8 Shopping Hacks To Save Money On Etsy

Etsy Shopping Hacks
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I love Etsy for its unique, homemade, one-of-a-kind items. I’ve ordered and gifted everything from baby bow ties and pacifier clips to handmade jewelry, wall prints and watercolor tea towels.

Although quality and prices can differ from seller to seller, I love that you can easily shop around to find the perfect gift at the perfect price, while supporting small businesses.

But, if you aren’t as familiar with the website, it can feel overwhelming.

Here are my eight tried and true Etsy shopping hacks to save both time and money

1. Remember to sort by lowest price

This seems obvious, but it is so important to make it a habit in order to see the least expensive items first in your search results. You can even specify the price range you want to search within on the left hand side of the website. Remember to also get in the habit of typing the word “sale” into the search bar to see items with price cuts.

2. Save your favorites

Because there are nearly two million sellers on Etsy, once you start clicking from shop to shop it’s nearly impossible to remember where your favorites are. To be most efficient and to quickly jump back to the things you love, click the favorite button (the heart). Sellers are known to check in with shoppers who have favorited something to see if they can make the price on something more attractive. It’s also a great way to monitor if something you love is on sale.

3. Reach out to sellers before you buy something 

Etsy makes it easy to message sellers so feel free to ask questions and even try to bargain the price down before you purchase something. Especially if you are thinking of doing a bulk order on something, you are going to want to negotiate.

4. Get on the mailing lists of your favorite sellers

Not only will this keep you in the loop with your favorite sellers, but sellers often share special promotions in their newsletters, so don’t miss out.

5. Follow your favorite Etsy shops on social media

Follow your favorite shops on Instagram and Facebook to learn about their last-minute sales, too.

6. Earn 1% or more back

Did you know that you can earn 1% back on everything you order from Etsy? If you shop through Ebates, you will get 1% cash back on each and every Etsy order, as well as thousands of other online shops you frequently visit. Join now and you’ll get an automatic $10 welcome bonus after your first purchase.

7. Check out Etsy coupon sites

Even the most avid couponers don’t know that there are entire sites devoted to coupons just for Etsy. One of our favorites is Etsy Coupon Code. Make sure you browse before you buy anything.

8. Bundle shipping

Most Etsy shops are small businesses and can’t afford to offer free shipping like the big box stores. That being said, plan ahead, and order a few things at a time from your favorite sellers and most will be more than happy to bundle shipping costs.

Image: Etsy