Drop App Review: Is The Drop App A Legit Way To Make Money? We Investigate

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The Drop App’s premise sounds almost too good to be true – make extra money doing things you already do on your phone, such as shopping or playing games. Drop is just one of many apps in recent years that promises users rewards and deals for shopping online. So how does it stack up to the rest? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Drop to see if it’s a legitimate way to make some extra money.

At A Glance

 Drop App
Supported PlatformsApps for iOS and Android, web extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Age Limit18 years
AdsNo, but they do promote shopping offers for certain companies
Point Conversion$1,000 = $1, only gift cards and cryptocurrency available
Cashout threshold$25 gift card value
Cashout optionsN/A, rewards are gift cards or cryptocurrency
Average EarningsN/A
Star Rating4.6 Apple store
4.2 Google Play store
4.0 TrustPilot
1.0 BBB
# of Ratings50k +
# of Downloads3 million +

What Is Drop App?

The Drop app is a rewards and shopping app that has been on the market since 2015. Drop works with hundreds of popular retailers to offer shopping deals. You can also earn points for playing games and taking surveys.

Drop gives you the option to link your bank account to the app, which helps you earn more points. Drop is compatible with dozens of different bank accounts and credit cards. When you’ve reached a certain level of points, you will have the option to redeem them for gift cards to hundreds of popular stores, restaurants, websites, and more. Drop Premium members also have the option to redeem their points for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How Does Drop App Work?

Getting Started

The Drop app is available for both iOS and Android, and it is free to download and sign up for. When you first log into Drop, you can create an account using your existing Google or Facebook account, or you can create an account manually. When you create your account, you will need to enter some basic personal information, such as your name, birthday, gender, and email address. You will get a few hundred points just for signing up.

When you first log in, you will also have the option to link your bank account. While you aren’t required to link a bank account, it can help you take advantage of more shopping deals. When you link your bank account, you will automatically join Drop Premium for free. Drop Premium gives you access to special points deals and other exclusive features. Most major banks in the US and Canada are supported on the Drop app. You’ll just need to enter the debit or credit card information for the account you want to link. You’ll also get 20,000 points just for linking your card.

If you like to shop on your computer, you can also download the Drop browser extension and log in. There are browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The browser extension can automatically apply deals while you’re shopping to ensure that you don’t miss out on points.


Shopping is the biggest way to earn points on Drop. When you open the Drop app, you can search through hundreds of brands that have deals with Drop. Every time you shop at these brands, you can earn points – sometimes as much as 30 points per dollar spent. You can search or filter the retailers to find the one you are looking for. If you have already linked your bank account to Drop, you’ll get points automatically every time you shop with one of their partners, regardless of whether you go through the Drop app.

Many of Drop’s partners also offer “Stacked Deals”. This means that in addition to earning points, you will also get discounts for shopping through the Drop app. These discounts are usually in the 10 to 20 percent range, but some offer as much as 50 percent off – or more.

Drop has an excellent selection of brands and products to choose from on the shopping app, ranging from startups and niche brands all the way to major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. There are also retailers that offer substantial sign-up bonuses for things like downloading an app  or signing up for a subscription service. These bonuses are usually 25,000 points or more. As you use the app, you may also get personalized shopping offers that are reflective of your unique preferences.


Playing games is another easy way to earn points on Drop. This is a good way to earn points if you have some extra time to kill. Drop has three of their own games within the app – Snake, Hoops, and Drop Spin, each of which have limited plays each day.

You can also earn points by downloading and playing selected games from the Apple app store or the Google Play store. There are many different types of games to choose from, including match-3, trivia, casino, time management, and more. Most of these games will require you to be a first-time downloader to earn points. You’ll also need to reach certain milestones in the game before you can earn these points, such as passing a certain level within a specific time limit. 

The amount of points you can earn for playing games varies widely. Some games will give you just a few hundred points for downloading, while others will give you several thousand points.


Surveys are another way that you can earn points on the Drop app. When compared to other survey apps, Drop doesn’t have very many surveys to choose from, and you won’t get very many points for completing them. You can also earn points for learning about third-party survey platforms.

Drop allows you to sort the surveys based on the number of points and the time it takes to complete them. You can also provide Drop with information about your demographics and preferences to qualify for a wider range of surveys.


Once you have earned at least 25,000 points, you will be able to redeem them for gift cards. There are a very wide range of gift cards to choose from. Some popular options include Amazon, Apple, Nordstrom, Uber, Starbucks, and more. If you are a Drop Premium member, you can also redeem your points for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Is Drop App Legit?

The Drop app is a legitimate rewards app that partners with some extremely popular brands. The app is encrypted and has security measures in place to keep your bank account information safe. While you can’t technically earn money on Drop app, their points are redeemable for a wide range of rewards. 

Real User Reviews For Drop App

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App Review: Drop

Many Drop app users appreciate the wide variety of deals available to choose from and appreciate its clean and intuitive design.

5-star Drop App review says it's a wonderful app that offers shopping points to redeem for 2 $50 Amazon gift cards.

You will have to check the app often for new offers to maximize the points you are getting. Sometimes your points can lag, but customer service is available to help redeem points when this happens.

4-star Drop App review says they like the app and have just claimed their 3rd $50 gift card.

Some users have found that the app lags, and it can sometimes take a while to get a response from customer service.

2-star Drop App review says it's gone downhill in the last few months.

Drop App Pros And Cons

  • The Drop app is very easy to download and use. The design is aesthetically pleasing and the layout is very intuitive. It takes just a few minutes to get the app up and running.
  • Drop has a huge range of shopping partners to choose from, and there are always new offers to browse.
  • You’ll earn points automatically when shopping through the Drop app – you don’t have to log your receipts or take screenshots.
  • Drop has a live chat customer service feature available through the app to help if you run into any problems.
  • The survey section doesn’t have very many offers available.
  • Even if you are using the app regularly, it can take a long time to hit the 25,000 point threshold.
  • Most of the gaming offers are for first-time downloads only, so you won’t earn extra points if you are already using the game.

Bottom Line: So, Is Drop App A Good Way To Make Money?

While you can’t technically make extra cash on the Drop App, it’s still a useful app to have on your phone. I like the wide range of retailers they have available to shop with, and you can earn points towards gift cards with your normal purchases.

The app is easy to download and set up, and you can earn points by playing games or completing short surveys throughout the day. There’s a lot to like about the Drop app, but it’s also important to understand the app’s limitations before you get started.


How does Drop App make money?

Because Drop is free to use, they make money through their partner retailers and games. 

Is Drop a safe app?

Yes, the Drop app is safe to use. Like many other financial apps, Drop uses 256-bit encryption and TLS security for data transfers. You do have to link your bank account to Drop to use some features, which is something to be mindful of as you use the app.

What stores are on the Drop app?

Drop has hundreds of shopping partners – in fact, there are so many that it would be difficult to list them all here. Options range from clothing to home goods to electronics and much more. You can even get points for downloading other apps.

Dive into the Drop App today and see for yourself if it will help you save some cash.

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