheet or are interested in contributing to it please email

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